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The Triple Dip – No Money Down #7

Last time, we talked about the double dip as one of the strategies that doesn’t require money in your pocket to go out and buy real estate and today we’re going to talk about the triple dip.

If you haven’t read or watched the video of our double dip strategy you can view it here:


So in one of my previous videos I suggested that there was actually a legal way to triple dip. Before before we explain that, try this on for just a minute. If I were to try and leverage a realtors license, also earn money as the investor, and also earn money as a loan officer all on the same deal I can get a slap on the wrist, get a major fine, or actually go to jail.

So the consequences in real estate can be quite dire. we had a chance years ago to invent a way of triple dipping and we found a way to do it legally. It actually creates a beautiful opportunity for thousands of people. It might even benefit you, but more importantly, what I want you to understand and walk away with is that in real estate there’s tons of room for creativity.

Creativity is the Key!

house1Here’s just a tiny little bonus, you can put anything you want in contract. I could say “I’m going to buy this house and I want the seller to mow the lawn for the next two years once a month”. You can put that in the contract. Real estate has a lot of room for creativity which can make it super fun you just gotta make sure that you keep your nose clean by understanding law of land by getting the correct kind of advice because in real estate, when you do something you’re not supposed to, worst case scenario you could wind up in jail or with a fine you may never be able to get out from under. You gotta do it the right way.

Now, I don’t want to scare you but I do want you to know that if you do things the right way there’s a lot of exciting opportunities. Here’s one of them. Years ago in real estate I realized that there’s a lot of people that would love to make money in real estate. Get in on the sweat equity but they don’t have the money and credit to be able to do real estate and I thought alright, being a realtor for example or a loan officer would be one way of being in the real estate game and making money but you know what, that’s real estate as a job and I’m not a huge fan of real estate as a job.

What I love about real estate as an investor is that my money works for me and my houses work for me. If I’m a realtor I really do have to work for my money.
So, I don’t mind double dipping on that I’m looking for a triple dip. What we did is we found a non-licensed way for people to get paid. Check out the creativity of this for just a minute and by the way this is SCC approved this has been vetted and has gone through the ranks.

The Triple Dip System

arrowsI invented a real estate referral system that says, instead of getting paid commissions for referring houses, will actually pay a commission for referring people. So for example, every month, I have my wealth intensive and I’ve got a number of ways that people can work with me and I tell them, “hey if you refer people to me and they start investing in real estate with me, I can send you up to a $4000 check by way of saying thank you” and I have some people that have made $100,000 in a single month in these thank you checks. We found a way for you to actually get paid in referring people vs just houses.

Now this is kind of a cool deal because also pay people in houses. I have a $35,000 home bonus program and so a lot of people will actually come to my 3 day wealth intensive. They’ll register on that, where they learn about that opportunity. Again it’s just one of many more ways of making money in real estate because one of the things that I learned from my mentors, in real estate is that it’s good to have a system and a niche and a strategy that you go after and I’m a huge fan of that. But the more knowledgeable you are, knowledge can become power.
If you learn how to capitalize on all the different ways to make money.

I have some people that are the investor on the deal, they also referred people in on the deal, they’re also a realtor on the deal and all of the sudden, they now have multiple streams of income.

Learn how you can make real estate from a creative angle if you’re really committed to this, a way for you to produce multiple streams of income because it’s a fantastic way to have $2000 check come here, $35,000 check there, $8,000 check here, $15,000 check here. Oh and I just sold the house so in addition to my $200 – $400 a month cash flow, I just cashed in on $30,000, $50,000, $100,000 whatever it is. And that’s one of the ways you can start moving up in the world of real estate and making a lot more money.

Get creative, have fun real estate makes that available to you!

If you’d like help creating a game plan specific to you?

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