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Learn How To Meditate For Beginners

Kris Krohn here with REITV And today, we’re talking mountain meditation. We’re talking about the most effective way for you to get yourself grounded to live your life as powerfully as possible. I love mentoring and I love having noble experiences that teach me more about the world. Tt’s why i love the world travel and several years ago I had an opportunity to hire these monks from the Himalayas to come here to the states and do a workshop with me. And I gathered some of the people I know and we spent a few days in their concept of meditation. It was such a maddening state for me. Their concept of meditation, because there’s so many different types, was this idea of sitting, emptying, the brain and focusing on sounds. And some of the people with us absolutely loved it. I’m not here to tell you what meditation is good or bad, because bottom line is you and I are different and different things will resonate. But there is a meditation that I love and I call it an “active meditation” And it is where I’m actually directing my thoughts to inspiration. My active meditation happens during my power hour in the morning and it actually happens for the most part during my active exercise that’s why I call it an active meditation. So I could be outdoors running or I could be on the treadmill but it’s where I’m predominantly taking time to myself and what I’m doing is I’m emptying my thoughts of the busy thoughts and I’m intentionally putting an idea in that fertile ground to see where it will be guided to see where it will be led to see where it will grow.

So for example, in my business, I might have a concern with an employee and I’m looking for a solution and so as I’m actively working out I’ll get myself in a trance-like state where I’ll keep doing my physical exercise find my metronome, find my beat, empty my thoughts, and then I’m going to drop in that finding a solution for my employee. And what is that? ice and best outcome look like. Maybe I’m struggling with the child and I clear that… Clear that area and then I drop in that seed. what can I do to help my daughter Lisel? and so for me and active meditation is where I’m actually going to create an intention of something I want to have inspirationally elaborated upon. And that meditation for me at one of the things that I love the most about active meditation and why it resonates, is because even when i’m at work or whether i’m driving somewhere or talking to someone, I’m actually training myself to get into a grounded it of enough state that I can continue planting those ideas so I might be having a meeting with you one-on-one and you might be saying, “Chris I’m trying to figure out how to explode my wealth. you know can you help me create a game plan?” and in my mind grounding breathing deeply connected to you and your purpose and being pulling all the weeds emptying the space eliminating worries and doubts and anxieties and this isn’t needs to do that since putting it all away putting all of my to do’s away. Just planning this idea, “how do I serve this person the best?” for me too very practical because it means that I could be meditating throughout the day so I actually don’t even call it an active meditation. For me, it’s just become a being. It’s become a grounded state of Who I am as a human being and how I show up and while I’m not always in this ground of state I get to drop in and out of it throughout the day and I get the benefit of what it is to just breathe and relax and be present and at peace with everything that is focused on a singular intention designed to take my life to the next level and reveal what I do not yet comprehend Life is too short to live without intentionality.

And, meditation is simply an amazing way for you to get grounded and connected to make sure you’re living your life as intentional as you possibly can. So that we’re not taking any bit of it for granted because you got this one life to live. The life that you got in front of you right now! So make the most of it. Live limitless, and make the commitment to get yourself grounded everyday, to wake up to who you are. it