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How To Learn A New Skill

Kris Krohn here with Limitless TV and today we’re talking about how you learn new skills. And you know what? instead of telling you what everyone else is used to telling you, what I have heard my whole life, today i’m going to give you some pretty counterintuitive advice and it’s by far the most powerful advice that I can give you on developing new skills So you want to learn a new skill and growing up, I learned that there was only one way to do that. If you want something done right do it yourself. I really grew up in a do-it-yourself home. My dad was a train master craftsman from Germany and so he had a construction business and and one time I remember asking my dad, why aren’t you like growing your business bigger? because at one point he was telling me people were asking for bid it’s an estimate and he could have grown it bigger and I said, “dad why didn’t you?” And I’ll never forget he was hunched over at this fireplace with the plane in his hand and like a master he was working it over. And with the tool in his hand he looked at me he said, “son if you want something done right you need to do it yourself” Well that’s how I started out my life. And I’m going to share something in a moment that is super counterintuitive but if you need to develop new skills I’m going to share with you a different approach to doing that. To really create a little bit of background on that, when I got started I had this incredible rise, meteoric rise of fortune in a four and a half year period of time where I went from being super poor to being financially free. How all this money was growing incredible ways. And that wealth curve, it hit a dead end after I made my first million dollars because I was in real estate, I had bought 25 homes, and I was so caught up in the management of these homes. I was so caught up in the fix up of these homes. I was so caught up in the day-to-day conversations and the contracts that even though I knew how to do everything because I was doing it myself, 25 was my cap. And I knew that I wanted to double my wealth again but guess what? how a heck was I going to do 50 homes if I was struggling with 25? and it got so dire that between my full-time job at the time and all this real estate that was making me money, I couldn’t juggle both. It was time to pick one. The problem was, I had now got myself to a point where I was making six figures on my real estate and I was now making six figures at my job even though four years earlier, I was only making $20,000. And by the way, quick little bonus tip here, the reason why my job kept paying anymore is because my real estate was paying me so much more and so I ended up asking my job for a raise and a raise and a raise. Well I just couldn’t could juggle both of them anymore. My real estate was outpacing and I had to do something and I was going to give up one of them. I was going to give up my day job which becoming financially free was like one of the best days of my life. But I did something else that made my life three times better. You know it was? I changed my philosophy. If you want something done right don’t do it yourself. Hire expert. Get somebody else to jump in and help you do that. So all of a sudden I quit my job and they started building a team that was going to build my portfolio and guess what? I discovered freedom. Well you have a new skill to learn right? And you want to know what’s the best way to learn this skill? and in a moment I want to share with you an idea that’s going to start with this thought, the skill you need to learn does it need to really be you that learns it? or is it more of a skill set that you need to possess on your team to make sure something gets done? Because this is something that I have learned in life. That if you don’t love it, if you don’t enjoy it, if it’s not what you truly enjoy then spending all your time doing it is not going to create the fulfillment. In which case, don’t learn the skill in the first place. Two choices, you want to learn this new skill and it is a done for you or do it yourself. Most of us live in a do-it-yourself solar world and I’m going to tell you right now that no purpose is a solo journey. In fact, living a bigger grander greater life because we got this one life to live it’s not about putting your head down and put your nose to the grindstone and living out your days that way. Do it yourself? I only recommend doing with the things that you’re passionate about and the things that you love and the things you want to do. So number one filter as you’re considering this new skill, why? Is it because you love it? or is it because you think you have to? If it, if it’s because you think you have to, I want you to consider done for you. What does that mean? how do you acquire the skill? Why? Because I believe I have experienced in my life, extensively that when I spend my time doing the things that I feel obligated to do, the things that I don’t want to do, I tend to feel more unhappy less fulfill and ultimately that produces a part of my destiny. And it’s not the destiny I want to walk into. However, I have a rule in life I only do what I love. So when I’m doing what I love guess what? I’m happy. I’m excited. And everything I don’t love I go into the done-for-you leveraged model. Imagine a large gate, 40 feet long. If I were standing here right at the hinge and trying to move that gate even if it was made of aluminum super lightweight, it would be so hard to try and turn that massive 40. But if I go walk out to the other side my pinkie could move that gate and swing a massive arm of leverage. So leverage is a huge component when I consider developing a new skill. Now if you are going to take upon you this new skill what do you need? You need a mentor. Sometimes we default and think I need a certification or I need a degree but you know what? I don’t like wasting life. I love shortcuts. Do you like shortcuts? I’m talking about the good legitimate ones and the shortcuts that I love is working with people that already can do or already know how to get where I want to go like for example, my business recently wanted to go online with social media and Facebook and we wanted to know, hey we want to generate we want to find people for our events and seminars through Facebook. Do it yourself would mean, hey buy a bunch of courses, go online and spend countless hours learning and reading and digesting. But you know what I did instead? I just went to a team that has a long term track record of knowing how to do that online and I’m just having to do it for me. Sometimes people think though that the difference between do-it-yourself and done-for-you comes down to money. It’s a consideration but if you allow your pocketbook to determine who does the skill you might find that you’re stepping into a mindset of scarcity. My little daughter right now she, my wife convinced her that if she would make these necklaces and beads and bracelets something my wife has a great passion for. Well my daughter was making them and she was not having fun but she put in the work and she did it and then when it came time to actually set them up in marketing and selling them the last couple months she made five hundred dollars. She gets lit up marketing the things that she’s made. She does not get lit up making them. So I said, honey here’s what I want you to do this summer. She has a group of girls she hangs out with called the “pizza tigers” 11 year olds. I don’t get it. But I said, go to the pizza tigers, show them how to make these bracelets and tell him that these $12 bracelets you’ll pay them $3 a bracelet in advance just for making them. So now, she has all of her inventory being made by other people she just does a little bit of light quality control and then does the one thing that she loves which is marketing and selling the jewelry. Friends do what you love and if it’s what you love then you’re going to have no problem acquiring the skill. You’re going to jump in. But too often, we put ourselves on long tracks to develop skills that we’re doing for reasons other than personal happiness, enjoyment, when it gets into responsibility and obligation and there’s this wait and there’s this heaviness figure out how to acquire that skill done for you and build your life and your skills around a lifestyle that produces love enjoyment and happiness for you. This is the part of the video where I say subscribe. You know why? Because you want to learn some new skills. And guess what we’re teaching you here? All sorts of new skills! So subscribe and take the opportunity to sit through the channel and get our updates and learn when we post new videos so that you can keep increasing your skill base and heck come spend 3 days with us. Click the links below and figure out how we can get live and person with each other and learn skills that are so life-changing and so powerful that you just get amped and on that awesome natural high of life that every one of us deserves to be on. Take care. I’ll talk to you soon.