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How does the law of connection factor in with the law of attraction?

Laws of Attraction - Laws of Connection

Our sacred self recognizes that we are all one. Our ego creates separation through comparison and competition. We cannot hurt another without hurting ourselves, we cannot bless another without blessing ourselves. The shadow that we judge or the greatness we see in others is simply a reflection of aspects of ourselves. The more we live with unconditional love and acceptance for ourselves, the more we unconditionally love others.

My wife and I did not get divorced because we made a choice to unconditionally love each other.

Here’s what it means,

“I love you when you are at the peak of your mountain, in the glory of your success and I love you no different when you are broken, destroyed, depressed, or in anger. I will love you no matter how you show up. There’s nothing you can do to make me feel different. There’s nothing you can say or choice you can make, I will love you no matter what. ”

This law of connection is something that completely taken over my life and brought me to whole new level. When you take a look at the law of attraction, we talk about this magnetic pull of how like attracts like. In the law of connection what it does is, it has the ability to boost and amplify that magnetism so that you can create a much deeper connection.

You understanding who you are in relation to God, other people around you, yourself, the universe is a really important part of knowing how to leverage the law of attraction powerfully.


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