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The Power Of Ambition – Why Ambition Is Important

so you feel like a slothful dog and you want to know how to wake up and step into like an ambitious life right like you got ambitious people around you like where does he get that motivation where does she get that steam today on this video Chris Chrome with limitless TV we’re going to be talking about the three steps to stepping into powerhouse ambition yes it’s your turn it’s your time and here it comes [Music] so how do you develop ambition you ever feel lethargic or like a slug or like there’s that parable of the dog who’s lying on the nail and it’s very comfortable in fact it even hurts but it doesn’t hurt enough to get off the nail you know I look at my life and people that I meet everywhere and you know what until we really find that on switch on until we really find what it is we want in life it can be hard to find the gumption and the excitement and the passion to want to get up and live I have experienced in my life that that really changed everything I want to share this with you before I share my formula for stepping into ambition I was 19 years old and I was enjoying one of my last of family vacations for my childhood before I was really going to get out of the house and we were vacationing in Cannon Beach Oregon and my life was filled of all the things that I wanted to do but did I really possess the ambition to do them was I really going to do them was I going to persist did I have that indomitable spirit I don’t think I did I was waiting out in the ocean and this is off the coast of canopy tour again and my sister and I that day had gone too far and so far that the ways were rolling 810 feet up in the air and as they came down I could feel a really sharp undertow a current that was pulling out the sea when I looked up my sister who is not a great swimmer she was being pulled out and I became very concerned and they started trying to cook through and wari swim in swim in swim in and I decided that because she wasn’t making any progress and instead was moving backwards that I should turn around try and get my dad’s attention and I turn around I was so far up to sea but my dad vigilant father he saw me and I saw his tiny little body out the distance running off and they turned back around my sister had gotten so far out to sea I wondered whether I wonder whether my dad was going to make it timon I knew he wasn’t and in that moment I I knew that I might be looking at a life or death situation and it was either swim out and trying to help my sister or potentially to drown and you know what in that moment I found a lot of addition I found a lot of persistence I actually even felt an energy of Chris you could be the hero here and it wasn’t about me being a hero but it was your sister needs saving so I jumped in after her and I felt courageous and bold in those first few moments as I made it out to her however and saw that you know she’s tall and she’s a girl like I’m a big guy trying to swim her back in it wasn’t working in fact just having enough strength to keep her head above water we started really really floundering me um it became very dire something happened that I’ll never forget that changed my outlook on ambition when no help was going to come and we didn’t have the strength to swim in all we could do was do our best and that wasn’t cutting it and something miraculous happened we do we knew how to do nothing but call out we were praying to God and we were trying to allow our prayers to scream out loud as high as we could over the sound of the crashing waves and one large significant wave came and carried my sister and I until we could stand on her waist it was a miracle and that day I knew that my life had meaning and purpose because I didn’t die I knew that I was supposed to be here for a reason and since that time I have taken a very different outlook on life why be lazy Chris why be without ambition Chris why give up so easily on life you’ve got this one life to live and if you take your hand and you put on your heart and you can feel that heartbeat in there you don’t have to have a near-death experience to know that you are supposed to be show right now in a moment I want to share with you where I really find my personal power and energy to step into being ambitious and living life to the fullest because I know that I got this one life and I can’t really know what’s coming next but I know that I got this one now and I’m going to do everything in my power and what I’m going to share with you I believe is going to help you learn how to take life like blow by the horns living with all the passion and ambition and energy that you need to live an amazing fulfilling life all right you feel amped up and ready for some brand new ambition in your life here are the three things that I want to share with you number one you need to know what you want we’re often really clear in life with what we don’t want and you don’t want to channel any ambition towards that any faith towards that you want to channel it all towards what you want if I were to sit down with you right now and do a very annoying exercise hey what do you want what do you want what do you want what do you want what do you want what do you want if I were to do that could you speak for two minutes straight precisely about what you want because my experience most people if they get choked up after the first 15 seconds like I don’t really know what I want so step number one is who cares about being ambition at Isha’s and having Drive if you have nowhere to channel it get clear on what you want knowing what you want and why you want it that Y is going to start powerfully feeding the desire for it and it’s going to amp up that ambition and the Y needs to even be bigger than the what which means you need to feel it it’s got to be something that moves you it’s a dream so big that it takes your breath away step 1 know what you want step 2 you need a mentor you need someone that has the thing that you want because they’re going to inspire you they’re going to motivate you they’re going to share with you things that they did that worked they’re going to share with you the how’s and the whys and the what get a mentor now how do you get a mentor shoot we live in this amazing digital age where you could go onto Facebook and just make a post and say this is something that I want to achieve has anyone done that before and you’re going to find someone you’re going to materialize a mentor and then this is the third step that really gets that ambition and drive going and humming accountability this is what your mentor does for you is they have daily accountability which could be as simple as a text back and forth or a phone call from time to time every single day there’s got to be there’s got to be some type of action moving forward because having a goal and having a dream without having any action guess what that leads to procrastination and ultimately one in ambitious but not actually showing it every day you get to have a daily show of ambition so know what you want find a mentor and then please allow for that accountability to held in your life to know that every day you took action on the thing that you want because frankly whether you get it or not doesn’t matter every day what matters is whether you did something about it because you can look at the end of the day without any regret knowing I took action on what I wanted and allow that action to create that feeling of security and love and success and accomplishment because we don’t want a channel we don’t want to allow ourselves give yourself permission to become happy once we achieve the thing that we want the real achievement the real trophy comes in taking action on it every day and Friends that’s the ultimate expression of ambition you know what you want you have mentors with outside help giving you new up knowledge new perspective new information and number three you’ve got accountability that you’re taking action every single day moving in the direction of the thing that you desire this is just the tip of the iceberg can you imagine waking up every day passionate and exciting about life because I know what a life without ambition feels like and I know what it feels like to feel motivated and on top of the world and you can feel like this every single day I’m going to bite you – click the link below and come visit our three-day events to awaken you to a life where ambition isn’t something you have to seek for it’s simply a part of your being it’s a part of who you are and don’t forget to subscribe because we’ve got more videos coming your way helping with everything that you need and come spend three days with me and my team to have a life-changing experience where we can help you flip that ambition switch and make it a part of who you are and just how you do life you.