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Invest in Real Estate With Low Vacancy – 2 Rules

Okay Kris you got it. I want invest in real estate but I want no risk and I definitely want no vacancies. Cool keep dreaming. Today however on limitless TV, I’m gonna be talking about how you can minimize your vacancies so tiny small and factor them into the whole game of how you win and succeed in real estate. So you’re jumping into real estate or you’re already an investor and you’re bringing up a good question today. How do I avoid vacancies right? First of all, reality check you’re going to have vacancies. But there are things that you can do to minimize those vacancies and today I want to talk to you about two specific things that you need to be aware of. Number one is the area in which you buy real estate and number two is the average income in that area. This ultimately determines what your vacancies are gonna look like. When I look at the last three thousand homes I’ve helped my clients transact, right now our vacancy it’s so small because these are the two things that we’re looking for. Number one, area. You could buy in the slums, you can buy on the expensive side of town, or you could meet right in the middle and have nicer newer homes in respectable neighborhoods that’s my sweet spot. I want to own real estate in nice areas where people have you know, they take care of their yards and they take care of the house. In slums? they put holes in walls when they leave the home. In the nice ritzy stuff you’re not going to get a great cash flow so we’ve got to have the right kind of area. Now I want you to balance out your definition of a good area with average income. If you have an average income of $30,000 a year, you’re going to have higher vacancies. If you have an average income of $60,000 a year, you’re gonna have minimal vacancies. And minimal is the key word today because you’re gonna have them but how you avoid unnecessary vacancy. One of the areas that I’m investing in right now for example is Kissimmee Florida. That specific area is booming and growing and I’m getting great discounts on properties. But in addition to that, guess what? A lot of those people work at the Disney parks. Their average income take-home is $60,000 a year. And in those areas, we just don’t have vacancy problems. Why? Because we are in a good growing area and we’ve got good solid incomes. So my average house might be 130 to 150 thousand and I could move to the other side of town and buy a house for ninety thousand. Ninety thousand is not better than a hundred and thirty thousand just because it’s forty thousand less. Ninety thousand dollars might mean bad neighborhoods and low income. And you know what? that does not help in factoring what your overall productive ROI looks like. So the two strategies that I would just want to be sharing with you right now is number one, pick a nice middle-class area and number two, do research in that area in that county to know what the average income looks like. Those two factors are going to give you two thumbs up when it comes to managing your vacancies. So now that you understand how to minimize your vacancies and you understand that it comes down to where you’re buying, let me share with you where I’m buying real estate right now. First of all, My growth market, my primary growth market right now is North Carolina. And also Florida. And in Florida I’m just south and Kissimmee below the parks because the average people make $60,000 a year. They tend to be amazing tenants. 60,000 is my sweet spot when investigating a market where I know I’m gonna have really low vacancy. That’s a hot market where I could still buy homes deeply discounted, get them with raging awesome cash flow numbers, and my overall ROIs are significant. I’m also going into new construction in North Carolina where I’m buying below market and I’m getting that same awesome margin on my cash flow. Then I also have my cash flow markets, Memphis Tennessee and Indianapolis are two of my areas we’re all go in and those homes I don’t bind with huge with huge equity plays but I do get really really strong cash on cash returns and so I love to go there when the game is cash flow. The homes are usually less expensive than in Florida as well which means that I can buy more homes in those markets for the same dollars I can buy in Florida. So once you prioritize and understand where you’re going for growth, where you going for cash flow, you can be a part of my team and my team right now we’ll actually go in and help do these deals for you, risk somebody else’s money, buy them, get them fixed up, put tenants in them, and then serve them up on a platter. And listen, we’re friends by now right? I mean you subscribed right? Because if you subscribe we’re buddies and if you subscribed all you got to do is message below and I’ll turn you right over to my team and they’ll start showing you exactly where those deals are. For those deals, they often want you to have 35 or 40 thousand dollars ready between you or a partner. Could be come from an up 401k or IRA they want you to have reasonable equity maybe a 680 on up. If you two things, my team will start investing with you right away finding the deals. You know what we’re gonna charge you upfront for doing that? Nothing. So friends, now you know where I’m buying. Come be part of the thousands of homes that I’m buying right now and get your piece of the action. Thank you for watching today’s video. I hope that it helped give you the answers that you’re searching for. And if you’re a subscriber, also take a moment to click the bell that way YouTube can send you a video every time we upload somethi.ng new and you can be notified