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The Greatest Risk Is Doing Nothing – Make A Decision

Success is a function of your ability to make decisions. The rate at which we make decisions determines the rate of our success. The people who make very few decisions tend not to be very successful. Those that can make a lot of decisions tend to have the possibility of a lot more success. In life, it’s like the basketball court and you’ve got the ball and either you got the ball or you’ve passed the ball and unless you’re passing the ball, unless you’re passing it to the other people in your life, you’re not making enough decisions. You’re being a ball hog and you know what? You can’t win a national championship all by yourself. Because if you just stand there, someone’s gonna take the ball from you. So it’s time to take that ball and it’s time to start working it. How many important life decisions right now are in your lap and your life is stagnant because you’re not taking action? Pass the ball! I would rather you make poor decisions than suffer from indecision because you’ll start at least making enough decisions where success seems entered a realm of possibility for where you want to go with your life. Why don’t we move the ball? why don’t we pass? why aren’t we making choices? because we have fear of failure but failure like fear is just an idea. Moving the ball and making a decision, we look at it as if it’s risk. But do you know what the greatest risk is? doing nothing. The inaction, no decision. So instead stop allowing failure to get in your way. Because bottom line is if you move forward in your life and you fail forward and learn the lesson there’s value in that. Rather than no action and you know what the value is in that? nothing. The greatest risk is doing nothing. So if you fail and if you’re trying and you’re learning and you’re growing, you become an inevitability to arrive at your goal. Today I’m inviting you to take a decision that you’ve been waiting on. Stalling. And to make a choice to pass the ball because if you do, you will see that it moves you out of your rut and your life has the possibility to move forward.