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How To Overcome Fear Of Failure

How do you overcome fear? and not just fear but, fear of failure. Kris Krohn here with REITV and I’m excited to share with you what I learned years ago that stopped me dead in my tracks from making one of my biggest mistakes thanks to one of my mentors. Fear, false evidence appearing real. We’re afraid of the unknown. We’re afraid of the of the tiger that’s going to jump, pounce on us out of the bush but guess what?

Most of the time the Tiger’s not there! Yet, why do we have this fear? because if the one in the 1 million time the tiger actually pounced out we’d be toast and so we go through life like an ostrich with our head in the sand, waving the big fleshy part around for the tiger to jump out. fear is no way to live so how do you overcome a fear of the unknown? Let me share with you this paradigm I didn’t make this up this is called “Johari’s Window” so I want to talk to you about this Johari’s Window and here’s how I learned about it. One of my mentors I have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to, over the years. I’ve got many mentors in this particular mentor he sold his last company for hundreds of millions of dollars the reason why I paid him so much is because he’s been such a great guide and mentor to me and knowing what I don’t know. Knowing what I don’t know, is overcoming that fear and I’ll never forget him sitting across from me and saying, “Chris the most dangerous information to you right now is what you don’t know” and then he showed me this. so in these four quadrants up here on the top left, these are things that are known to us but over here these are the things that are not known then running up this side right here we have these things that are, known to others and then we have things that are not known to others. so here’s the basic principle, things that are known to us, and things are known to others. This is open. There’s nothing here to be afraid of because this is what we know and this is what others know. Now step over here for just a moment. This is where things that are not known to us but they’re known to others, these are our blind spots. And should we have some element of fear here, well I don’t want you to live with fear but guess what? Being blind to the things that you don’t know is definitely a big problem. Now, over here we got the things that are known to us but these are also the things that are not others. And you know what you would call that? We would call that “Hidden” these are our secrets also can be a little dangerous but not as dangerous as the blind spots.

This is the one though that poses the greatest danger. These are things that we don’t know, and these are things that others don’t know. And that is what we call “unknown” this is where our greatest fears come from. It’s this idea that, what you don’t know is the most dangerous information to you but you know it’s even more dangerous than that not knowing that you don’t know. alright so we’ve got all of this perception and lacking perception and awareness in life that it’s housing all of this fear. how do we overcome this fear? Fear. Nobody got time for that! So I’m just telling you right now, make a choice that you get to live in power that you get to live happy. And I want to invite you to brainstorm all of the new beliefs, and choices that you could be making and saying to yourself, calling in creation, speaking into existence, feeling deeply with your emotions, and your meditations that pronounced upon your life a life without fear. And how do you do that? You do that with words of empowerment. You do that with words of love. Confidence, boldly, nobly, moving forward in your life crushing every opportunity that lies in your path. Seizing every opportunity that gets you where you want to be. you have this one life to live so live limitless. If you want to get a better idea on how to do that come check out our three-day empowerment seminar called “limitless” it’s our breakthrough event where we are here to eradicate all fear that will ever hold you back.