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What Is Your Body Language Saying About You – Confidence Tips

Today on Limitless TV, we’re talking about body language tips. How do you read and how do you use body language to help you understand the world and be more successful. All right we got more body language tips coming your way right now and I have the amazing and marvelous Marianne Denovellis that’s going to be helping out today because let’s be honest, how often have you gone to some presentation, been to church, watched someone speak that has absolutely slouchy body language? The body language is at what you want to look like. Their hands are in their pockets, their face is communicating a lack of connection or disinterest. And then when they’re communicating their message it’s coming out draw without the energy that you would see matching what the message of the energy really is. Yeah that’s okay that we got some good body language going on right there. Okay so Marianne’s gonna help teach these today and what we’re gonna do is, we’re gonna go through these five. And what we’re gonna do first is, we’re gonna start talking about body language starting with the holistic body which is Marianne could be slouching, leaning forward sticking her gun out, and be bowlegged. And there you go. Okay this is uh, oh this is terrifying. Okay. Or if she was gonna show confident body language, she would have her shoulders up, rolled back. She’d be standing stiff and tall and she would look like this, super confident. Notice her hands are not in her her pocket and notice that her hands are just comfortably hanging there right at the side. She’s got one foot in front of the other, she’s got a forward facing position, and she’s got really good energy that she’s putting off right now. So body language, mimic that. Number two, we’re now going to bring in hands. Marianne, keep really good body language but show us inappropriate things to do with the hands. Okay this communicates closed, playing small, uncomfortable, touching your face, it’s just kind of disgusting. People don’t want to be thinking of all your mucus getting on you. This is showing closed-off not really willing to be here. I’m close-minded, I’m confused, irritated, disgusted. Right now I don’t know what I’m doing, I don’t know what I’m talking about. Show us hiding something. Hands behind the back this is for some of you this is a comfortable position but what you’re communicating in their mind psychologically, I’m hiding something. I’m trying to keep something from you. Okay now Marianne, with your hands we’re either gonna keep them right at her side or show them the box. Okay this box is 2 feet by 2 feet by 2 feet on all sides around. And Marianne, she can put her hands anywhere she wants except for inside the box. So first, demonstrate what what does it look like for you to show your most open body positions when communicating to the crowd. Ok hands are open out right this is your star figure this is you’re hugging position. This is the most vulnerable way that you can really stand. Show us some other things that you can do with your hands outside of the box. Okay you can demonstrate something to the right you can demonstrate something to the left and you can use your hands to also talk and and help verbalize and communicate but notice that what she’s doing is, is she’s keeping your hands apart from each other. If they connect, it’s never inside the box it’s always outside the box it’s open communication. Super awesome. Now we’re going to add to the body and the hands are get a new body in hands right away. Now we’re going to talk about mismatched face. Your face has like dozens of muscles in it and you can use these and you can use your face to communicate something very different where we got a confident body, we got confident hands, but look at the mismatched face. Okay right now we got concern that’s coming up. right now we’ve got. I’m uncomfortable/ I think there’s a bowel movement coming on I’m lacking in certain teeth. I’m getting sick, I’m feeling ill. It’s amazing that your face can communicate a lot of things that if that matches your message it’s okay. So we’ve got to take the face and now go ahead and show them what a confident face looks like. Okay there’s happy, they’re smiling, there’s good energy of being willing to smile at them. I see you, I recognize you, I’m talking at you, I’m connected with your energy that’s right over there. I’m agreeing with you, I’m nodding my head. My head is moving up and down and yes a lot of the time when I’m talking and communicating with people. Okay now show us enthusiasm . Okay so we’ve got excitement, we got enthusiasm. Look at how you can use these muscles. Now show, now it’s time to show us some warrior face. What does it look like to go ahead and communicate? Put that energy out there. Awesome. Excellent. Show sympathy and empathy and compassion. Okay using your hands, safe touching, hands right here by the way. These four fingers lightly touching the of somebody. It’s not an uncomfortable grab, it’s not a massage, its acknowledgement that says that, I see you. Okay so it’s amazing how this face give you a lot of things. Now we’re going to add to that face. We are going to add message. Marianne you now have permission to speak. Yes I am so excited to have you all here today. How many excited to be here at this event? Okay good energy right there. She’s projecting her voice and she shared her message in a way that matches. So for example, how would your message sound if you were talking about something sad and you wanted your body language and your hands and your face to match the message? I’ll never forget the day when I was standing in my house and I heard a crash outside. Now pause. Notice that she’s slowing down her speaking. This is not her enthusiastic warrior moment, this is her healer energy. She’s slowing down. She’s actually naturally gravitating to the past which is the stage right position. And she’s connecting with her audience. Show us energy. Man we got some stuff to do today I want to hear some noise. Let me hear some noise! Okay look at the way she’s using her feet. She’s using her state. She’s moving around and she’s and she’s doing that in a really great way and noticed that her body language, she’s got faster moving arms and her face is matching her message. Now I’m gonna put one more up here and I’m going to give you a challenge I’m gonna see if miss talented here can tackle this one. This fifth and final one is the energy. It’s one thing to know the words and it’s another to project the energy and I think Marianne has already shown us what that looks like. Marianne what I want to invite you to do is do your body right, your hands right, your face right and even say the right words. But I want your energy to be communicating something different than the words. So for example, let’s go for an excitable enthusiastic state but the energy isn’t matching the language. I’m so excited to be here with you today. How many of you are excited to come to this event? Okay pause. Notice that she’s got the right words. She’s asking and rolling questions, she is engaging and yet noticed that energetically there’s a mismatch between her saying how many of you excited to be at this event instead of, how many of you excited to be at our event today?! right? There’s, we are trying to get the energy to match. Similarly, let’s do together. This time I want, I want your body to be right your hands her and your face right your message right but I want your energy to be off when you’re telling a sad story. You know I was in my house one day and I heard the crash outside and I knew my dog was dead. Ans pause. Does she look like she’s concerned for having a dead animal that’s a member of the family that’s a pet? There’s not a lot of concern. There’s a mismatch there. Okay so what we’re gonna do in a moment is I’m gonna give Marianne an entire 30 seconds to take any topic that she’s passionate about and what she’s gonna do for 30 seconds is she’s gonna demonstrate body, hands, face, message, and energy that all match each other. Will you please get on your feet at home and give up for the amazing Marianne Denovellis! I’ll never forget the first day I set out to climb a mountain. I’ve been mountain climbing before but I never really quite had attempted something this big. We got out of the car that morning and it’s six o’clock in the morning. It’s totally dark outside and I can feel them in my face. I can feel the chill of the mountainside and I could see the summit way the top. Way in the distance and I thought, oh my gosh this is my mountain. I get out of the car and I start climbing and I start time when we go on for minutes, we go on for half an hour, goin on for an hour. And that’s when you start to feel the burn right? And the summit, guess what? it still it’s as far away as it did when we first got out of the car. Then the breakthrough happens. I’m asking myself, can I make it ? can I go on? can I get any closer and how much further do I have to go? all of these thoughts are pressing down on me. And I look up and say, this is my time. This is my mountain. This is where I get to prove my mettle and show everything that I’ve worth. This is my moment to show my success. And you know what happened after that? incredible success. I get up, I go on, I say, you know what I don’t care about the soreness my legs. I don’t care about how much longer it’s gonna take. I don’t care what I have to do because this is my time, this is my moment and I choose to be there. And I gotta tell you something, the view from the top of that mountain was more than worth everything it took to get there. Awesome. Did you give her a round of applause on that one too? that was just me putting an amazing Marianne Denovellis right there on the spot. Notice that as she was speaking that when she was playing smaller, her hands came closer together and then when she was opening up her energy they got further apart and notice that we went on a roller coaster of low high low high and just in that short 60 90 second period of time, you demonstrated beautifully body, hands, face, message, and energy all coming together. Thanks for watching our video today. We got more coming your way. If you’re liking them tips there’s more coming your way in some upcoming videos and we put on events if you click the link below and learn about some of the opportunities that you have for becoming a polished public speaker