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How To Get Rid of Limiting Beliefs

Kris Krohn here, it is mindset Monday on REITV and today we’re gonna talk about how do you get rid of a limiting belief heck what the heck is a limiting belief? that’s coming your way right now.

Today, we’re gonna launch into a whole new pattern of subject matter that I’m so excited about it’s all about this world of limiting beliefs listen you’ve watched the video of the law of alignment here I want to help you step into the beginning of mastery

If you haven’t seen the law of alignment here’s the link

What is a limiting belief?

chainsLet’s launch on that for just a minute. Our perception, everything that you can see is really made up of all of our beliefs and the thing about our beliefs is that we protect them like sacred cows. Whatever we believe, is true for us. Doesn’t matter if it’s true with the capital T or a small T the bottom line is if we believe it, it is our truth and our truth is super dangerous. It means that our world is not necessarily governed. We don’t govern our life by truth with a capital T. We’re governing it by what we perceive as truth.

So what does all that mumbo jumbo psychobabble mean?

Well, here’s what it means. It means that if you believe that you are not enough at the core of all limiting beliefs, they funneled down to this idea that you’re not good enough.

I get it, as a kid, who didn’t get picked last at recess? Who didn’t get picked for the game? who didn’t get made fun of? who didn’t get you know get a love note that was designed to actually make fun of you? who didn’t look at a teacher and got the worse grade that you should have and felt some shame and guilt from the teacher right?

Kids perceive all of the stuff that says they’re not good enough. The problem is, that gets hardened into ideas that we worship and that we believe and we take with us into adult life. As adults, those little inner children running around in our head do they have made some crazy stupid decisions and that’s who you have serving on your board of directors. Right up between your ears, the most powerful real estate you’ll ever own and it is being run by a bunch of unhappy kids half the time.

How do I know? when was the last time you were sad? when was the last time you were angry? when did you get pissed? when did you lose your piece? when did you get depressed? sadness? those are all fruits of worshiping limiting beliefs and ideas that don’t work for you.

Now we’re gonna launch a whole series to help you learn not just what these limiting beliefs are but how you spot them and how you turn them around and change them in your life and I want to start that training right now and I want to introduce you to something that I use, my limitless wristband. It has limitless written on it. It’s black and when you flip it upside down, it turns red.

Dealing with it

bubbleWhen I do my 3-day monthly retreats, there are these powerful breakthrough events and I make a gift of this to everyone there and I teach them a real simple little ritual, it’s a consciousness ritual. It says that every single day I start my wrist band black and it’s a reminder that I just have not done my belief breakthrough yet.

I ground and I ask myself this question…

What’s the number one limiting belief getting in my way right now? in sitting in that ground in silence information comes. Not good enough, not fast enough, not able to your this and thats, can’t make someone so happy.

Those are the ideas the limiting notions and beliefs that actually run on life.

I like to pause and take a look it and I ask myself very consciously because by the way the last time you are conscious of that idea was when you made the decision probably a long time ago and not out of the best energy.

You and I as human beings we don’t revisit these hair-brained decisions we just worship them so when we make good decisions they become part of our programming for our future. When we make poor decisions, they become programming for our future. This process of belief breakthrough is to separate the wheat and tares. It’s to pause at look at what’s working and what’s not. Where do I have good fruits, where do I have bad fruits. So when I ask this question,

what’s the limiting belief that is holding me back today and I get an answer I’m not good enough? just gonna evaluate. Is it true?

do I want it to be true?

what’s the cost of that?

how do I feel when I think that thought?

“Well, I feel heavy, I feel sad, I feel unmotivated”.
Who would I be without that thought? a heck of a lot happier! so it’s time to create a new belief and when I create a new belief I turn this from black to red.

Creating a new belief

bricksIf this idea that I’m not good enough doesn’t serve what would serve you better than I am good enough , that I am good, that I am equal to my task, that I am capable, that I love myself, I love my life. Find the words, state them present tense that you are willing to believe in.

Now, there’s a trick to this whole matter. It’s gonna require you to believe in things without always having prior evidence. So for example you might say,

“what?! I am good?! no no no no Kris I got my whole life history that says I am not good!”

I don’t care what your past is I do not let my past determine my future. I’m asking what you want to create not what you have created. What do you want to create?

“I want to create that I love my life”.

Good! then I don’t care whether you don’t have evidence for in this moment for that truth, this is the idea that you run with. Trust me it’s a significant upgrade than I’m not good enough and when I’m willing to say it, emotionally feel it and I believe it and consciously adopted just by having a conscious awareness of it I flick my wrist band from black to red so let repeat this simple tool.

Everyday, start your day by grounding and asking. What limiting belief is holding me back most right now? Wait for something to come up, question it. What’s it’s fruit?

What you rather believe in, what would be a better believe, what would be a new belief?

Turn it around. Create the new belief. State at present tense. I don’t care if you don’t have faith in it, I need you to choose to have faith in it. It’s just a choice. Choose to believe in the unseen if you want the ethereal to become material. By believing in this new thought that you designed in this conscious space at a higher vibration with higher energy it will start serving you. You will start collecting the fruit of this and as you do you will say the fruit is good and then you say I need to do a heck of a lot more of this.

Me? how often do I do this?? not just everyday. I do it every single time I feel any type of negativity come up and I use this my opportunity to go sniffing for limiting belief and ask does it serve? what would serve me more? and consciously make better choices that the choices your past.

You clean up your crappy stinking thinking. You clean up what’s not working and what you do is you bring your life in alignment to start producing the results and the fruits and the happiness and the joy that is our birthright.

Limitless beliefs, limiting beliefs, they rule our world and so what you’re gonna see us do in here at some of our future upcoming mindset Monday is we’re gonna start conquering limiting beliefs one at a time. I’ll introduce you to real people that struggle with these real limits and we’re gonna teach you how to make your ceiling your floor. So that you can keep on rising, accumulating greater wealth, stepping into more health, more purpose and everything that we want to manifest in this life.

If you’d like help creating a game plan specific to you?

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