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Today, we are going to do dive into something we’ve all heard of, Faith. We are going to talk about this in terms of a law, how you can take faith as a nebula’s abstract concept and turn it into an active principle that if you lead your life by, It can create a space and opportunity for you to create and demand far greater results than anything that you’ve created up until this time.


Faith is the foundation for all actions leading to creation. Without faith we have no power to act. As Conscious Creators, we work with complete faith to manifest our desires. We act on that faith with courage without requiring evidence from our past

There is no kind of faith, no 90% of faith because the moment you lose your faith that’s the moment you killed your creation. You can take a break from making a baby without a consequence. You need to start over and make a new one.

As beliefs grow, the energy increases. As evidence manifests, your belief grows and the magnetic pull of attraction increases, The intensity of the pull grows and the frequency of thought increases. The duration of transmission grows. Ultimately, you become obsessed in thought with what you want to manifest.

It’s an all or nothing with faith! Anything less is doubt, and doubt is the number one killers of your dreams. It is imperative that you “always” tell yourself ‘I AM AWESOME’. Stop waiting for the person that hurt you a long time ago to tell you. Stop waiting for other people to say it to you before you start believing that you are an incredible person. You got to give it to you.

In the Universe, everything adds up. One plus one is something and one minus one is ‘NO’ things. You manifest nothing when you put subtractions into your equations. I like the ‘PLUS’ sign. Not so big of a fan of the minus sign. Don’t allow doubt to kick in, you have to make up your mind. Stop being bipolar.

There’s ears everywhere, the universe is hearing your thoughts and it’s amazing!

Always keep these in mind,

  • Express unwavering faith in your chosen “end result” as if it has already manifested
  • Expect the end result despite any and all outcomes
  • Any doubt from a step in the process of manifesting will delay or alter your result
  • Conflicting thoughts sabotage results. Never place energy into perceived negative evidence

When you want something and evidence to the contrary presents itself, you cannot invest in that.

The ONLY way you’re ever going to create results that you do not yet have is by believing in them first. You cannot allow your past to dictate your future or else you’ll only be able to create more of what you have already created in the past.

How to Start Living the “Law Of Faith”?

Adhere the definition of nobility. Which means to become more today than we were yesterday.

Start believing in the results that you want as if they have already transpired. Live with all that good emotion and live from that space. And you will see it called into creation.


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