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Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Today on REI TV, were gonna be talking about real estate marketing solutions. How do you get homes? If you have a home, how do you sell it? Do you do it yourself? Do you list it for sale by owner? Do you go through a realtor? And most importantly, are actually on the right side of defense to make the most money.

1Alright, when it comes to real estate marketing solution, you’ve gotta ask yourself first of all; Are you the home owner or are you the realtor? Because a realtor can charge a 3% commission, you got another 3% that goes out to the other agent involved. There’s the buyer and sellers side or you can be the investor.  So which of those 3 are you?  If you’re talking about listing a house, I always list with the realtor and I always do my paperwork with realtors. Why do I do that? Well, for protection, for that legal paper work to make sure things are done and because I want maximum exposure. If I’m an investor and I put a tenant in the house with a lease option; meaning like rent to own? Well that person’s actually gonna step in and buy the house. I don’t need a realtor. You see investors are smart. Investors know how to maximize profitability and sometimes it pays to have a realtor, sometimes it doesn’t. It depends on your strategy.

So you’ve got realtors that are leveraging real estate as a job. They’re making their 3%, maybe, commission on a transaction. But what’s the investor getting? Well, doing real estate the right way, you can be making a heck of a lot more than 3%. Meanwhile, you’re making that money while you sleep, because your real estate can be set up to be passive, instead of a day job.

2Now here’s the cool thing about being in a real estate. You can be the investor and make all this money, but you can also own some type of license involved in real estate and you can earn a fee. And it’s okay to earn fees on your own deals. You just can’t earn more than one – using more than one license on the same deal. Now, if I had to choose the two biggest fees most common ones there are, to either be a realtor or loan officer. And you know what, there’s a really big difference. Realtors can make 3% on the entire amount of the house being sold; a loan officer can make 1-2%. The loan officer has a lot more work and the realtor has a lot less work. But the loan officer is the one you need to depend on to actually get the job done because in many regards it’s a lot hard of a job. So, do you wanna work a whole lot more and make a whole lot less? Well that’s the decision I made when I got into real estate. For my first several years and for my first couple of transactions, I was a loan officer ‘cause I didn’t trust my loan officer and I wanted to learn everything all the in’s and out’s about a very complicated banking system. Had I to do it all over again today? Had my trust issues resolved? Understood what I know about the banking industry, I’d be a realtor? I get to make a heck of a lot more money for a heck of a lot less work.

Now I like transacting real estate work, no licenses required. I don’t have any licenses today, nothing that’s active. I got a team that does everything as you know. So, if I had to choose between the two? I’d become a realtor. With that being said, I’m an investor. I don’t have a license because I don’t need to.

3So listen, regardless of whether or not you do get some kind of a license or don’t.  No matter what at the end of the day, be an investor – it’s something anyone can do, that’s where the real money is made. If you’re smart, you got a strategy; you got a team and a system.

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