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Noticed how I keep talking about how you do it or “here’s a strategy” and “here’s how you become an expert investor”? The reality is there’s a tremendous mindset mentoring I’ve paid over 2 million dollars to men and women who have been taking my brain and turning it into a business mind. This mentoring has been transforming my body and the way I view my marriage and my relationship with God. It has shown me how to live life without limits!

How has this mentoring helped me with my real estate success?

Well, I simply learned how to step out of my comfort zone! In the video above, I showed a small clip from a recent event I had in front of a large audience that was all about how we can step out of our limit zone. This video is about how you step out of your comfort zone or “limit zone” and it’s based on this idea – that you and I – we’re limitless!

In fact, you CAN step into your potential where you become all sorts of new limitless. You’ll do that first in your mind and then learn how to express that as a successful investor, and simply as a person creating powerful results in your life.

The Limit Zone is a fun principle where you understand WHAT YOU CAN DO and not limit yourself to keep doing what you’ve already done for the past years of your life. To become limitless is to remove the beliefs that create limits for us. Anything you want that you do not have YET will never be found and achieved inside your limit zone!

So what is there to do? GET OUT!

To produce the results and to get the things and life that you want requires what? It requires you to correct your pre-conceived notion that RISK is outside your limit zone. You don’t PROGRESS because you think it’s too risky to do something different or to step up your game? Well I’ll tell you now that there’s nothing riskier than staying safe!

In fact, you are living WITH your greatest fear! Your comfort zone IS your risk zone. You are taking the greatest risk by never having the opportunity to produce the thing that you want in life!

In the video, New York Times bestseller Gerald Rogers talked about where the results in our life come from. A lot of times, people pour energy into the wrong things when they’re wanting to create change. For instance, they’ll look at a situation around money. They’ll be frustrated and stuck in debt, experiencing lack of living, sticking to a job they don’t like, and having trouble with finances. Have you ever thought for a second that having lack of money is the problem?

Lack of money is NEVER ever the problem.

It is the RESULT. It’s the manifestation of what’s beneath the ground. Everything inside is what’s creating the outside. This is fundamentally the core of all transformation. It’s understanding that if we want to change the external results, we’ll need to change the internal story.

All of your past choices have led you to here. All of those beliefs have build what is in your Limit Zone.

The house that you live in, the car you drive, clothes you wear, relationships you’re in, and the body that your currently wear – ALL of these things are manifestations of your past way of believing and behaving. They’re all INSIDE your limit zone.

In order to live life without limits, you must be prepared to create some difference. If you want to manifest a new house, a dream job, the perfect relationship, or you want to travel around the world, you need to create NEW beliefs – new beliefs that will break through all of these past beliefs instead of holding you hostage.

You deserve a certain type of relationship, a certain type of income, a certain type of health! You see, what the mind does is it tries to protect you. How? By keeping you within your limit zone. The brain’s instant reaction to a possible change is fear. Fear of risk. All of these new things feel dangerous to the mind because it feels unfamiliar. But anytime the mind is challenged, change starts to occur.

I look forward to sharing life-changing information with you, but that’s not going to happen unless I announce that we’re going to start having Mindset Monday and that you stay subscribed. Mindset Monday is an extra video I will publish weekly every Monday that is dedicated to help develop you from the inside out so that the reality you want to create on the outside can match the inside.

The valuable pieces of information I’ll get to share with you there are also all that I’ve adapted and what helped me become successful in my real estate investing and what ultimately led me to a life without limits.


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