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Unusual Tricks To Fix Self Confidence – The Power of Faith

Kris Krohn here with limitless TV and today we’re speaking on the power of faith. Is faith real? what can it really accomplish? what is really possible when you have faith in the right way? That’s what we’re here to explore and hang tight because I’m gonna share with you my very specific methodology and four steps for how I demonstrate my faith anytime I’m manifesting new results. So I’m so excited. Some of you have been asking questions and people all over the world are searching, wanting to know, what is faith? And I’m not just talking about faith and a higher power or religion, I’m talking about the fact that the world that you and I live in runs and is powered by faith. Not just faith in a divine, but faith that is that within the divine inside of you. In other words there’s a lot of people that talk about who to believe in, believe in God, believe in, what about believing in ourselves? That is a core essential aspect of where your faith needs to reside. So today, I get to share with you four of my steps of how to manifest your masterpiece life. And I love manifesting which runs on the fuel tank called faith. But before we get there, I want to talk about, why we live in such a faithless world. I want to for a moment about the lack of self confidence. There’s so much lack of self confidence that people have in our world today and the power of faith has the ability to correct that especially if you want to live the dream, that’s only gonna happen and that’s only possible and you can only manifest the life you want if you first start to decode and understand that we live in a fear-based world when we’re not living in a faith-based world. And there is this fear of loss. You want to make the world a better place? Well we got to stop by being such depress people because we don’t know where or how to put our faith. And so what is this faith? I’ll tell you what it is. It is the ability to believe in something that you cannot see, that you may have little or no evidence for, that you still desire to know or bring about. So for example if you want to start a successful business, you can put faithpo in what’s not working, you can put faith in the fear of how little you’re getting, or you can put faith in the vision of what you’re creating, the thing that is so much bigger. And faith has these four very specific steps that I’m gonna go in. First, we got to talk about how you transcend time by being a faith filled person. Because most of us, we show up in life basically saying, I’ll believe it when I see it. And the problem with that kind of thinking is you will never see things you’ve never done. People that say I’ll believe it when I see it are people that are saying, I only believe in what’s been. I only believe in what I’ve known. I only believe in what I’ve seen. And the problem with that thinking is it’s impossible for you to produce a new result because you only put your faith into the old results or the past results. So for example, if you said I want to double my income. That this person would say, well I’ll believe it when I see it. You’re not going to see it. It’s not gonna happen. Why? Because you don’t have the faith. We’re gonna talk about transcending time. Transcending time means, how do I operate in this present space with a knowing of what’s going to be happening in my future or a faith hope and belief that it’s happened we just haven’t experienced the time yet, that’s what we’re gonna be hacking right now. And I call this manifesting game, a time hack. This is the ultimate time to act and to do this, you’re gonna have to live and experience duality which is I get to recognize and accept that I don’t have what I want in this moment but there’s another part of me that needs to find a way to accept and believe that what I want in the future has already come to pass, time just hasn’t elapsed. And that’s what’s gonna take place as we dive into the four steps of manifesting with faith. Okay, are you ready for the four steps that are gonna help you manifest what you want? Because I’m telling you right now, it’s time to take the leap. Take the leap, believe in yourself. Somewhere deep inside, there’s a part of you that’s itching and saying it’s my time. It’s my time to grow, it’s my time to let loose. Kris just show me the four steps! I’m gonna show you those four steps. Number one, you got to know what you want. Right now, most of us know what we don’t want. We cannot manifest what we want unless we know what it is but if you know what you don’t want you will manifest it. Do you hear what I said? If you ever go to the mailbox and look at bills and think, oh I do not like bills! That’s a want and you’re getting what you want. Don’t do that okay? Instead, it would behoove every one of us to take a few hours aside and to just think. Ponder, what do I really want? Get clear on what you want in your health, and your wealth, your connection, and your power. That means everything in life touches that. The sun touches your relationships with yourself and other people, your finances it covers you standing in your personal power, it touches your body in your health. Know what you want in all four of those areas of life so number one, know what you want. The second step is to take bold action. Okay this is really important because it’s one thing to know what you want, but bold action means there’s something you can do every day. So when you wake up in the morning, I’m doing my Power Hour. I’m working out. I’m getting my game on. I’m waking up my body mind and spirit and I’m asking, what bold action do I get to take today in the direction of what I want? Because remember for many of the things that you want, you know really big things can take a lot of time. They need time to gestate and small things you might be able to get it today. Whatever you want and whatever it looks like, there’s a way to take action on it every single day. You’re not waiting, you’re acting. Number three is one of my favorites. Believe acting as if. Believe in yourself. Believe acting as if essentially means that, you’re willing to hold space as if what you want has already come about. So for example, if I were losing 50 pounds I wouldn’t look in the mirror after getting on the scale and being like, well it’s good that I’m down three pounds I’m excited about that I’m just still 47 pounds away. I’m gonna look down at the scale, I’m gonna see I lost three pounds, and in my mind I’m seeing 50 pounds. And I’m celebrating the three pounds. I’m being present with where I’m at I’m loving and accepting where I’m at but you know what I’m also doing? I’m celebrating the fact that I’m already there I’m just waiting for time to finish lapsing. Number three is believing as if everyday do a visualization think about what you want and be there as if it’s already happened. I’m telling you right now some of you are wondering, Kris did you just step off the deep end and get a little crazy on me? Well if I have I’m gonna invite you a little crazy and step off the deep end with me. Trust me this doesn’t hurt. It feels good and it’s awesome. Because if you’re waiting to be satisfied and complete once you have these things then you’re missing out on the real value that there’s a part of it available to you today and you get to find joy in the journey of accepting embracing what is. That’s part of the continually learning process. Believing as if also means you need to believe in yourself. Believe in your value. Just say it right now, I believe in me. I am valuable. I’m responsible. I take bold action. I know what I want. It feels good but you got to say it with feeling and believing it. The fourth step of manifesting is you need to trust God to do his part. If you’re taking bold action and you know what you want and you’re acting as if it’s already happened you are doing your part. Now you need to wait for God to reciprocate you do this part. When I say God, I mean universe, I mean the fact that this planet has seven billion people on it. It has all of these resources. It’s got money and time and resource and gifts and talents and all these things and all of them can come together for your good. But remember it takes a little bit time. Your job is to take bold action every day. So friends, in reviewing what it takes to manifest the life that you want these are the four steps. Number one, know what you want and take that leap. Number two is to act boldly. Take bold action on what you want as if it’s already happened that’s number three believe as if it’s already happened so that you’re gonna start living in that paradox of reality versus the reality that I’m creating and all the sudden they spend enough time on the one that I’m creating that I can start feeling it moving inside of me. So that my physical world can become to represent and become the one that I’ve created as the conscious creator in my mind. And that fourth step is trust. You got to give it time to gestate. And I don’t care if it takes ten years or three years. You cannot get just you cannot get conditional with what you want. You can’t say well I’ll keep doing this Kris but if I think that it should happen inside of 30 days and it don’t then I’m giving up. That conditional relationship will stop it dead in tracks before you even begin. If your goal is worthy then it gets to be worthy for all your live long days. It means that it’s something that you get to be committed to all the time, no matter what. If it’s not worthy of that, it may not be worthy of you. For me, I look at the health that I’m creating, I look at the wealth that I’m creating, the relationships that I’m creating, and manifesting, and amassing, and I look at the personal power. And in all those things, some of them I’ve achieved, some of them I’m on my way. But I’m committed no matter what in any situation in any case no matter what happens that it’s already happened to everyday here so that I eventually get to see it manifest here. Hey thanks for watching today’s video. If you’re not a subscriber you may want to consider doing that right now. And put some faith into the fact that I might produce a video here that pops something up on your screen that you might need to help unlock in your next step in life. take care.