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How To Increase Your Productivity

How can I increase my productivity? Man, I have asked myself this question many times through the years. I’m Kris Krohn with REITV. And today, I’m going to be sharing with you the number one thing that you can do to take your productivity through the roof. You want to increase your productivity, you got to learn how to harness your focus. We have never lived in a greater shiny object society than the one right now. We can hardly have emails and videos keeping our attention longer than a couple of seconds before our mind is pulled in some other direction. Right now, I have got a personal belief that I’ve got the ability to have one major focus in business. Not two, not three, not five, not twenty. There’s a lot of people that if they had to read ten books, they would try to read a chapter in each of the ten books. Not me. I’ll get all ten done, but I’m going to focus on one book and I’m going to get it off the shelf. I’m going to do the next book and I’m going to get it off the shelf. If you want to increase your productivity look at how you do focus. Are you dedicating enough time to that?

Now, focus will show up in two different places in your life it’ll show up in your pocketbook and also show up in your calendar. So, for example, if there’s a project that you’re getting behind on or you don’t feel productive in then just for a moment look first at your calendar. How much time are you dedicating to it?

Number two look at your wallet. If you’re not getting the results that you want have you paid for adequate mentoring or have you paid for the adequate team or have you applied the adequate resources that focus demands to get the result that you want in something. Focus is something that we’re missing most of today more than anything else and I think this next bonus is really going to help you learn how to hyper-focus. So, I’m going to share with you two of my favorite words that will be the control valve on whether you are actually increasing or decreasing your productivity. This is going to seem a little counterintuitive but the first word that I want to share with you is yes. Y-E, yes. And this is a word that you need to start using if you want to create the chaos of abundance. That means bringing opportunities into your life most of us are not trying to be opportunistic so we’re skeptical we’re analyzing more processing we’re so busy we don’t realize that the most successful people on the planet are successful decision-makers. Most people don’t get the you want to make a million dollars then you need to make hundreds of daily decisions and most human beings only making a couple at best we’re too busy paralyzed not paralysis by analysts and so yes is what’s going to put opportunities in your way and for heaven sake’s use your sniff test and say yes to the right things. But then, if you want to really dial it up and take all of this chaos and form it into something that is meaningful, useful, and effective, if you want your part due to go through the roof then you’re going to need to come through all of that yes chaos and use this other favorite word of mine, no. Yes puts opportunities in front of you and no is how you put the right opportunities in front of you but you need to do them in that order I want you to know what it’s like that our plate full yes to this opportunity, yes to that MLM, yes to this real estate deal, yes to this book,yes to this club. Ah! Man, I feel out of balance because I’ve said yes to so many things but at least you’re exposed to opportunities and now you get to trial and play with and start realizing okay I’ve tried, I’ve said yes to so many things and I’ve so many opportunities in my awareness that now I found some of the gold nuggets im gonna play with it. Now, I’m going to use no, to create my intentional tunnel vision so that I can get the power of my focus grooving and rocking in the direction that I need to go. You’ve been hearing these two words your entire life, “yes” and “no” but use the right way they become magic. So pick up your magic wand and start waving your hand by first creating chaos with yes, yes, yes, yes, yes and then when you have enough opportunity in front of you, start waving that same magic wand to positively say no, no, no, and keep the things that are going to get you where you want to be. Yes and no are all about managing the magic of the chaos of abundance and learning how to organize it.