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How do we live or get ourselves back to alignment?

Everything we think, say and do must be in alignment with what we want to manifest. When our beliefs and actions are out of alignment with truth, it creates suffering and problems in our lives. The more closely our beliefs are aligned with truth, the greater power we have to manifest our creation with ease.

Do you want to get what you want easily? A belief is an acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists whether it does or it does not. Change is to accept a thought which alters or adopts a belief in our program. Altering beliefs alters behaviors which alters outcomes.

If we can alter the beliefs that don’t serve us, it will shift behavior into alignment to get what we want. We will start to produce the correct actions.

Here are top 30 limiting beliefs

Here’s how you know that you have a problem with your alignment

Your emotion is your compass. Who enjoys being sad? The moment sadness, misery, depression comes, it’s an opportunity. It doesn’t always mean that you are what you feel these are your feelings and you are not your emotion! These emotions are limiting belief! Solve the mystery on the limiting belief and transform that negative emotion.

Imagine living in a world without any limiting beliefs? Impossible? No!

You can get there! fix your beliefs! They are nothing more than an indication of your belief system just like being happy it’s an indication not an accident. This is something that you can control

How do you change your beliefs?

You got to take intense powerful emotion combine it with new beliefs and then it can produce change. This is something that you need to master. Do everything in your power to implement this.

Every idea either puts you in a direction towards your goal or dreams or it may take you away. Every thought, every idea, every word that moves you away from your dreams means needs to be eradicated. That’s what it means to come into alignment. It is for you and I to become conscious of our thoughts, of our words, of our actions, and our deeds. If we can make them all aligned so we can move in the same direction then there’s no more room for this idea of “I want to produce wealth but money is bad” this cannot work. They can’t occupy the same space. You can’t occupy the same spaces. It’s time for you and I to just occupy one and that happens when you become aligned  


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