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How To Manage A Property Out Of State

Hey everybody! Kris Krohn with REITV. and today we’re talking about putting on your big boy and best under pants. If you want to get investing out-of-state here’s the question of the day, how do you effectively manage a property that is out of state? If you have successfully acquired a great out of state property I hope you didn’t do it with having the end in mind of having a really great property manager. Ultimately the success is going to come down to the type of property manager you pick now this is where I’m going to drop kind of a big one on you if you’re just doing real estate on your own, then a property manager out of state charging their typical eight ten percent they’re just not going to care very much about a hundred dollar-a-month relationship with you. They’re not really incentivized someone like me that does hundreds of deals? Well, they’ve got thousands of monthly reasons thousands of dollars worth of monthly reasons to do a great job for me. Frankly, that’s why a lot of people will join my team. Ideally, what you want to look for is joining up with an operation that does bulk real estate. Because frankly, you want to have a property manager that doesn’t have one property on the line whether they’re doing a good or bad job but they have 10, properties 100, properties, or a thousand properties. Bulk is the best way to give yourself an advantage and those opportunities exist out there there are different organizations that you can team up with that are networked in areas that are doing lots of properties and when you going out of state you want to have as much muscle behind you as it possibly can. Bulk buys muscle. Hey, here’s a little bonus for you get involved with an organization that deals in bulk real estate. what do I mean by bulk? means that instead of just doing a deal here and a deal there what I usually call a mom and pop shop, I’m looking for an organization that purchases five ten hundred homes and is working all of them at the exact same time and here’s the reason why, It’s because they’re going to use the stained carpet the same paint they’re going to use the same tile and what happens is you end up systematizing real estate and anytime you can systematize real estate you’re going to do far more successful real estate And that my friends is how you invest successfully in out-of-state real estate. Now, I wanted to share this little bonus with you, I’ve got a team that does all this for me. We’ve done nearly a billion dollars a real estate we love getting there and and helping the mom and pop shops people like you and I people starting from nothing, or or maybe your first property, or maybe you’re more professional, and you’re working on your 20th property, but you aren’t access to the best at estate deals you don’t want to give up ownership and control like I’ve been recommending for you. Well, that’s one of the things that my company does, is that will go in we’ll find the properties will fix them up for you will do all the work on them and then we make them available. And, what do you have to pay to access those services? upfront you get to pay nothing. So, if you’d like to learn more about that, click the link below. But they’re not going to give you that sweet deal unless you say Kris Krohn sent you. Guys remember pee-wee’s big adventure large bars sencha well in this case just tell them that I sent you and my team will look forward to get me the details under what you can move this super-awesome out of state successfully mas