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How to Use the Law of Attraction

Welcome to your start of understanding the law of attraction!

wcloudToday, I introduce what has become a worldwide phenomenon over the last decade – the idea called Law of Attraction. Over the next nine weeks, I’m going to take you on an amazing adventure to understand the 9 laws of conscious creation. You’re going to learn how to use the law of attraction to manifest anything and EVERYTHING that you want.

By the time I’m done every week teaching you one of these 9 laws, you’re going to understand that law of attraction is so crisp and so concrete that you really will possess the powers to attract more powerfully and manifest everything that you want to create in your life.

The law of attraction is super complex and yet it is so simple. It simply says that “like attracts like”. It’s this notion that if you want to attract wealth, then you can’t at the same time complain about bills that show up in the mail. You have to make a choice.

The mind is a very powerful tool. All creations stem from it. It’s our thinking! It’s the words in our brain that then become the words that come out of our mouth, and there are words in our mouth that end up forming in our behavior and our actions. The key to living the law of attraction is to acknowledge that our behavior and actions are ultimately going to lead us down the road to our destiny.

Over the next 9 weeks, I’m going to dive deep into nine specific laws of conscious creation. These are the nine laws that will aid you to apply the law of attraction and to infuse an incredible power into making it work CONSISTENTLY and PREDICTABLY.

Laws of Attraction #1 – The Law of Alignment

How do we live or get ourselves back to alignment?

Everything we think, say and do must be in alignment with what we want to manifest. When our beliefs and actions are out of alignment with truth, it creates suffering and problems in our lives. The more closely our beliefs are aligned with truth, the greater power we have to manifest our creation with ease.

Do you want to get what you want easily? A belief is an acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists whether it does or it does not. Change is to accept a thought which alters or adopts a belief in our program.  Altering beliefs alters behaviors which alters outcomes.

sec3If we can alter the beliefs that don’t serve us, it will shift behavior into alignment to get what we want. We will start to produce the correct actions.

Your emotion is your compass. Who enjoys being sad? The moment sadness, misery, depression comes, it’s an opportunity. It doesn’t always mean that you are what you feel these are your feelings and you are not your emotion! These emotions are limiting belief! Solve the mystery on the limiting belief and transform that negative emotion.

Fix your beliefs! They are nothing more than an indication of your belief system just like being happy it’s an indication not an accident.

Every idea either puts you in a direction towards your goal or dreams or it may take you away. Every thought, every idea, every word that moves you away from your dreams means needs to be eradicated. That’s what it means to come into alignment.

Laws of Attraction #2 – Patience And Time – The Law of Gestation

What is gestation? Gestation is always used around with mommies having babies. “That baby needs how long to gestate? 9 months.”

There is a natural gestation period for all acts of creation. Just like seeds that take time to grow before they yield fruit, our dreams and goals must must be nurtured and cared for over time until they are manifested into reality. Patience and perseverance allow for dreams to become reality. 

What would happen if a mother said “I just want to take a break from pregnancy for a week. Biology for one week stop producing the baby just for a week I just need to take a break after that, let’s jump right back in.” What would happen to the fetus? It can’t live.

infoIn other words, you can’t stop creation without killing it.

You want to know why you can’t get your dreams? You halt creation, when you halt creation there’s always a consequence and a cost.

It’s either you get the goal or you didn’t You learned a lessons or you didn’t.

If you achieved your goal and learned a lesson that is Success!

If you didn’t get the goal and learned that you are unbreakable or learned the lesson

It is not less success it’s not more success it what? Success.

Learn to be fulfilled and accomplished while moving in the direction of your dreams and allowing the laws of the creation to manifest your desire in the appropriate time and space.

Live in the moment.

Laws of Attraction #3 – Law of Connection

connectionOur sacred self recognizes that we are all one. Our ego creates separation through comparison and competition. We cannot hurt another without hurting ourselves, we cannot bless another without blessing ourselves. The shadow that we judge or the greatness we see in others is simply a reflection of aspects of ourselves. The more we live with unconditional love and acceptance for ourselves, the more we unconditionally love others.

This law of connection is something that completely taken over my life and brought me to whole new level. When you take a look at the law of attraction, we talk about this magnetic pull of how like attracts like. In the law of connection what it does is, it has the ability to boost and amplify that magnetism so that you can create a much deeper connection.  

You understanding who you are in relation to God, other people around you, yourself, the universe is a really important part of knowing how to leverage the law of attraction powerfully.

Laws of Attraction #4 – Law of Faith

Faith is the foundation for all actions leading to creation. Without faith we have no power to act. As Conscious Creators, we work with complete faith to manifest our desires. We act on that faith with courage without requiring evidence from our past.

There is no kind of faith, no 90% of faith because the moment you lose your faith that’s the moment you killed your creation.

As beliefs grow, the energy increases. As evidence manifests, your belief grows and the magnetic pull of attraction increases, The intensity of the pull grows and the frequency of thought increases. The duration of transmission grows. Ultimately, you become obsessed in thought with what you want to manifest.

It’s an all or nothing with faith! Anything less is doubt, and doubt is the number one killers of your dreams.

sec2In the Universe, everything adds up. One plus one is something and one minus one is ‘NO’ things. You manifest nothing when you put subtractions into your equations. I like the ‘PLUS’ sign. Not so big of a fan of the minus sign. Don’t allow doubt to kick in, you have to make up your mind. Stop being bipolar.

There’s ears everywhere, the universe is hearing your thoughts and it’s amazing!

Always keep these in mind,

  • Express unwavering faith in your chosen “end result” as if it has already manifested
  • Expect the end result despite any and all outcomes
  • Any doubt from a step in the process of manifesting will delay or alter your result
  • Conflicting thoughts sabotage results. Never place energy into perceived negative evidence

Laws of Attraction #5 – Finding Your Purpose

This law is what will enable us to able to factor in for you being able to leverage the law of attraction powerfully that you will be able to attract and create more of the life that you want to manifest.

We all have our own unique purpose in this planet. Our desires and actions must be in alignment with our purpose and our sacred self to achieve our highest potential. Our sacred self embodies the highest, most accurate truth from which we can create at our greatest potential. Conscious creators seek to know who they are and how to fulfill their purpose.

There lots of people who always think “I have no purpose” , “I’m not good enough”, “I’m too old” , “I’m not good enough”, “I got nothing to give I am useless” these kinds of people are selfish!

They are robbing humanity with their gift! Do not be stuck on believing these things. Everyone has a purpose but you can’t be living it if you are too busy living all of those garbage thoughts that you have.

How do I know that you’re supposed to be here on earth and have a purpose? You are alive and breathing! And until your heart stops beating you are supposed to be here!  




What is SATCITANANDA? This is sanskrit word which means “follow your bliss”. I tried so hard being a doctor at one point. I worked so hard but I did not really like it for me. I hated myself in that time. Align your desires with your purpose and you can not help it. You must attract

more powerfully, precisely what you want. The best part about the law of purpose is that when you are living your purpose and living on purpose you end up getting this fulfillment. There is nothing greater than that. Start living that law of purpose!

Laws of Attraction #6 – Trust Your Gut – Law of Intuition

We are infinite beings with access to limitless wisdom and insight. We can access this wisdom by listening through intuition to our sacred selves and to the divine.

Inspiration is required to manifest big change. Inspiration is given when necessary to achieve the logistics of manifesting. The universe will cooperate will cooperate with us when we apply the Law of Attraction with faith. You must summon inspiration to work with the universe to advance in the direction of your “end result.”

intuition1Steps for law of Intuition

  • Ground – clear your mind (prepare to clear your intuition)
  • Ask
  • Listen
  • Receive
  • Trust
  • Act

Live this law of intuition. It’s a skill, practice it and it’s something that you get better with through time. If you only operate from what you know, you can only get more of what you already got.

If you want a future that looks different than your past then we’ve got to infuse new information into it. This law of intuition says that you can pause. Ground yourself, know the question, receive it, listen to what you have, take action on it and start building powerful evidence and fruit that says you are tapped into this “well of knowledge” to receive all of the information that is required to manifest big dreams and ultimately take the law of attraction and give you the instruction that you need to receive the how, step by step by step.

Laws of Attraction #7 – Choice & Accountability

accountabilityIf you tried to apply the law of attraction and it didn’t give you what you wanted, then it came down to a lack of understanding in this specific law.

We are solely responsible for the results in our lives. Regardless of outside influences or circumstances, we can always choose what we think and what we do, and we are accountable for the results that we create because of it. While we can’t always control what happens to us, we can choose how we perceive it, and how we respond. The more accountability we take for our reality, the greater power we have to change it.

You gotta learn to take accountability and responsibility, you always have a choice.

You are amazing and I believe in you! We can all learn to live by choice. We are always a choice. We can step out of victimhood and step into a world where we demand the results that we want to create because we’ve learned first how to take appropriate choice and accountability and responsibility for every choice that we have made.

Watch the video above for better explanation.

Laws of Attraction #8 – Law of Harvest

harvestOur Life is like a garden. We reap what we sow. Every word we speak, every thought we think, and every choice that we make is a seed for creating or future. All results in our lives are the fruits that grow from our beliefs and the choices we make because of those beliefs. We can alter our results by altering the beliefs that bear them.

Anything you don’t like is changeable because you can change yourself!

Laws of Attraction #9 – The Formula to Manifest

mechanicsLet’s embark on the final answer to “Ok Kris, now share with me what the law of attraction really is now that I understand all these other laws”

Law of Attraction

Like attracts like, We attract into our lives the people, things, situations, and experiences that match our deepest beliefs and thoughts. We attract into our lives what we think about most.

Our Dominant and persistent thoughts eventually manifest as physical reality.

Mechanics of Manifesting

  • Define what you want with the end result in mind and fully experience it regularly in your mind and in the flesh believing, that it is manifesting.
  • Move in the general direction of what you want, feeling as if the goal has already been attained
  • Have faith. The universe is manifesting your desire.

This is game changing information. I hope you’ve enjoyed this segment and I hope you watched all of the videos about the 9 laws of the law of attraction because it makes everything a lot easier to understand. Now you know it, you just gotta live it.