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In the video above, you’ll see my good friend Nate Woodbury who’s also the executive producer of my YouTube channel. He interviewed me on what I believe is a very important topic which is how to have a positive mindset.

What’s it like living in a world without limits?

The truth is, I can’t honestly say that I live in a world WITHOUT limits, but this is something that I’ve really dedicated my life to. The idea is to align your thinking in a manner to become as limitless as possible. I believe we aren’t here by ACCIDENT, and we certainly don’t have a birth right to poverty or to live in mental poverty.

We have a world of OPPORTUNITY around us. But do you know what drives opportunity? PERCEPTION.

If our perception is filled with negativity and limits, then all we’re going to be able to perceive is negativity and limits. It’s a discipline really because it’s a very different approach to how most people deal with life.

Do you feel that you see the world differently than most people?

Yes. In fact, I BREATHE completely different oxygen than most people I had a chance to meet and rub shoulders with. A lot of people live inside their LIMITS. Why? I blame it mostly on the ideas and beliefs suggested to our infantile minds during childhood or during the awkward growing up years.

How often did we tell ourselves “I’m not good enough, I’m not pretty enough, I’m not strong enough, I’m too old, I’ll never make it…”?

These exact sentences are ideas that actually RUN OUR LIVES. They are what I call LIMITING BELIEFS. So what do I do in order to maintain only positive thoughts? I simply become aware TO them! Instead of keeping those limiting beliefs at the back of my head, nagging me every time I do something short of what is asked, acknowledge them. I am aware that I have these beliefs. But! I do know too that ONLY I HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE THEM!

If I can reevaluate all my poor past choices and change them, the oxygen will change. My results change! The money can change, the way I regard myself will change, the level of depth and connection in relationships can change, your physical output can change – everything can be changed based on your belief system.

How do you start your day to make sure that you have that positive mindset throughout the day?

To maintain positive thinking, I have a ritual every morning called The Power Hour. Perhaps it’s more like a Power 3 Hours, but I’m normally an early-to-rise kind of guy and I go to the gym every morning, and one of the things that I do is I keep this wristband on me which you can see on the video that says “I am limitless.”.

That wristband serves as a ritualistic reminder that I get to have a breakthrough. Every time I’m faced with a challenge and I hesitate to try and overcome it, I look down and on my arm and I’m reminded. I then ask “What’s limiting me? What belief isn’t working for me?”.

And if I’m quiet, the belief shows up. It could be about ANYTHING in my life. And then I evaluate it. I ask myself if it serves me; if it doesn’t, I create something new.

And I LOVE CREATING NEW BELIEF every morning as a part of my workout routine, a part of taking time to connect with my wife so that by the time my wife and I are ready to get up and get our four kids off to school, we’re coming at life from a place of power.

I’ve invigorated my body, my mind, my spirit, my soul… it’s been filled with meditation and prayer, and I’m conscious and I’m ready for the day!

What about when you’re about to close your eyes to end the day?

To have a positive mindset, it’s important for me to maintain throughout the day this space of consciousness… this space where I never step into victimhood. I don’t operate from limits, and so at any time of the day, if I happenstance on a negative energy and negative emotion, THAT’S MY CLUE THAT SOMETHING IS OFF IN MY MINDSET.

And then I’m just going to pause, ground, and ask “What’s the limiting belief getting in my way?”.

Whatever time of day it is, even if it’s the last minute before I close my eyes at night, I’m going to do the work to create a new belief. I’ve been doing this for years now and I’ve had a chance to go through thousands of tiny aspects of my belief system.

And it has been a cleansing and purifying process to intentionally create a perception that can only see the world that I want to manifest.

Could you tell us a little bit about what your event, Limitless, and how people can find out about it?

This work that I do is all about exposing people to how to figure out what they don’t know. So, we’ve put on this 3-day event called Limitless. It is a breakthrough event. And we are intentionally going to put you in awkward and uncomfortable circumstances to really see if we can trigger the limiting beliefs that aren’t working in your life, and then we process them.

I hope YOU come to the choice where you get to see the cause and the results and fruits of what it’s producing in your life so that you can make the choice if you choose to step out of it. It’s a life-changing event where people step out never the same person.

Limitless is dedicated to really helping people witness the greatness that is within them, develop and maintain a positive mindset, see what’s not working and how to get out of it because a mentor has the ability to see blind spots and obstacles; and this event is designed to help you actually see what you can’t.


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