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How Long Does It Take To Break A Habit

Kris Krohn here with REITV. And today, we’re talking about how long it takes to break habits. We got some good ones, we’ve got some bad ones and ultimately what is it going to take for you to break them habits and set the right ones. So how long does it really take to break a habit? how many licks does it take to get to the center of a lollipop border? twisty poper what do they call those things? anyways, habits. There’s a lot of new science out that that says that it takes a certain amount of time, a certain number of tries, a certain type of effort, and you know what? I think that’s bullcrap. I think the difference honestly comes down to trying and commitment. Are you just interested in breaking a habit? or are you committed? Because, the moment you move from interested to commitment, guess what? You actually get there. I remember growing up my dad would have me pull weeds sometimes for hours on end and I always tried to get away with doing as little work as possible. when my three older brothers left home, I remember when he asked me to read the entire hillside and so I went and I pulled all the big ones, I pulled all the little ones, and then when my dad came to check my work I’d done ninety percent of the work. But you know his words? he said “son that’s a half-assed job” pardon my french but it was this point that said “no, no, no, dad that’s fifty percent. I did ninety percent” and the point is this, anything less than a hundred percent isn’t going to get where you want to be. Anything less than one hundred percent is being interested. You really want to change your habits you want to know how much time it takes? boom! it takes an instant. Because, it comes down to commitment.

Breaking habits is about breaking beliefs because every habit, every action, first started where? Either for something that we said, or something that we thought. And know that destiny is always formed from thoughts, forming into words, forming into actions. If you want to change your habits, then what I’m going to do right now is I’m going to give you four powerful steps that I, if I were you, I would ritualize and I we do on a regular basis to ultimately step into awareness. Awareness is how you transform your life and awareness starts with this idea that, “I don’t know what I don’t know, so I’ve got to tap-in and figure out what that is. Here are the four steps that I want you to focus on. The first one is to create this daily routine of asking. What don’t I know? What is the limiting belief behind this habit? what is the limiting belief that holds me back in life? and if you can invite yourself to get yourself grounded, quiet minded breathe deeply, ask, and trust what comes up. Then it is amazing how you can open the storehouses of wisdom to just to open their floodgates and share exactly what you need to do. I call this “intuition”. So every morning, I’m going to get proactive and i’m going to do my preventive medicine by starting with this question on a grounded state. Do that with me right now. Close your eyes if you can. Take a deep breath. what is the number one limiting belief holding me back? huh… I’m not enough. Is that what came up for you too? It could be one of thousands of things. A limiting belief will present itself. Once you know that you have one, you got to question it that’s step two. Ask for it, question it. well, shoot! Does it really benefit me? does it serve me to actually bow down in my mind will be worshipping this idea that I’m not enough? hocus-pocus that’s stupid! of course it doesn’t. I’m not gonna, I’m not gonna bow down and worship that idea. That’s just downright ridiculous. Shine conscious light on some of these ideas and all of sudden, this says, “whoa, this is a great idea” “well this is a really stupid idea” We want to take all the erroneous ideas and we want to kick those out of the equation. So step two, question it. What’s the cost of it? is it serving you? Okay, the third thing that I want you to do is change it! Ask, question, change. If not being enough is creating the patterns and habits of things I don’t want of my life then, what habits do I want to form? Well based on a belief that says what? “I am enough” Friends, this is a conscious process. This might be the first time in this moment that you are I have ever had this idea. I’m choosing to be enough. Look, 37 years on this planet and actually starting to make a really good choice because my original choice set long time ago, is set the default called “never disturb me”, “don’t bother me”, “do not disturb” and now you’re doing that. You’re going to stir the waters with this new idea. So the third step is, you’ve got to change it. And then the fourth and final step. Guess what? You got to claim it! it’s not now, just enough to have an awareness of what needs to change, but you need to claim it. How do you do that? well claim it by owning it. That means that you don’t just say it. You got to what? You got to feel it. Yes, yes, yes, for some of you private people, get over it! You gotta get into with those feelings. Those are your clues when you are in or out of alignment you don’t have to live life with negative feelings they’re just a clue that you’ve got a belief that’s off kilter that’s producing habits that you don’t want. So, how do you claim it? Well, for me? once a while I get my warrior energy on, I stand on top my chair and I declare as loud as I can. Other times I just sit in my nice quiet meditative state and allow myself to feel how it feels to be enough. I feel peace, I feel calm, I feel content, allow yourself to feel those feelings. And that will allow you to help claim these. Now, those are the four basic steps I do them every morning. In fact, moment I go out of alignment any time during the day, moment, I feel any kind of negative emotion come up, I know that it’s festering and feeding some habit I don’t want. So step one, I’m going to do is what? I’m just going to ask what is it? because I’m conscious in this moment if I listen, trust I’m going to get something. Step two, I’m going to question it. Well does that, does that serve me? No. The… the answers always no. Step 3, change it. What would serve me better? you can use the same I made a bad choice, I’m making a good choice now. And step four, claim it. Own it. And that’s the basic steps of doing belief breakthrough that you use to alter your habits. I have a much more extensive process on belief breakthrough, and when people come to actually our three-day limitless, right here, belief breakthrough event, we spend three days, creating amazing fun and challenging environments that if you’re designed to bring up your habits, and your limiting beliefs, your false beliefs, that are getting in your way, we take you to some really powerful ways of changing those on the spot. You’re in the driver’s seat in-control all the time. But I’m telling you, just start even right now today with these four basic steps. Ask, question, change, and claim you know, some studies will tell you that if you do something long enough, do for three weeks, or 21 days, or whatever, that it’s scientifically proven to help break the pattern. Listen, a pattern in hindsight when it really breaks, happens in a moment. If you want to create the most powerful habit breaking moments, I wanna invite you to come and join our three day event limitless there’s a link below where we’re going to copy you and give you a free ticket. We have people joining us from all over the world, coming to this very special event who want to master break in the habits they don’t want in their life and replace it with the ones that will get you where you want to go. You have this one life to live, decide to live limitless and see you next time.