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How To Make More Money Fast

today on limitless TV we’re going to be talking about how to make more money fast this is kris krohn and it’s headed your way right now how do you make mole money faster well I’m going to first start by sharing with you the fastest way to start making more money faster print it see this is my fake money it’s not real not that’s not what you’re looking for how do you actually manifest money quickly I want to start and back up for just a moment in this video I’m going to share it with you but I want to start by sharing with you something that I learned from one of my very first mentors this man his name was John and I had met him now probably twelve thirteen fourteen fourteen years ago and I wanted to invest in real estate side topic because I want to make a lot of money real fast and John was teaching you this principle he said well Chris first of all you have to know what your options are and he gave me three he said the first thing that you could do is you could develop a widget something small that gets made in a factory and you make a buck on each one of them and you got to sell a million of them if you want to make a million bucks and I just want to ask you if we can measure time in forms of movements and efforts how many of you want to have to create millions of movements to sell a million of something to make a million bucks sounds like a lot of work right and I got a belief that says that making money shouldn’t have to be hard or difficult so they said okay Chris here’s option number two says instead of widgets which is slow it’s a lot of work how about you sell cars I’m like I don’t long as you guys said no listen if you sell a car let me make two thousand dollars on selling a car then how many cars do you need to sell to get to a million dollars well a whole lot less than a million widgets so at least psyching you know count into the thousands he says but Chris what if you could sell something and make a hundred thousand dollars like real estate for example and even though this video is not on real estate investing that’s just one of the side things I do he said if I buy a house and I make a hundred thousand dollars on it it is the largest commodity in America that the Americans have access to in this country and so if you deal in the largest commodity that’s where you’ll make the most money if I make a hundred thousand on a home then how many homes do I need to do to get to a million one two three four hundred thousand five hundred thousand six seven eight nine hundred thousand million ten Kate I can handle ten versus thousands I can handle ten versus a million I at least can count to ten and even though we’re not here to talk about real estate there’s a principle at work here that I want to talk about if you want to make more money faster what you need is leverage you need what oh I could almost hear you cool you need leverage leverage is this idea of imagine for a moment a gate and imagine this gate is is a hundred feet long and I’m standing right at the hinge and I’m trying to open this massive heavy gate by pushing at the hinge do you know how much force I would have to apply I might not even be able to do it and yet if I stand on the other arm as far as away as I can from the hinge I could with my pinkie tap on it and open up that massive gate well that’s what you need in your life making a lot of money quickly means that you’ve got to enter a new realm of money-making which includes leverage here’s what leverage means in the world of money when you have a day job whether you’re making $10 an hour or $100 an hour you can calculate how much you make by the number of hours that you work and that sucks I don’t want to be worth $100 an hour ten dollars an hour five hundred dollars an hour why because I want to live in my world where I don’t have to always trade time for money I want to be more intelligent than that leverage is this idea that you can be in more places right now just where you are in this moment how do I be in multiple places at the same time well real estate is an example in my life if I have a hundred homes which I do then those hundred homes are all making money for me night and day that’s leverage here’s a different leverage I’m a part of an MLM and I’ve got thousands of distributors those thousands of people they’re doing what they’re working with me and for me right now oh maybe I’m a business owner because I’ve got dozens of businesses and these businesses produce money and they produce income for me and whether I’m there or not they’re doing that for me well friends I just introduced you to the world of entrepreneurship so before we move word and I share with you some of my favorite and best ideas for how do you make the most money the fastest key terminology number one is leverage what leverage do you have in your life do you have any leverage if you want to make more money stop focusing on the money and start asking how do I multiply myself how do I get more leverage how do I be in many places at once okay that’s the right kind of question then number two are you an entrepreneur and if you are one are you as good of an entrepreneur as you want to be hours use successful as an entrepreneur so entrepreneurship and leverage for me those are two foundational principles in this philosophy of how do I make a lot of money really quick next I’m going to share with you some of the very real and specific things that I do to make a lot of money very quickly now if you want to make money real fast I’m going to share with you two different ways of doing it one thing I’m going to do is I’m going to share with you just some cookie cutter approaches that just downright work and then the second thing I want to do is I want to share with you what you can do that to to make money that is based on your higher purpose and fulfillment it may or may not be the fastest money that you can make but hands down it is the most fulfilling money that you can make so first things first if you just need systems for making money I’ll tell you right now that real estate is one of those ways of doing that if you buy a house collecting a downpayment and getting the cash flow on it flipping a deal these are all excellent ways to create some really quick cash and there’s a ton of my life when $5,000 felt like a lot now it just feels like a really really beautiful very preciate ‘add tiny amount of abundance by handling the right kind of real estate deal watch some of my videos for example on sandwich leases there’s a great way to make a quick $5,000 as well as a monthly residual and then when it gets old there’s a big lump chunk of change maybe 10 20 30 50 80 thousand that can come to you so real estate is one of those ways if you’re just looking for a quick system and there’s a video that I pointed you to that you can do that for another one of the things that you can do is you can develop a system and it’s a developing a system based on a skill there’s only one you. And there’s only one you that sees the world your way. So you’ve got to stop treating your life like a commodity if you are. And what I mean by that is, don’t do what other people are doing. Do it in your way. Find your neat unique flavor find, your unique sauce. One of the things that I do is I launch a mentors and, and right now I did a challenge I started thirty days ago with 15 people and I said, in 30 days I want all of you at six figures. They’re all, they’re all certified in my belief breakthrough process. They took them on average five five to six months to certify and within 30 days, so far I have eight of the 15 over $10,000 for this 30 day period of time. And I’ve got five of the others that are somewhere between $25,00 and $87,00. My guess is by the end of the 30 days I’ll probably get at least 80% of them over that $10,000 mark. Well how did I do that? well I taught them a unique skill and it’s a skill that creates incredible value in the world. So combine your personality with that unique skill for me if you’ve ever been to limitless, if not you need to come it’s called belief breakthrough, and I certify people in how to be a belief breakthrough coach which means they can work from home, from their phone, work part-time, and make six figures. And that’s a skill that that can easily be learned and harnessed and it produces life-changing value. Okay? So there’s systems out there on, hey how do I make money? and there’s lots of others out there that you can research and look up. For me, the higher law of that is really tapping into what it is to develop a unique skill that you’re good at. This is where you’re going to make your most fulfilling money. There’s one thing I could do to make a million dollars and there’s another thing I could do to make a hundred thousand. And which should I pick? I’m not going to pick the one that prostitutes, prostitutes my time. Just made up that word. Throw that one out. Prostitutes trade time for things that they don’t like doing. That’s how a lot of people, I know it sounds vulgar, but that’s how a lot of people approach business and life is well there’s things that I just don’t like to do but for the Paycheck I’m going to do it anyway. And so they prostitute their time to make money. Well the question between the million and 100,000 is, which one do I get to create the most value and which one do I like doing? which one do I want to do? MSNBC says 87% of us hate what we die, hate what we do for a living. Happened to what you like doing in and this really comes down to who are you, what’s your higher purpose, what do you like doing and that might be harder to figure out but once you do, then you become unstoppable and you erase all financial scarcity because you command all of the abundance and prosperity that you want and most importantly, you get to trade it doing what you love. Now just a side note I will throw out, for those of you that have heard about my three-day breakthrough event, we collapse a lifetime into three days and help you have breakthroughs that you might never have in your entire life. And what it does is it opens up huge possibilities and if you go to that three-day limitless event with this specific intention of, I want to figure out how to make money fast, by the end of that three days you’ll be hyper clear on a blueprint of exactly how to do that. I just graduated this week another one of my millionaire students. And the secret is not in what you do, it’s who you are up here it’s the real estate between your ears. And if you haven’t had a chance, come to that three-day event and take the opportunity to explore what limits you and your ability to make money, and then explore how to manifest massive amounts of money in short periods of time. Doing what you love, creating massive value in the world. Kris Krohn here and thanks for joining us today on limitless TV. Now, if you’re really serious about taking money to a whole new level, come spend three days with me and our team at limitless. It happens every single month here in Utah. And we do some of the craziest processes on money. Imagine swimming in a million dollars. Yep. That’s totally worth coming out to a three-day event. So look at the details below and come invest three days of your time to have the financial breakthroughs that will get you in the fastest way possible to where you want to be