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When Life Knocks You Down – Patriot Day

Every one of us knows exactly where we were on September 11th 2001 when we heard about planes smashing into the twin towers. In such a horrific moment people were running screaming and scrambling and while some were fleeing to save their life, other men and women brave men and women ran back into the building. Some would lose their lives and that crushing building would become their grave. While others would go to save others lives. what do you do when life knocks you down? Because I tell you, that in our world of opposition people will, will their agency against you. And when they do that and there’s abuse, and neglect, and hate, and violence, and terrorism, you can quit or you can get back up. And let me address that cliche. Because Viktor Frankl, a world war 2 concentration camp survivor wrote his first-hand account of what happened when he entered those camps and his family was killed, his wife was killed, his parents were killed, his clothes were taken, the food was taken, he lost all possession, was doing hard labor all day long, forced sometimes with no more than a few hundred calories a day. And in the depths of such a horrific moment of life said this, you can take away all freedoms from men and women except for one. The ability to choose one’s own attitude in any given circumstance. If Viktor Frankl in concentration camp can look at any circumstance and find the power to rise up, then you and I can do the same because in those terrible horrific moments like 9/11 when there’s blood, and violence, and carnage, and terror, and hatred, yes there are those that are seeking to inflict their harm but there will always be more men and more women rushing to help. And before you lose faith in humanity look for the brave men and women, they are everywhere. And be one of them.