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How To Manifest Anything You Want

Kris Krohn here on Limitless TV. And today we’re talking about by far my favorite subject which is manifesting. And in fact watch this, I got a special guest I brought Dana back! we got Dana on limitless TV and she is the queen of manifesting. Today she’s going to be talking about the missing key element that keeps most of us from getting what we want in life. Dana, so many of us when we talk about manifesting we know the what, the why, we’re clear, we’re out there doing, doing, doing. But there’s a missing key and actually being able to receive and get the things that you want in your life. So come join me let’s play together and learn some things about receiving. It’s all coming your way right now. Okay so today we’re talking about manifesting. It’s one of my most favorite topics, manifesting manifesting manifesting. Being a conscious creator of your life this is something that so many of us are looking for in this world. In fact, if you look all over the internet there’s so many so many different types of tools and things to help you learn how to manifest. But I want to talk about one thing and in kind of a different way, one thing that actually can help you be able to manifest the things that you want. Many of us know a lot about manifesting. We know you focus on your what. You get clear on that. You know your why, you put a lot of emotion into it. You see it happening ,you feel it, but there’s one key that oftentimes we forget. this beautiful woman her name’s Amanda Owens, she wrote a book called the power receiving and I’ve learned so many golden nuggets. I’ve received so many golden nuggets from her book and I want to share with you my what I’ve learned from the from that book. So first of all, I want to talk about some misunderstandings that we have in our culture around receiving. Sometimes we see receiving as a weakness. If we have to receive something from someone else we deem that as I’m weak which also equates to I must go at it alone. How many of you go out your goals and your hopes and your dreams thinking, I’m gonna conquer this. I’m going to do this. I’m going to prove. There’s, there’s a problem with that because I have this question for you, what great thing in history has ever been accomplished by one person? by one person? And I have yet to find an answer to that. Nothing in history has ever been accomplished by one person. It takes receiving to be able to get the things that you want in your life to be able to go to where you want to go to. Receive your dreams. Another misunderstanding oftentimes of receiving is, if I receive then I must give greater than I received to the person that gave to me. That’s another misunderstanding. Oftentimes in our culture we feel that when somebody gives to us we must we must give back and I’m telling you if you’re one of those people I encouragement invite you into being open to receive more and we’re going to talk about that. One more misunderstanding of receiving is receiving equals entitlement like I must have that or that’s totally mine they have to give that to me. It’s almost I see as as a little child learning how to share. At first, that’s really hard and everything is mine, mine, mine, mine, mine. I have a, have a one year old that does this all the time. Mine, everything is his. And he has this this sense of I got to have everything. It’s not. Receiving is not that. Receiving as an openness a willingness to, to receive that which was given to you. It’s an energy of peace and calm that you will be provided for. This is the amazing thing about our universe. Our universe is one of the most giving, giving universes ever. If you look in nature everything is provided for. Everything is given what it needs and so are we. This is why receiving is so very vital to the things we want because we can all day long learn to manifest and focus on our way and do all these things and go go go do do do. But if you’re not open and willing to receive you might miss out on the things that you’re really wanting in your life. Amanda Ellen says this, the more you spend time in a receptive state the better receiver you become. So let’s talk about this. Let’s talk about what are some key things that you can do today to become a better receiver. So get your pens and papers out because I’m going to give you those tips right now. Number one, so simple but powerful. I’ve seen this change my receptivity in my own life. Number one is receive all compliments. Receive all compliments that come to you and it looks as simple as this, thank you. I know. Being willing to receive compliments is so powerful because it’s something so simple but to be able to receive those words and to receive those compliments, you’re, you’re opening yourself to receive up, receive all other things in the world. It’s just a small and simple little tweak to start practicing receiving. Number two, practice being in gratitude every single day. Gratitude is so important to our ability to receive and to get the things that we want in our lives because it brings us into a state of the present moment. It allows us to feel grateful for what we do have and it’s telling the universe I want more of this. I want more of what I have right now of this. I want more abundance in my life. I want more joy-filled laughter in my life. Those moments of gratitude, you’re sending those that energy out to the universe saying, yes bring more of this into my life. More abundance abuse things into my life gratitude gratitude gratitude. Number three, be authentic. What does that mean? Well authenticity really means showing up in a state in which you are right now. Not hiding yourself, not showing up and just acting like you got it all together and I’m good, I’m always good and that is inauthenticity. Authenticity is showing up and being who you are. Being real with your struggles, where you’re at. Maybe things that you need help with. Now it is important in the right place and right time and right people, you all know those people in your life that care deeply about you that will show up for you when you need it. It’s those people that I’m going to invite you to be more authentic with. Let them know what you’re experiencing and what’s going on in your life. Show up authentic to you. You’ll see opportunities all around you to be given what you need and to receive what it is that you need. Okay number four are you ready? Number four complaint fast. A complaint fast. Why? why do you think that’s so important? well a complaint fast is obviously fasting from complaining about the things that you don’t have. Why? Because it’s focusing on what you don’t want in your life. When you focus on what you don’t want in your life you get more of it. Because what you focus on grows. And so when you, when you allow yourself to fast from complaining you step into gratitude and focusing on what you do want. Focus on what you do want in life. Don’t allow yourself to complain about the things you don’t have and what you’re not experiencing yet. Find joy in the journey and find joy in then now. Be in the now. be present and focus on the things that you do want and see it coming. I love visualizations. Visualizations are so powerful and I invite you as you focus on what you do want to see that, to feel that, to experience that, to see yourself receiving all that you want and desire in to you. Into your world into your life. So the powerhouse question is, is there one or more areas of your life that you are having a hard time receiving in? Maybe you need a little more physical help in your life, maybe you’re struggling with your health and you need some help physically. I invite you into this space of giving gratitude for what you do have and opening up to receive and ask for help. Be authentic with the help that you need. Maybe it’s in the area of money. Be authentic. Ask for help. Ask for tips. Find mentors, find people that can help you with what you want to help yourself receive more so then you can have more and do more and be more. So focus on one of those areas. Find one area in which you can receive more. Focus on that and use one of those four tools to start opening up to receiving more in that area of your life. Okay I want to end with this formula. Formula for manifesting. Believing plus receiving equal achieving. Amanda once taught me this powerful powerful formula for manifesting the things that you want. Believing plus receiving is achieving. So go out there, achieve your goals, live the life you were born to love and let’s make this world a better place. Thank you so much for joining me today on manifesting the power of receiving. I’m really excited and I had this feeling, I’m open to receive a powerful mentor Kris Krohn! Friends thank you so much for joining us today. You know manifesting really is about calling into creation everything you have never done yet seem before your life. There’s a lot more to learn about it. Now comment below on what you’ve learned about manifesting and more particular as you’re applying the steps that Danna shared today, I want to invite you to post what you’re creating with your life. What’s happening? are you manifesting more love? more money? more health? lost weight? whatever it looks like post and share your manifesting results. Can’t wait to hear about it!