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What To Say When You Talk To Yourself

Are there voices in your head? of course there are! I’m Kris Krohn here with Limitless TV and we’re going to talk about what these voices are telling you and what you can do to get a handle on them. So where do all your thoughts come from anyway? I mean the scientists say, we got 60,000 thoughts a day and where are they really coming from? I’m going to suggest that every thought you have in your head, has an origin. Comes from somewhere. And you know, a lot of people want to know there’s this really popular principle out there called, “self-talk”. And it’s this idea of… wait, wait wait, wait, are you saying that we talk to ourselves? and the reality is, yeah. You’re holding these dynamic dialogues all day long. We can’t shut you up. In fact, your mind is constantly streaming all of these thoughts and all these voices and here’s the question, what are they saying? Because if you don’t learn how to control your thoughts guess what? Then the 60,000 thoughts you’re having during the day, during the day it’s going to include a lot of random stuff like, “I can’t believe you looked at me, he’s so hot” “Oh my gosh look at the cloud over there!” “You just cut me off?” “What was I dreaming last night?” “squirrel! squirrel! squirrel! ” Alright, okay! so, We have all these different thoughts in our head and they’re just happening to us and when we’re not taking control over life, guess what? it’s a lot of mayhem and that’s a lot of chaos. Now not all the thoughts are the same. Any one of us that went through childhood, we picked up a whole series of limiting beliefs, okay? These thoughts until we make new choices, they don’t go away. So even if when you were four years old and you came home and daddy didn’t give you a hug when you thought and so you decided dad doesn’t love me, you might hear thoughts like, “I can’t believe you didn’t notice me” “I’m not good enough” “Man, I wish I was smart enough like her.” “I suck” “She’s so pretty and I’m not” Okay, okay. Yup, yup, yup, yup. Okay! I’m not listening to you. Okay, these thoughts, these are what’s happening to you because you put them there in the first place. And it seems weird to think that a four-year-old actually program these ideas but remember four-year-old don’t have filters. Heck! you might not have. Adults don’t have filters. We let everything go in and out. And so, we’ve got all of these limiting beliefs that come up and they and they share all sorts of thoughts and ideas. So now I might have a goal that says, “hey I want to make more money” but as long as I have negative financial thoughts at the same time like, “man I’m not worthy enough to charge that much” “That will always be unaffordable to me” “I can’t afford it. It’s too expensive” “I don’t deserve money” “I don’t have any of money” “I’m terrible with money” “I can’t handle it. It’s too much responsibility” It’s too hard to get. Ok, ok, ok. Do you ever like, are you kinda picking up like the allergic reaction that I’m getting? like, oh that’s so icky. And yet those thoughts are there and they’re going to be with you your entire life. You got your negative thoughts on money, you have limiting thoughts on money, sex, relationships. You’ve got negative thoughts on personal power, entrepreneurship, business sales. Take any topic under the Sun. And right now if you’ve got mixed results in your life of getting some of the things that you want, some of the things you don’t, it’s because you’ve got some positive and negative self-talk. Now fortunately, we’re not all throwing ourselves off of a bridge because we have a fair dose of positive thoughts that we have going on that might look like, “You’re so beautiful” “you’re so strong!” “Man, I look amazing today!” “You are awesome!” “Man, I totally scored that touchdown” “Man, I’m so talented” “How you doing gorgeous” “Man, I can’t believe, actually I’m totally amazing! and I totally believe it!” Tell me more! Tell me more! Tell me more! This is good. I like this! “I love how good I am at shopping I buy myself everything I need” Stop stop stop stop! I said stop. Stop stop! Thoughts. Ok so we have postive thoughts, we have negative thoughts Now if I were to take one positive thought about money such as, many needs me. And if I were to combine that with a negative thought about money such as, I will never have money. Then guess what I’m going to create with one plus one? one minus one is no thing. I’m not going to get the thing that I want because as long as we make room in our mind for these disconcerting opposing thoughts, then my results will always be mixed. There’s good news though, the good news is there’s something that you and I can be doing to train our brain so that we get to basically pick sides. Instead of being filterless in the middle with both the negative in the in the positive speaking both at the same time, I’ve got all my positive thoughts here and all my negative thoughts, listen to what they sound like all at once. Send me to the doctor! get me my bipolars, annex, or whatever it is that I need because I’ve got all these conflicting thoughts. Instead, I need to pick sides and I need to align and basically make a choice. How am I going to speak about myself? How am I going to think about myself? can I advance forward and get the things that I want my life if I’m sometimes having positive thoughts while sometimes having negative thoughts? I’m going to invite you to try on that your biggest most fantastic life-changing results come only after a commitment to picking a side. So the question is, what kind of self-talk do you want? Well, you can program it. You can program it the exact same way you did when you were a child. You see a child without a filter takes in all the good, all the bad, all the mediocre and then you’re expressing that throughout your life and it all comes up. For example, if you have a really traumatic experience about always sleeping in and waking up late and getting to things late, you just might develop a belief that I arrive late to things. Now this trait might bother you but you will protect it to the death because you’ve defined that it’s who you are. Listen, if in your mind you have what my mentor friend Tracy Roberts calls a, “board of directors” are you not ready to kick off the two year olds. and four year olds, eight year olds, and twelve year olds and teenagers that are running your board of directors? You do that through the power of positive thought that comes with consciously choosing the thoughts that you want to have. I want to invite you to do this exercise. I want you to set aside time and start writing out everything that you want in your body, everything that you want in your wealth, everything that you want your relationships, and everything you want your personal power. Now I’m going to fast forward. Let’s just assume for a moment that I have spent a few hours deciding what I want to create with my body. It’s a series of affirmations with the three P’s. Positive, powerful, and present. And these powerhouse statements help me create and support the most powerful physical health and frame that I have. And all of those thoughts coming all at once might sound like, “man I’m so strong I love how I take time for myself at the gym every single day. I nurture my body with really good food it’s amazing. I’m amazing I can do anything I push myself I look at it everything I tried on I’m so strong I create massive abundance of health in my body I am free of disease in fact I am body health and everything I do”. Alright, great. So lots of fun ideas on health. Now I don’t know if those would all be necessarily mine. Those are the voices in my head sort them out. What what do you want to decide about your health? what do you want to decide about your relationships? what do you want to decide about money? and what do you want to decide about you in your personal power? Because if you’ll sit down and decide, what it is you want to believe in, you’ll follow the three P’s. Then the next thing that you get to do is, you get to read them. You get to read them with power you to read them with belief. And that is what you are programming to become your higher new truth. Now the only thing left you need to do to make it stick is you need to make it emotional. Saying things without emotion? that doesn’t stick. Creating something that becomes permanent is taking a nice wet juicy emotional thought and combining it with an idea. So for example, with all of these thoughts if in my relationships I want to create this idea that, I am a master of unconditional love, I see people for who they truly are. Those are beautiful statements but they need to be combined with a feeling and with an emotion. So next in your list as you write down all these ideas I also want you to make a list of the emotions that you want to assign so that when you’re reading it, I want you to read it with all of that amazing juicy powerful energy and manufacture the emotions that you want to identify with these ideas. Because that emotion makes them believable and when you believe these ideas, what it does is, it forces you to crowd out the out thoughts and ideas that aren’t working so that all that’s remaining is a beautiful song harmony of all the wonderful ideas. “You’re amazing I love my life, I am limitless, I create a massive abundance, I’m so powerful, I have the best friends in the world, I can do anything, I got my mind too, I attract friend, I attract amazing people,” How you like to have all of that… I can’t turn off! I can’t turn it off! They are non stop! Alright! Alright! Alright! Feeling so good right now! Okay. The reality is that thoughts are things. They’re what? Things! And because thoughts are things, that what we think about we bring about, We what? We bring about! Alright. So, we’re starting with creation, the way that it starts with an idea. I’m presenting an idea make a list of who you want to be in the four domains of limitless living. Health, wealth, connection, and power. When you make that list identify the emotions with them and then read them and recite them because what you’re doing is reprogramming what isn’t working from your past, programming what is going to be working for your future. And my experience in doing this is that you can start expecting massive changes in how you feel, massive changes in what you experience in the results, most importantly beyond outward results. Is that all of those ideas accompany a feeling of acceptance? Peace and gratitude? because that’s what truth creates, that’s what true does. Eliminating lies is like eliminating all of the limiting beliefs and separating live from truth and light from dark means that you’re picking a side. Picking a side means that all the voices in your thought I want them singing that harmony of everything that I am and everything that I desire to create in everything that I am creating and in doing that, I end up creating this incredible life that I want simply by virtue of choice. So I want to invite you to get hyper aware of the thoughts in your head and I want to invite you to do and figure out what it is that you can consciously create to make sure that all of its singing and harmony to create the life that you want. We can do anything. We can do everything. We’re amazing amazing Now listen, if you really want to master the voices in your head and really become the author of your life, the writer of your story, if you really want to become the captain of your ship, I want to invite you to come to limitless. Come spend three days with me and several hundred people all committed to mastering that inner speak and the conversation that’s happening there. We’re gonna have a lot of fun and it’s going to be filled with a lot of crazy breakthrough. You got all the details below in the description Friends, look forward to seeing you next week on the Limitless TV.