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What Are Limiting Beliefs

Hello Kristopher Krohn here on Limitless TV. Today we are going to be talking about the powers of mind and the limiting beliefs. The beliefs that are ultimately determining our life’s outcomes whether as good or whether they are bad. Little boys and girls listen up close because today we are going to uncover the power of the mind when you overcome the limiting beliefs in it. So in this video I’m going to be teaching you what limiting beliefs are but I’m also going to teach you probably the the quickest technique for changing a limiting belief with a powerful positive empowering belief. Limiting belief 101. a Limiting belief is nothing more than a belief in yourself, your circumstances, or abilities, that have some type of sealing, some type of limiter. So for example, we all went through elementary school right? and at some point you either decided that you’re good at math or bad at math, good at science bad at science. You decide that you’re good at reading, good at writing, or that you learn. And we make decisions about how intelligent we are and at some point ask yourself, did you ever think that you were stupid? Did you ever tell yourself that you were dumb? did you ever tell yourself that you weren’t good enough compared to the other kids? well guess what? that’s a limiting belief. And the truth is, you may not naturally be genius at math. But to question your intelligence and to limit yourself and tell yourself for example that you’re stupid?Well that applies across the board to all the different ways that you can show up with intelligence. And the reality is, is that your genius. You’re smart. There are things that you can do and only you can do. There are gifts that you have. Perceptions, abilities, emotions, and only you have the ability to harness them the way that you do. And yet, the idea that you’re stupid or dumb guess what it does? it shuts down your ability to tap into that natural genius. Well maybe you believe that you’re not good at sports, guess what that’s going to produce? clumsy, flat-footed, tripping, making mistakes, not catching the ball because your beliefs about yourself ultimately are keen. They’re going to determine all of life’s outcomes. In life, by the time we achieved adulthood we have made thousands of decisions about our intelligence, our ability of what we can do, what we can’t do, what kind of parent we’re going to be, what kind of friend we are, whether we’re a nice person, a mean person, sardonic or mean. You know what kind of, you know whether we’re early bird, or late bird, what kind of food we’re going to eat. I mean we pretty much decided all of life’s outcome. In fact, your life is boring unless you can change some of your beliefs because man, you’re walking predictability. We do become our own self-fulfilling prophecies. And so if you want to change the result to your life, it’s not what you do that matters nearly as much as, what you believe you can do. Which means it’s time for a belief upgrade. We all got limiting beliefs so I’m going to teach you this next segment a way. A simple traditional. A ritual for every morning to isolate one of your limiting beliefs and what you can do to turn it into an empowering belief. And watch yourself change with every passing day. Growing more competent, more capable, and more able. So what I’m going to teach you the technique called “lightning breakthrough work”. Lightning means fast. It means that you can do it every single day. In fact, you can do it as often as you want. I have this limitless bracelet/ sorry that’s what ladies would call it. This is my manly wrist band. This is my wrist band that I wear and it’s black on one side and it’s red on the other and if you’ve ever seen people wear rubber bands sometimes it’s meant to be a reminder right? That’s what this is. This is a reminder every day it starts black and when I’m done doing this technique, I turn it to red. Now there’s three steps to changing your beliefs for doing this lightening work. Alright number one is ground. Because we’re going to go to intuition here and grounding essentially means, start your day off, get yourself in a calm meditative state, space. Breathe in through your nose, out through your mouth, and all we’re doing is taking a moment to clear our mind of our thoughts. Because in a moment you’re going to do step two which is ask a question. And the question is, what is the number one limiting belief holding me back? And, if you’re listening quietly, what you’re going to receive is the limiting belief that you need to work on that day. It might be I’m not good enough, or I don’t believe I’ll be able to make enough money to pay my bills, or I don’t feel secure about how I feel about my body, or whatever. That’s the limiting belief. Once you have it then you get to ask yourself is this what I want? Is this serving me? That’s a question I’d love to ask and then from there, by the way no limiting beliefs are serving you right now. If it’s limiting you right now, you’re aware of it, you get to do something about that. So then the next thing we do is, we get to create a new belief. This is your limitless belief. And a new belief needs to follow the three rules, the three P’s. Write them down. Present, powerful, and positive. Okay? Present means that you’re going to write this statement in “I” form as if it’s already happened and taken place and you have that belief. It’s positive which means that instead of being limiting, which are normally negative beliefs, we’re going to choose into something positive and it’s powerful meaning it’s got to resonate with you. So I might be sitting there and I might ground and I’ll actually do this right now. what is the number one limiting belief holding me back? it’s a fear that I’m going to mess up on camera. Does this serve me? Well, no. It doesn’t. The fear doesn’t serve me. It doesn’t help me to think that I’m going to be messing up on camera. It’s going to probably mess up on camera because by the way the things that we want and don’t want, are wants. So if I’m afraid of messing up, guess what I’m going to do? I’m going to mess up and then Nate would be hero who is making me into a hero, he’s going to have to like double down on his work and do more editing work and sift through a lot more. I mean it’s just kind of a waste of everybody’s time right? And the new belief that would better is I’m a one-hit wonder. I’d love to be able to just sit down here on a camera and share my expertise in the knowledge that I have. It’s “I am” is positive. a one-hit wonder. That’s powerful, it’s positive. It resonates with me. So it’s super simple. This is stuff we can do every day. Your mind is made up of all these beliefs some good some bad. The question is, what is serving you and what isn’t? and it’s this daily ritual. I wake up in the morning, I do my work, I ground, I ask what the number one, what’s the number one limiting belief? I get my answer and then I evaluate it. What’s the consequences as good as it is that serving me? and the answer is always no and the more you connect with that, man what would serve me? And now you’re stepping into the power of choice. We all got it but we’re all not free because we’re not leveraging it and you are. This is a powerful morning ritual to create something that is present and powerful and positive. When I’m done, I turn that band around and it reminds me I’ve done my work for the day. Now is there any limit on how much of this you can do? absolutely not. In fact, I’ll share with you that I don’t just only do it every morning, but I’ll also do it if I ever get triggered during the day. If I ever feel low energy, negative energy, get into a funk or that space if I can’t, guess what it’s time for? It’s time for some lightning belief breakthrough work and this is the simplest easiest format that you are completely capable of doing. And I’m inviting you to make it a part of your daily life because as you do, you’re going to build momentum. Shifting out of the things that aren’t working and over time creating a greater and greater and greater collection of what’s going to serve you. You cannot even begin to imagine the power of the limitless wristband. Come to the 3-day limitless event and come claim your free wristband when you come and attend. I’ve got discounted tickets below because you have subscribed, correct? Yes you have and we will tell you how to unlock the mysteries of your minds about the limitations and step into your new amazing limitless life!