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How To Stay Positive In A Negative Situation

Kris Krohn here today on limitless TV with guest mentor and friend Marianne DeNovellis. And today, we’re going to have some fun. I’m going to be interviewing Mary Ann on this topic of, how do you stay positive when you’re facing a really deeply negative situation? And I got a couple of zingers for her because I want to draw out as much bonus as we possibly can to create value for you so hang tight through the whole video because I got a special question coming at the very end. So today’s video is all about how to stay positive in a negative situation and I’ve invited in one of my peer mentors that I have deep respect for Marianne DeNovellis. Because just even in her recent life, she has done some astounding things. I’ve been able to witness in the last couple years how she’s transformed her body, how she’s transformed her finances, how she’s transformed her marriage, and she’s transformed her business. She’s got success screaming all across the board and I remember Marianne that would live part way in a positive world, part way in a negative world who’s finished crossing over to the light side where you’ve got a very different relationship with light and dark. Will you just take a moment just talk about all the amazing things happening in your world right now? Oh my gosh it’s on fire! You know I have four parts of my world that I like to work on. I love working in my personal power, my health, my wealth, and my connection. And for the longest time, I was working on all of those different things and the wealth was just the last thing on my list. And when I nailed that, I was like, guess what? it’s time to start over again. It’s time to just keep getting level higher, level higher. And when you say light side dark side, that’s the ultimate living in the light. I love that. Well, let’s back up to the beginning because I want to be able to, I’m hoping that today you can drop some very specific and concrete advice on what you do to choose into the positivity especially when negativity is all around you. Can we start with maybe something more recent in your life where you allowed that negativity to come in and start playing a domineering role. What happened? Oh my gosh and this was, this was, those one of those dark pit moments. You know, when you’re, when you’re in this this moment when you feel like something has to change but you don’t know how, you don’t know when it’s gonna happen or if it’s gonna happen and you’re just feeling the crushing pressure of everything coming down on you. For me, it was finances. I just could not figure out how money worked. I couldn’t figure out how it’s supposed to come into my life. You know, you hear these affirmations from coaches and speakers all over the world that will say, money flows easily to me. Money flows effortless to me. And I was like, you know what? It’s not working. I don’t understand how it’s supposed to work because that’s not what my bank account says and that’s not what I’m feeling right now. And it came down to the worst of the worst moment. I’ll never forget being at the gym and crying just, and we talked about the ugly cry. Like, this is the ugly cry. This is not in the workers. And I’m in a public place with all of these people and I’m beyond caring, beyond whatever perceptions of dignity I felt like I had left. It was one of those moments where you know I was facing it head-on and I would just didn’t have an answer. Have you ever felt a time in your life when that negativity came crashing down on you and you felt like you couldn’t breathe? or maybe you described it in the way that Marianne just did here? I think that’s something that all of us, no one gets to escape that. Every one of us can identify with that and here’s what I want to know Marianne, you had had a lot of training at that point your life. In that moment, what did you change and what did you decide to do different? What happened? There’s a duality. You know, we talked about, you know what works and what doesn’t. And as long as you’re walking the fence you’re gonna get mixed results. You’re gonna get some from this side and you’re gonna get some from this side and you’re not gonna progress anywhere because your keep running up against that block. I have a favorite saying now that says, “get the tickets out of your butt and get off the fence. You either got to play all-in or you got to play all-out.” and I knew I didn’t want to play in that playground anymore. So it really came down to the wire of choosing, What am I going to allow in my perception? Wow. So, what is it then you’re doing today to stay positive especially when the negativity wants to mount up against you? I gotta tell you something, when you choose into positive, you will get evidence that says don’t! You will get resistance and it’s actually really beneficial for you. We talked about going to the gym. If you didn’t have resistance on those weights would you get any stronger? You wouldn’t get any stronger. Absolutely not! So that resistance, I’ve actually converted it from being my enemy to my leverage. I use breakthrough. Breakthrough is my number one tool and I’m on a search-and-destroy mission now to find all the limiting beliefs, find anything that gets in my way and obliterate it so breakthrough is my number one go-to. Listen, if you’re a subscriber, if you’re not you need to change that. Then you’ve watched enough videos and this word breakthrough comes up a lot. Marianne inside my organization of limitless is actually one of our certifiers of those with breakthrough but can you maybe talk about breakthrough in its most simplistic format that everyone watching the video right now can enroll them what does it mean for you to do breakthrough when the negativity is mounting? Oh gosh, this is so beautiful! And I gotta tell you something, when we first got the breakthrough the script was 9 pages long. And I thought, oh my gosh am I gonna have to go through 9 pages of mental processing before I can shift? And the beautiful part of is that, yes there’s room for that but in my everyday life I’m moving at such a speed where I gotta have instant flip. I got a shift quickly and that’s what we call lightning breakthrough. Lightning breakthrough is just three simple questions. Is it serving me? Do I want it? And then what would serve me better? Okay let’s do it. Let’s give our viewers an opportunity to actually witness breakthrough. Not just hearing it from you because that’s amazing but more amazing is having you do something right now during this video. Walk them through the three steps. What’s the first question? Here’s the most important question, what is the number one limiting belief that’s getting in my way right now? And you got to ask yourself that right now. In fact, take a moment. What’s blocking you from your goals? What are the ideas that you have that you don’t have in your pocket right now? There’s somewhere in the future, what is the number one limiting belief that’s keeping you from that? Okay now in this when it’s time for you to ask a question like this like, right now you can hit pause on the video or close your eyes or just take a deep breath and allow that intuitive answer to rise up. It may be that I’m feeling anxiety or I don’t have enough time or I don’t feel like I’m enough or I don’t feel like I can do this or I don’t have the resources or I don’t know how. It could be anything and that right there is what is fueling the negativity. And we’re talking about how you overcome that negativity, you got to get to the root cause. So right now, this first question is what is the limiting belief? that’s the cause of the negativity. Okay they got a limiting belief that’s come up for them, now what? Okay. Now you got to question it. You got to ask yourself, is this serving me? Is it going to help me get where I want to go? to continue thinking about this thought? am I gonna feed it? If you listen to Native American cultures, they will tell you the story of the two wolves. And the tools inside of us are the light and the dark. What we don’t want versus what we want. You got to starve the one that’s not getting it what you want. So I’m gonna question it and say, is this serving me? Well and so, if I were to go back to your breakthrough moment that came back with the money, what was the limiting belief that came up? I’ll never figure this out. This is a huge one. I’ll never figure it out. And then when you questioned it, and you asked whether it was serving you, what did you arrive at? Oh my gosh, how could it possibly serve me? how could it serve me to think I’m never gonna figure this out? That’s, it’s not only debilitating me now but it’s just my future is on the line with never. It’s word that’s totally destroying everything so of course it’s not serving me. Okay so super powerful. We know what the cause is, we know it’s not serving, step number three. What do I want to build instead? what would serve me best? That’s the question I asked myself and this is the replacement. If you’re gonna starve one wolf you got to feed the other because you got stuff coming out of your brain all the time. So you got to say, what is going to get me where I want to go? So in that moment, what was the new belief that you chose into instead of I’m never gonna figure it out, what did you replace it with? I figured it out already. Guess what, I figured it out. And this present tense, this right now, this I did it, I figured it out. I did it. I know exactly what to do. That’s the bridge. So right now, you get to come up with, what is the belief that will serve you and I just want to ask this follow-up question. In that moment that you told yourself, I figured it out did you actually have it figured out? No we’re still on the gym floor. We’re still sobbing on the gym floor. So how could you put energy into I figured it out if you didn’t know what it was that you figured out? That’s, that’s the beautiful part of it. It is no harder to create what we want than it is what we don’t want and you can feel that. Feel that energetic shift when you’re in that yuck versus oh my gosh let’s try something new on. Let’s see if it works any different. My bank account didn’t change in that moment. My bills didn’t change that well when my debt didn’t go away that moment but this shifted. Now when that shifted, what happened within the next several months later? Fast forward. We’re gonna go a few months later and say I figured it out I know exactly what I need to do. If I’m in this perception if I have no idea then all of the options that ever come to me they’re gonna be invisible because my mind is blind to them. Now I’m in this mindset if I know exactly what to do so I know what the next step is. Every time I saw an opportunity from that point forward, oh my gosh that’s what I need to do! So you had to believe that you had it figured out to actually figure it out? Absolutely! Okay friends that’s what I’m talking about here that’s the level of faith that says I get to pronounce it and proclaim it before I actually get to see it. Believing comes before seeing when you’re creating what you never have before. And you took yourself financially from a really pitiful difficult place and what’s financially lifelike today? Oh my gosh it is such a breath of fresh air. You know, you talk about breathing new oxygen, I feel like I can go anywhere in the world. In fact, I do on a regular basis. I can do anything I want and it’s a matter of what do I want to create? I don’t ask my bank account for permission anymore. My bank account obeys me. I live in a world of complete abundance. You got the big nugget on me right there. I love that. Awesome. Okay so Marianne, we’re wrapping up this video and I want to just ask for if I can, I want to be selfish and ask for a little bonus bonus content. You’ve given us the three steps of lightening breakthrough and essentially you’ve asked these questions of what is the number one limiting belief, is it serving me, and what would serve me better. Three powerful questions for our viewers today that are wanting to know what do you do when that negativity seems to be boxing you in the corner and there’s nothing else that you can do but give in. I want to ask, do you have any other tips or tricks that you want to share today on something that you do that on top of breakthrough just adds more more gasoline to the fire and puts you in a position of total empowerment? I’ve got this really juicy tool that I use. And I’ve been using it for years. Our brain works on evidence. It collects evidence from all over and that’s what fuels our limiting beliefs but it’s also what fuels our positive beliefs. So I actually at home, in my office, I have this binder that says, Marianne’s success binder in it. And whenever I have, I call this, I have a miracle box in my room, I pull something off it that I want. I keep it logged in my success binder. I have the first check that I ever received from my own business in that binder. I have my home that I live in in that binder. I have the new washer and dryer a picture of them that I bought in that binder. Whenever I need to remember what evidence and what’s working, I go through that binder. And it’s getting thicker and thicker and thicker. And guess what? My life is made up of? success. Wow that’s amazing. So you today could start your own success binder and if you proclaim something like, I figured it out, now you’re gonna start collecting evidence that says, hey today I did pick up a bread crumb exactly what I needed I figured something out. Marianne, this information has been so valuable. It’s so refreshing for me to hear you sharing it and teaching it and living it and I know that you’re changing so many lives. Quick question, who are you today? like, what are you doing with your life? what are you doing with all this amazing information now that you’ve figured out how to box out and starve the one wolf or the negativity, what are you doing with the positive wolf of light that’s that’s just jacked up on all the success and awesomeness of being you? The most exciting thing for me to do in my world is to teach others do the same thing. So right now in limitless I’m a movement leader and I grow other people to help them grow their businesses. I teach people how to be authors. Guaranteed within 90 days they are in a best-selling author position. Like, who does that? Nobody does that! We do that though. We help people grow their business, we help people reach their income goals, we help people financially, we help people that have a message not only share it with the world but have a stage to do it on. So you’re launching mentors? Of course! and you’re teaching them how to share their message with the world just like you’re doing? Absolutely! Super awesome. If someone wanted to know more about that or becoming a mentor, becoming a best-selling author or wanted to find out how to master feeding the one wolf and starving the other, what would you recommend? There’s a link by in the comments there that you’re gonna want to click on. Check it out see what fits for you. If you feel like there’s a calling inside of you, if you feel like you’ve got a message, if you feel like there’s a book inside of you that maybe it’s been on the shelf for years. Maybe it’s been thinking in your mind and it’s been bubbling up but you haven’t quite got it out of your body yet, don’t take it to the grave. Get it out and share with the world. Check it out. Awesome Marianne, thank you so much. Such a powerful message. Friends, you’ve been given two really powerful tools breakthrough the success finder to help you know what to do when negativities around you and this is my personal witness that as you get better and better and better at casting out the negative, it stops showing up and it stops being present in your life because you become super dedicated to the choice to live positively on purpose. Marianne, thank you so much!