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The Unexpected Flaw With Logic – How To Get Inspired & Use Your Intuition

Kris Krohn here today on Limitless TV and today I’m going to be sharing with you how you get inspired by accessing your intuition. And at the end of the video, I’m gonna share with you my very specific methodology for how I tap into intuition throughout the day so that I can get all the best information I need and access everything I don’t know to get where I need to go. So you want to get inspired? and yay for you! Guess what? You want to live an inspiring life. Let’s talk about why that doesn’t always happen first. There’s shortfalls in logic. Right now most of us are programmed. We’ve made most of life’s decision and childhood and right now this brain already knows what you’re gonna do today. For example, if someone spills coffee on you, you more or less know if you’re gonna go to rage or anger or shutdown or frustration. Or if for example, you sleep in with your alarm. You know how you’re going to condense your morning routine or what you’re gonna skip out on whether you will or won’t brush your teeth. I mean the bottom line is, is that your logic is already mapped out the rest of your life. And once your life is all mapped out it’s set in stone. And I’m talking about grave marker stones. Which means there’s no room for inspiration. And in a moment, we’re gonna talk about three different ways that you can bring massive amounts of inspiration in your life but just first really understand the depth of the pitfalls of logic. And if we’re only living life according to him. Years ago I flew in one of my mentors and he sat down with me and I was paying him a lot of money to teach and train me in business. And by far, he’s one of the most successful mentors I’ve ever had. And at some point I was arguing with him and then he stopped talking. It was a pattern interrupt. That kind of felt like dad was about to scold me and he said these words. He said, Kris do you know what the most dangerous information to you is? I thought about it and I decided not to answer and he said, Kris the most dangerous information is what you don’t know. Friends, an uninspired life is living purely according to what you think you know and remember that only what you think you know can only get you more of what you’ve already gotten. So by the way if you’ve ever had a new year’s resolution come around, you set a goal, I want to start a business, I’m gonna change my body, I want to do something different, don’t expect to get what you want unless you’re gonna throw inspiration into the mix. You see there’s some really great go to’s that we have to get new ideas that’s what we’re really talking about. Getting inspired. And I’ve mentioned one of them, mentors. I believe everyone needs at least one mentor actively in their life at any given moment. As in I don’t mentor in January and then for the other 11 months wait for next January to get another mentor for a month. In my life, I have several mentors at any given moment. The reason why is because I go after people that know what I don’t and then what I do is I take my such an up camp my suction cup hands and I put them on their heads and I suck all the knowledge out that I possibly can because I want to get inspired, inspire new ideas. So mentors is a great way. And another one is leaders are readers. Books. Right? are you reading books? are you always going after another inspiring book to find new information? You know it’s interesting that some of us slow down and die early because we’re not using it. If we don’t use it we lose it and if we want our brain to keep growing and if we want to do this neurogenesis and develop new neural transmitters, inspiration drives your continued development. So right now I just want you to do a personal assessment. Are you living your life according to what you know? Or are you making decisions today and for your future based on new information that you have a habit of bringing into your life. Well mentors, profound. Books, profound. But the idea that I want to hold on here next which I think is the most important is that if you want to live a truly inspired life and you want to be inspired then you need to learn how to tap into your personal intuition. I’m talking about highest and best self intuition where all the answers you seek are already inside of you. We’re gonna talk right now about how you access them and it stems from this one idea, you got to start challenging your logic. You got to start start challenging ideas that you accept as status quo norm. For example, should you be putting that in your mouth and eating it? and should you be a person that wakes up late and gets always late to the gym or not the gym at all? Should you be the kind of person that is totally content with your job and laid-back as opposed to, is it time for a promotion, starting my own business or doing something to upgrade my life. Because the moment you are content you’re losing. And content is a place that you can be for your personal piece and hold paradox for the concept of wanting to grow and learn more and hold both at the same time. Let’s talk about how to get inspired! Challenging ideas. This is the most important information I can share with you right now about living a truly powerhouse inspired life is that you get to be comfortable asking questions about everything that you’re doing. Here’s what normal is, to just assume that all information in the past is relevant today. But you know what an inspired person does? is they question. For example, when I wake up in the morning did I wake up at the right time? I get to question, was there something else I could have been done that I could have been doing? was that the right time to wake up? I go to the fridge, I open the door and I’m pulling some food out. Is this the food that I want to be eating? I leave a blank in my schedule. Who do I need to reach out to? who do I get to talk to? is it right for me to be meeting with this person? is that the family function that I get to visit? By questioning everything it’s not as the pessimist or the skeptic that is actually negatively trying to understand whether something is good or bad or should or shouldn’t. This is none of those. I want to be directed in the most inspired way in my life. And a book I will never write. Years ago people were asking m,e Kris how have you so young and so successful in business? And this is the most truthful answer that I can give, I will defy my logic of what I think I know and I will act on inspiration by requesting it. Friends, I’m asking for inspiration hundreds of times throughout the day. Even in this video. I’ve got a little bit of a, I got a map of hey what do I want to say what are the points. But the moment I’m standing here, I’m asking and questioning, what do you need to hear on this topic? What is the highest and best information? So I’m gonna give you a couple of my favorite generic questions that you can just ask. You can take a look at anything you’re gonna be drained during the day. Maybe you’ve got an appointment scheduled to sit down with the boss or an employee, maybe it’s to go to the park or maybe it was to go to the gym. And I’ll constantly ask this question, is that in my highest and best interest? Will that serve me at my highest and best? And the moment the answer is no, guess what I’m gonna do on a dime? I’m gonna change. I’m gonna turn around. And I do want to be a person that keeps my word, my bond, and my commitments, and I’ll also leave a lot of blank open time in my schedule because I want to be directed by the divine. That’s what we’re talking about here. Some of the most brilliant men and women that have ever lived that have gone on to create some of the greatest success. I got a chance to learn from Napoleon Hill when he interviewed JP Morgan whose steel company was the most valuable asset on the planet at the time and interviewing the other 499 most successful people and here was the common thread that he found amongst all of them including Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein is that, they all believed that this was connected to a higher intelligent source. So that the intuition that comes from within is part of a greater universal connection, God. And right now that means that there are temples of wisdom whose doors I can open if I know how to simply ask. If you don’t know what to ask, I’ll ground and get quiet and ask, what question do I need to be asking right now? So learn to question your thoughts. Because if you just roll with what is in your head you only gonna get more of what you’ve been getting. If you want new results, you need to act different which starts from thinking different. Which means questioning what you’re doing, questioning if it’s the right play, asking what questions you need to ask, and if you want to know the easiest way to dial in this intuition get in the habit at first of getting in a quiet place, ground, take a deep breath, eyes closed. Breathe in through your nose. Fill up all of your lungs and auctions in space and breathe out. Why am I saying to do this? It’s not floofy magic. I’m flooding with that oxygen, my brain with serotonin and dopamine with those elevated levels to help calm and relax me so I can get the thoughts out of my head and these days when I just take a deep breath, I know that I’m preparing to ask a question. So ground. Ask your question. And then receiving. The information is available to you. In fact, any question even right now in this moment, there’s a burning question and you’ve been stuck in indecision which is worse than bad decision that you’ve been wanting an answer to. Pause, ground, slow your mind, empty your thoughts, ask your question. Whatever comes up first, trust it. That is the inspired choice for you to act on. And you might be a little skeptical like, I don’t know if I should really go with that Kris. I’m inviting you to test it for 30 days. I’m inviting you to take 30 days and make decisions that way and allow the fruits of your choices to determine whether this is a better way for you or not. Because what I can tell you is that when I make my decisions solely from logic, the reality is I can be disappointed. My logic can betray me because my logic is not all-knowing. But a decision made from intuition is a decision I have never regretted. So friends, if you want to live inspired and be inspired then you need to seek the inspiration and that’s how you do it. I hope you sure enjoyed this video today. Intuition has been one of the greatest gifts in my life. It certainly is one of the most important tools for helping me get where I want to go and now you possess it. If you want to learn more, come check out one of our three day limitless events and you’re going to learn how to master it.