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How To Get Unstuck In Your Life

The question shouldn’t be, have you ever felt stuck in your life? it’s, where are you stuck in your life right now? Kris Krohn with Limitless TV. and I’ve brought on one of my guest mentors, Eric Bailey to talk about how you get unstuck. Hello my friends! Eric Bailey here! I am the president and CEO of feel well, live well. And a lot of times people ask me, Eric how do I get unstuck in my life? how many times have you ever felt this way my friend? how many times have you gone after a goal but for whatever reason you feel stuck like nothing you do is actually working? It could be possible that you may be experiencing what I like to call “Inspiration Blockers”. Every single person’s path to success is different. My path of success may not be what your path of success is the only way to know and to actually tap into whatever it is that you need to do in order to reach those results is to tap into intuition and inspiration. There are three main things that cause a person to actually be blocked from receiving that inspirations that they need in order to actually move forward and receive those results. The first one, is it could be that you aren’t writing your ideas down. A huge huge mistake that people make when they receive ideas is they don’t write it down. They’ll get these amazing million dollar ideas that they simply let flow through them. I like to imagine that there is an inspiration department in the sky and they are super super generous with ideas, super generous with inspiration but of course if we aren’t good stewards over that inspiration ,of course they’re not going to keep sending it to us. One of the fastest ways to overcome this inspiration blocker is to always write your ideas down as soon as they come to you. Something that I really love doing is unlike many of you, and I carry my cell phone with me everywhere that I go. And one of the things that I like to do this is a tool that really works for me, is anytime I get an idea for a class, for a business idea, for a CD that I might be producing, I instantly get my phone out I pull up my email app and I’ll actually send an email to myself with whatever idea it is. With the subject heading being whatever CD I might be working on, or the name of the books that I might be writing, from there when it comes time to actually produce or create that CD or that book or that class or what ever it might be I simply go into my sent mail, I pull up, I put in the search button I hit whatever it might be. Whatever the CD title might be or the book title might be and I hit send. And all of a sudden put all these ideas come up of things that I’ve written down. It’s a fantastic way to keep my ideas organized and it may be exactly what you might be missing. Inspiration blocker number two, It could be that you might even be writing these ideas down but you’re not actually doing them. Again, I like to imagine that there’s an inspiration department in the sky and if they aren’t going to send us more and more ideas and so we’re good stewards over the ones that we have. If we’re not actually doing them why are they going to give us more? Imagine this, maybe you have kids and maybe you’ve actually experienced this before so if and if not that’s totally fine. Imagine you’re walking with a small child and as you’re walking you come across an ice cream parlor and so you look at the ice cream parlor and you think, that might be a good thing, might be a fun idea to do. So you take your child into the ice cream parlor and you give this child a single scoop ice cream cone. And they get this amazing smile on their face and the moment they walk outside, they kick take it in their hands and they begin to shake and the ice cream has falls on the floor. Well, being the loving amazing person that you are, you think you know what, I’ll give this child another ice-cream cone. So you go back inside and just as about as you’re about to order this a new single scoop ice cream cone, they see the poster of the triple scoop. And they point to it may say, I want the triple scoop. And of course, being the loving amazing person that you are, do you get him the triple scoop? no of course not! why would you set them up for failure? If they couldn’t even handle having one single ice cream scoop why would you give them three? because you know that the moment they get it in their hands it’s going to wobble in all three ice cream scoops are going to topple to the floor. It’s the exact same thing when it comes to inspiration my friends. If you aren’t actually doing whatever it is that you feel impress to do, of course that inspiration department isn’t going to send you more. So what do you do? It! to it! Whatever it happens to be, whatever it is that you feel impressed to do again make sure to write it down and then get it done. Finally, inspiration blocker number three. It could be that you simply don’t have any more room in your mind to receive more. Think of it this way, I want you to imagine that you have a giant silver platter in your arms and that ideas come in the form of inspiration manna from the sky. And every time You get a new idea, it lands on this platter. And so one by one, ideas start coming to you and pretty soon, your tray begins to get the fuller and fuller and fuller. Until one day, day it becomes so full that what would happen if another one drop down? of course, it would simply fall off. it could be possible that you aren’t taking time to actually clear your mind. A mistake that a lot of people make is they think, “oh my gosh well in order to be successful I have to keep cramming my brain with more and more information” While it’s true that those who become the most successful are continuously learning and continuing to increase their education levels, my friend it’s also just as important to empty your mind as it is to fill it. In fact, I spend more time emptying my mind than I do actually filling it. Because I understand that every time an idea comes, I want to have room for it. This is why it is so important one more time to always write things down, to always do them and then to keep what’s called a procrastination list. An invitation I have for you as to as soon as you get done watching this video or maybe you could even put this on pause. Go right now, grab a piece of paper and something to write with and make a list of absolutely everything you have been procrastinating. It takes a lot of brain space and a lot of energy to actually keep these different things on mental, on your mental procrastination list. You may find that simply writing it down actually clears up space. And then one by one, go through the list and actually check things off. The more you do this, the more space you’re actually clearing up so that you can receive more ideas and continue to move forward. “Oh but Eric this sounds really really fine and nice but can it really be that easy?” You get to decide my friend. In fact, there’s an acronym which I really like to use and I teach at my event into my mentoring students which has helped me to receive the result and the success that I’ve had in such a short period of time. The acronym is AWDRR. Which stands for ask, write, do, report, receive the reward. Say that with me. Ask, write, do, report, receive the reward. I don’t know if you’re like me and our super chruchy or if you even have a higher power. If you don’t, now might be the time to get one. In fact, higher powers are free it’s a pretty good deal. Whatever you do in the morning to communicate with your higher power I personally like to call it prayer. Ask your higher power for certain things that you need to do that day to get one step closer to your goals. As soon as you receive ideas in your mind and being totally honest sometimes they won’t make a whole lot of sense. In fact, when some of my students have done this, they’ve received crazy crazy things that didn’t even seem to have anything to do with their goals. I had a student one time who really really wanted to get married. She was divorced after a horrible horrible abusive marriage and she really wanted to find the love of her life. She was doing a similar exercise and when she asked for an action step, the idea came to her to go clean up her office. And as she as soon as she received that she kind of looked around and she said, “well how in the world is that supposed to help me find love?” but thankfully she wrote it down and she did not dismiss it. She started cleaning her office and as she did she came across an old yearbook which contained the contact information of her high school sweetheart. The person that she had wanted to marry in the first place but didn’t because she simply didn’t feel good enough at that time. She used the contact information to get in touch with them and it just so happened that he had just ended a relationship. They reconnected and they started off exactly where they had left off they are now happily married and she found the love of her life. As soon as you asked regardless of what comes to you as long as it’s legal, moral, and ethical, write it down. You then go and do it. Do not disregard the action steps when they come to you. Do them so that when you communicate with your higher power in the evening it’s a process I like to call prayer, you can report and you can say, “guess what? guess what? I got this done!” you then get to receive the reward. Sometimes the reward may come in more ideas. Sometimes the reward may come as a financial reward. Sometimes you’ll feel impress to reach out to a certain person with whom you can do business and you end up closing this huge mentoring program or this huge program or package to do whatever type of service that you offer. Remember this acronym. Ask, write, do, report, receive the reward. Do this each and every day and watch how fast you can get unstuck. My friends again thank you so very much my name is Eric Bailey and we’ll see you next time. Hey Eric, thank you so much. I really appreciate you sharing AWDRR with us on what we can do to get unstuck our lives. 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