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How important is The law of purpose? This law is what will enable us to able to factor in for you being able to leverage the law of attraction powerfully that you will be able to attract and create more of the life that you want to manifest.

Laws of Attraction - Finding your Purpose

Law of Purpose

We all have our own unique purpose in this planet. Our desires and actions must be in alignment with our purpose and our sacred self to achieve our highest potential. Our sacred self embodies the highest, most accurate truth from which we can create at our greatest potential. Conscious creators seek to know who they are and how to fulfill their purpose.

There lots of people who always think “I have no purpose” , “I’m not good enough”, “I’m too old” ,
“I’m not good enough”, “I got nothing to give I am useless” these kinds of people are selfish!

They are robbing humanity with their gift! Do not be stuck on believing these things. Everyone has a purpose but you can’t be living it if you are too busy living all of those garbage thoughts that you have.

Everyone has purpose, you are here on earth and you are here now! How do I know that you’re supposed to be here on earth and have a purpose? You are alive and breathing! And until your heart stops beating you are supposed to be here!


What is SATCITANANDA? This is sanskrit word which means “follow your bliss”. I tried so hard being a doctor at one point. I worked so hard but I did not really like it for me. I hated myself in that time. Align your desires with your purpose and you can not help it. You must attract more powerfully, precisely what you want. The best part about the law of purpose is that when you are living your purpose and living on purpose you end up getting this fulfillment. There is nothing greater than that. There’s no amount of money, there’s no other award on this planet that can replace what fulfillment can bring you. Start living that law of purpose!


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