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How To Improve Public Speaking Skills

Practice makes perfect! That is actually not always true! Kris Krohn here, REITV. and today we’re actually going to be talking about how you get into the game of public speaking, how you do it well, and if you practice the wrong things enough the wrong way, you’ll still continue producing more of what you don’t want that’s what we’re talking about today. How do you improve your public speaking skills? Some would say, practice makes perfect. Not today on REITV. Kris Krohn here, and what I want to do is share with you some information so that you can set yourself on a great trajectory to learning how to master public speaking. You know they say that, the greatest fear that we hold is what? it’s not death. Its public speaking. There’s this fear of getting on stage and communicating in front of people, and yet that for me seems to be the common denominator that I noticed and those who are the most successful. Can you hold your ground and present yourself? Can you share your message? And yet, the disciple kind of speaker you want be because, there’s a couple of different types. The first one is what I call a “Keynote speaker”. This is someone who actually gets paid to get in front of a group of people and speak, and you got to do thousands presentations and you got to get super, super good. You got to get your memorized jokes, you got to be funny, you gotta know interesting facts, you got to know how to entertain.

And, I know some of the great ones out there. Les Brown, who have had to speak at some of my events or Dan Clark that gets paid twenty-five to fifty thousand dollars to speak at an engagement. And the goal at the end of their presentation is to inspire, lift, motivate. You know they get paid? They get paid in that check, and then applause from the audience. But, there is another kind of speaker. One that has a lot more autonomy, a lot more possibility, a lot more potential, and it’s something that you can break into a lot faster. And, this is what we call an experiential facilitator. There’s not someone that just gets up on stage and teaches content. This is a human being that actually knows how to interact with the audience and create an experience. So, whatever your topic is, whatever your content is, you’re actually inviting the audience to do things with you that leave them different by the end. I’ll give an example. Let’s take a hard topic. Forgiveness. Right, most people can think of at least one if not more people in their life that they either have a hard time forgiving, or have no desire to forgive. And, imagine an experiential presentation 45 minutes long where you deliver a message where, a front no one wants to forgive that one person in their life but, four minutes later they experience the magic of something experiential and actually have forgiven that person. Their life will never be the same again that puts you into the realm of a mentor. Not just a keynote speaker, someone that others want to continue working with join your mentoring programs and do more. So, this idea of how do you become a great stage presenter? Well, you got to start with, where do you Want to set your sights? What kind of speaker do you want to be? how do you want to present yourself? and, what’s the aim and purpose? When I sit down with people they, say I want to be successful business I don’t care what kind of business, any kind of business, you’ve got to learn how to present yourself. And, for me these days people don’t want to pay for information The real big dollars actually come from what? facilitating an experience. Transformation. People want results and so, I’m inviting you to become a speaker that isn’t just you know with a polished presentation because, that’s great. That’s, that’s, higher than most ever hit. but aspire to more. Aspire someone that actually has the ability to develop those skills. If you get a chance to come out to one of our limitless presentations, you’ll get a chance to see what experience or facilitation looks like. and, going to an event like that and other events are a great way for you to learn. So, I’m going to give you two tips right now. First one is, go to seminars. Go to presentations, and learn what it is you need to do. So, what do you admire, what did you like, what did they say, how did they say it, so in other words get experience. Then here’s the second thing, Every single morning deliver a presentation. Two or three minutes long do it your closet, do in the shower, and your goal is to do this, take something from your everyday life that happened already today and can you deliver it uplifting upbeat presentation that inspires people. I’ll share one with you right now. This morning, I got a phone call. Phone call from a friend that got shot last night. I didn’t even know if I wanted to shoot this video with you this morning. Because I was very overwhelmed and I was talking with Nate I said, “Okay for her, I’ll shoot this video for this reason.” Why would I do that? To honor this woman’s choice you see this woman she wanted to become a stage presenter. I was working with, I was training her. In the last 90 days, she makes such incredible progress that she had planned her first real presentation from this coming january she was going to get on stage and she was going to present a message. She doesn’t have that opportunity so I’ll take this one right now to let you know that you only have one life to live. Live it as big as you possibly can. None of us knows whether we’re going to die of old age, whether somehow for some way some reason there’s a gun in her face. I almost drowned when I was 19 years old every moment of life is a precious gift. Use it to be loving. Use it to be kind. Use it to uplift. Use it to do something magical in this world. Thank You Susan. And for you, these two tips? they’ll help you do something today. Get out there.

Start observing. Come over to our presentations. Watch masterful experiential presentations delivered and then practice your own and just start doing it every single day. My private playbook on how to be on stage and it’s several pages long but if you actually learn all the rules and learn how to show up authentically, you can do things that will not only change your life but those around you because you’re going to learn how to master the art of influence. We call it our limitless mentor academy. And if you want to be more successful at anything you do where you’re in the public eye even just a little bit I want to invite you to click the link below and inquire when our next minute or accounting is comes from three days as my guest where we’re going to be talking about the skill sets that will take you quicker and faster.