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How To Start Your Day Right

Kris Krohn here with REITV. Today I’m going to be sharing with you a topic that I have a lot of passion for. It’s how to start your day right. And, I do it with something I call “the power hour” You want to start your day right, I do something called a “power hour” And I am going to give you three tips on this power hour write them down. and I want to invite you as powerfully as I can, to actually start living and doing your power hour. And here’s why, before my day starts I once heard Wayne Dyer say that, “every morning holds a secret in it for those that are there to witness it” There’s a secret, every morning for you in the first morning winds. That secret comes from you getting yourself grounded and connected. I do this doing three things.

The first thing I do is, I step into my personal power through mentorship. That’s number one. So, I could be listening to an audiobook. I could be listening you know watching a video program. Anything that brings in some lightweight mentoring into my life. So that my mind is studying and focusing on this idea of “how do I improve myself right now”. The second thing that I’ll do is I go to the gym and I work out. I might go for a run in the neighborhood, might lift weights and work out my body, I spent a lot of time these days doing breakdancing, learning how to do that with friends. Getting my body physically moving. Awakening the body of awakens the soul. So, it’s a chance to release those endorphins and releasing that those chemicals in your body, what they do is they prepare you for the fact that today is a gift. And are you doing what you need to? to prepare? to open that gift? so that you can live it as powerful as you can. So, working the mind and working the body also leads to number three, “Working the Spirit”. So many different ways to do this. I do this through meditation. I do this through prayer. I do this through grounding. taking the time for me to be still and before I get caught in my day, I got to get the car, I got to get in the shower, I gotta go to the grocery store, I got to go to work. What’s the secret net wind of the morning for you? What do you really need?

This morning is about honoring yourself that third step comes with honoring my connections. So taking time with my wife, taking time with my children, who are the people I feel called to connect with? As is also taking the time to connect with the most important person and that’s you. Power hour is the time to step out of your routine. and, I want to, I need to do these three steps every single morning. Number one is get a mentor. Number two is wake up your body. Number three is get connected to your highest and best self. For me, power hour, how long is that? some people call it a power hour thinking that it is an hour. But for me, my power hour is designed to make sure that I have enough power through my entire day. What’s going to make that happen? Well, don’t call me crazy because many do. But for me, what honors me five days a week is, I’ll wake up between four and 5 am. And, during that time it’s when I start my meditation process. It’s when I start reading and listening and learning. It’s when I head to the gym. At the gym, I’m working on my cardio. You want, pushing my body. I might meet with my physical health coach there and I’m doing those things they get my dance on and then I come back home and get more in tune with myself but also connected with my wife, my children. My power hours between three and four hours every single morning. That’s how much time I like to have to be prepared for my day. Many people unconscious do it the other way around. make a little bit of time for you and then fill up the rest of your life with stuff. Let me ask you, do you feel personally empowered during every moment of your day? I don’t. But, it’s my goal. What percentage of your day however do you feel personally empowered? is it just when you’re in your commute and you hate being at work? Is it your job that you love but not this part of it and then you hate the commute? Like, what, what is it about how you treat yourself that is working for you and that’s not? Power hour is your opportunity to get that all synced up and straightened out here’s what I’ve learned in my life… is that my mind will only get me so far and my mind will disappoint me. Operating my life from logic only gives me access to what I know. Friends, if you only live your life on based on what you know, can you expect anything different than you’ve only ever produced? No! of course you can’t. if you want to produce new results, you got to get new stuff in your life. how do you get new stuff in your life? If I get myself grounded so I can listen in here. Guess what? I have the ability to tap into that intuition. number two, mentor. I want to bring in ideas and thoughts that I don’t currently have so I want to bring those in. And number three for heaven’s sakes it’s your templates your body wake it up, treat it well. So that if you’re doing those three things guess what? Then we’re just time to get up the kids and wake up you’ve got a chance to be at your highest and best self and be half of, enough of, a power hour that you can be our highest and best self throughout the entire day. What time of day is it right now? If you haven’t done your power hour yet then end this video and for heaven’s sakes go get your power hour! Because, you need it for this day. You need it for you to be at your absolute best. Make a commitment, build a routine into making power in your life starting that day. That way, a part of who you are so that you can see your results maximize and ultimately live life at the speed of your potential. Thank you for watching. Thank you for subscribing, and we’ll look forward to sharing more with you next week.