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How To Trust Again After Being Hurt

Kris Krohn here with limitless TV and you know what? Trust is one of those things that can step us into some of our greatest success and also some of our greatest hurt. Today, we’re going to talk about, if you’ve ever lost trust, how do you regain it? how do you step back into it again? You can spot mistrust from a mile away. It shows up first in people’s energy and then in their body language. Someone that has trust issues, usually ends up crossing things. Crossing arms, crossing fingers, crossing hair, crossing eyes, squinting, making their mouth pursed, and it’s almost like we just want to shut ourselves out from the entire world. And for good reason. I mean, which one of us doesn’t go through some level of trust issues? we, we develop a trust issue with money, with men, with women, with life, with God, with all these different things and it’s this, this concept, of “I don’t trust others” is usually nothing more than a mistrust that we actually have with ourself. And, we set an expectation up and that expectation doesn’t get met and then we get hurt and that’s no fun or worse, something happens in life that you didn’t expect. And, you know worst case scenario, this is when abuse happens. And someone gets verbally abused, or physically abused, or emotionally abused. And, we develop these ideas that we can’t trust. The moment we close ourselves off to the world, that’s the moment that we really have a hard time functioning well in our world in creating any kind of positive results. Trust issues lead to some of the worst results that are out there. And so. learning how to trust again, starts with this first key, you don’t need to learn how to trust men or women or that person that violated you, you need to learn to trust who? It’s learning how to trust yourself. Now I’m going to say something that is going to seem really weird, I don’t want you to trust the rest of the world. You can’t trust the rest of the world. What?! you think you get me? you think you get that man? that woman? that person with their intention? that salesperson? that business thing? that business partner? You don’t have any idea who these people are. Why would you place your trust in any kind of person? setting an expectation on any person and expecting them to meet it? all it can do is set you up for disappointment. Now, this isn’t from an energy of cynicism that says, “oh, you can’t trust anyone” No, I mean, why would you? who is there really to trust in your life? for me, there’s two people that I trust implicitly and one more than the other I trust God. And then the second one is that, I trust me. And if I am going to extend trust to other human beings it looks like this, I trust you, to be you. I’m not going to impose my change upon you, I’m not going to impose expectations, even if you agree to do something. The reality is, you’re a free agent. You can choose to do whatever you want. So if you need to live in a world where Trust is gained from people doing exactly what your expectation was, I have news for you, you’re going to be a crotchety upset person for the rest of your life. Instead, detachment… says, to let go. To let go of this control over other people, let go of our expectations. And, in a moment, I want to share with you the most powerful secret that I have found for stepping into deep powerful self trust and for also creating a relationship with everyone in my world that creates harmony peace and joy and that’s called, unconditional love. Trust is a face of love. Love comes in many forms. And, the person that believes they don’t trust others, the real reality is that they simply just don’t trust themselves. Now if you’ve googled, and you’re watching this video, and thinking, what are you talking about? I’ve got mistrust of other people. You saying that I don’t trust myself? That’s exactly what I’m saying, because you’ll find that your beliefs are what you project onto everyone else and so at some point you learn to mistrust yourself and you’ve lost something dearly. When you don’t trust yourself, you doubt yourself. And a person who doubts themself, allows in a cancer of ideas. A wave of ideas to come in to shut down your creative powers, to create shut down your creations, to shut down the enhancements that you can produce in life. It produces cynicism and skepticism. The solution is going to be love, and I call it unconditional love. Which means, I’m not perfect but I get to love myself the way that I am. I have an exercise for you. I want to invite you to take this serious okay ?no harkening back to really funny Saturday Night Live videos. I want to invite you to look in the mirror. Connect with the person that you see there. I invite you to look into your eyes and then to do this exercise to see the greatness that is in you. To take a moment to acknowledge and validate, who you are? see right now even as I stare at this camera lens making this video for you, I can take this moment to look at the greatness of me and recognize that, yeah, I make mistakes. My heart is in the right place. I have an intention to, to do good. The greatness I see on me is that, I love who I am and I love people very naturally. I’m easily trusting and I desire to better people’s lives if I can. I love receiving value from other people. Maybe it’s you, and having an opportunity connect with everyone in this world where that connection, that energy, is more important than any wealth that could create or anything else. When you look in the mirror, what do you see? what does it look like for you to connect with yourself? I invite you to do this exercise and here’s what unconditional love looks like. I want to invite you in addition to looking in the mirror to ask yourself every day, what is something I can do to love myself today? it might be giving yourself the gift of time. It might be buying yourself something, it might be giving yourself permission to ponder on something, think about something. So, that’s the second thing. Here’s the third thing I want to invite you to do. I want to invite you, instead of mistrusting other people, I want to invite you to trust people to be who they are. Which means, you get to take the good and the bad. It means that you get to take their failings and their brilliance. And that you get to learn how to accept who people are. Right now, think of someone in your life that you have mistrust for. And as you think about them, isn’t this who they are? it’s their choices. It’s who they’ve chosen to express. Do you have the ability to love them without the condition of their mess-ups and flaws? do you have the ability to love them just as they are? you might want to try those words, I accept you. Name… I love you I understand in the past that, I felt mistreated by you. I developed this trust because of this and now I’m choosing to trust that this is who you are and I embrace and accept who you are. So three exercises. Get with the mirror. I wanna invite you to get with yourself and step into this idea that, “I need to trust me and I get to restore that trust” So, final exercise here is just to breathe that in. I trust me. I love and embrace who I am. I accept myself. I trust other people to be exactly who they are and that’s perfect. Taking the opportunity to step into unconditional love by loving and embracing who you are and accepting who you are that’s a really powerful part of moving forward in your life. Abandoning this, this, mistrust and step back into the world where you rejoin us. Not curled up in your crotchety fetal position rejoin us. Where, we’re free to be us, you can honor and respect yourself by how you interact with us, and where we can find a way to receive all of the amazing blessings and positive benefits that we get from socializing with each other. If it is your time to reclaim trust, I want to also give you the invitation to come to limitless. It’s a three-day event, all about breakthrough. And we do specific processes just on regaining trust. This will change your life forever. See the details below and don’t forget to subscribe because we’ve got more videos coming your way.