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Should I Go To College

Should I go to college? ooh! Loaded question. And, mom and dad if you’re watching this, I hope I do right by your youngsters that might be watching this. This is Kris Krohn with RETV and we’re going to investigate the value of college Should I go to college? Frankly? it depends. What do you want to do, and what do you want to be? But, let’s ask this question a little differently, should I get an education? Yes! get as much of the right kind of relevant education that you possibly can and we do live in a society that values only certain types of genius. Throughout highschool, what were they testing on math, and science right? a little bit of history well the reality is that between you and I, between the whole world there are countless numbers of genius. For example, I got a sister she is not good at math. She thinks that a dozen is ten. Doesn’t know that it’s actually 12. But she can sit down a piano and play the most beautiful music right out of her head. We’re all genius you and I in different ways. And, whatever that geniuses you need to get a matching education that unlocks that. Which means that we got to customize. Some people think that college is for everyone. Listen, I got four kids and right now I’m raising him telling him to get good grades I am preparing them for college. And, college may well in fact be where their next step lies but, also not their final step. Ultimately I want to give my children and myself during all ages of my life, an education that matches my inner genius, my purpose, and where I want to be. We go to college in the first place because we’re looking for education a piece of paper that says that we’re smart. But don’t miss what you’re really looking for. Ultimately, the world is not always there to tell you what is in your highest and best interest at some point who needs to do that? You do. and we all need some type of education. I believe in fact I hope to be educating throughout my entire life. And, I’ve received two different type of major education one was from college. I got my degree. Part of it was so that my mother-in-law wouldn’t kill me. I already had a thriving business and growing and I didn’t want to get in trouble with my family that have these strong ideals and you know, I think I probably would have finished it anyway because I wanted to finish what I started. But there was a second education I got that was so life-changing for me and it was working with a mentor. So imagine a professor that doesn’t just have book smarts but imagine a man or a woman that has street smarts. Someone has been in the real world making choices. And one is not better than the other. It comes down to your vocation. You know, if you want to be a doctor, man I hope you go to the best and brightest medical school out there work from those teachers and professors to ultimately figure out how to how to rock those sciences. Please get good grades because, when I kept myself I’d love for you to create a nice clean stitch line and be awesome. But, there are other vocations out there where decrees become less and less meaningful but not necessarily education. You know, for example I’m an entrepreneur. And, I’ve had many mentors that have helped teach me how to do business. Things that I learned in the real world with people with street smarts that I would have never learned in the university right? But, I want to learn to meet things there too. Real estate investing. There’s nothing I could have ever learned in a university anywhere near as powerful than my multi-millionaire mentors they were all able to teach me the ropes of real estate not including, you know, including the school of hard knocks right? Mentoring has been my greatest accelerant to getting where I want to go. So, if I have a bias between the 2 I’ve got four little kids and I’m educating them. Get educated. Do well as do well in school. Be smart and learn how to learn. But if you want to get anywhere in life beyond the few things that trait that take true vocational training like being the judge, like being a doctor, a lawyer, some of these different things where you have to go to college and get certified for every degree like that there’s I don’t know what percent but the majority don’t require that. I don’t need a degree in visual arts or dancing or, or, even sometimes business management depending on whether I’m going to be an intrepreneur, or entrepreneur meaning grow someone else’s business or grow my own business. Mentors for me bridge the gap. And so, get the right education that you need. For me, in my case, in my life, mentors that have already been where I want to be that can dish up the shortcuts nice thing about working with them it’s not about a four-year program or a 2 year program, it’s about what is it going to take? and then let’s do it. And so ultimately, yes, get yourself educated as much as you can but get the right education to really make the deepest impact that is going to fulfill you. I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s video. If you want a mentor in real estate to help you get where you want to go, or if you want a life coach, a mentor that has not only made the money that knows how to teach you how to manifest the life you want, then click the link below. Get involved and see some of the different opportunities that we have that are helping people all across the country learn to live their life to the fullest.