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How To Find A Mentor – Kris, Will You Mentor Me?

Hey there, I’m Nate woodbury I work with Chris on the YouTube channel and one question that we get asked a lot is especially if Kris offers coaching, or mentoring, and so I thought I’d throw that question to you Kris. how do, how do people access you? I appreciate that Nate. For all of you that are asking that question, it comes in a few different forms you know honestly, we create these videos because we just want to help people and it feels good knowing that a lot of people are getting the information they need to go to the next level. A lot of people however are hardwired more like I am. I’m always looking for the ethical shortcut I’m looking for the fastest way to create the result that I want and if I can avoid as much of the learning curve as possible, I will. And so, a couple of things. One, if you’ve been really watching the channel for the real estate content, I’ve got a team that is set up around the nation that will hunt down the very best deals. They’ll manage the whole process you own everything one hundred percent and they don’t keep anything. There’s a part of my company, there’s a division that helps you do this real estate where we don’t charge any money upfront to actually gain access to my team. And, we also don’t keep a percentage of the property so that 100% ownership and control is yours. And that’s one of the very popular club ways that people like to engage. I also have a very active real estate community like-minded people that really want to be more hands-on and learn every aspect of real estate and by virtue of being in the community, with a company that has done nearly a billion dollars real estate. There’s just a lot more success. The community also has people combining you know, different money and assets and resources to get things done they normally couldn’t do on their own. So on the screen, we will put up a phone number that you can call and contact if you want to get more information about those communities, a lot of people watch the videos though and they also look at the mindset and if you’re looking to have greater exposure so really how you can get to a more successful level, then the very first step that I would honestly take is coming to our three day limitless breakthrough event. I work with personally and mentor very few people and the only way I would really consider someone for that high level life-changing mentoring Nate, is if they actually came to our three-day limitless breakthrough event.

We do hold one of those events on a every single month and so you have an opportunity to connect personally and directly with me and my team and the three days is really about seeing how teachable you are because we’re going to craft a number of experiences and environments that are designed to help you break through your greatest limitations and step into your most limitless life. And, the event is it’s powerful for people but if you’re really serious about higher level mentoring with me, it’s a, it’s a little bit of an interview process to see how you do because you might come and get everything that you are looking for and say, “hey, my bucket’s full I’m happy with the progress I made. and, I’m really looking Nate for those individuals that have this near insatiable appetite for knowing that this is their year of transformation and you don’t want small results, You want to not just double your income, you want to do something big. You need something crazy to happen in your health, or your relationships, or your financial situation, or just how you represent your personal power and life. So, there’s a couple of different ideas, a couple of different tracks, again the informations on the screen. And, I’ve got people from my team that will happily reach out to you, answer questions like you know what an events are. How you can directly, interface with my team to jump into some real estate right know. So, I have a follow-up question. Okay. And I know the answer but they might not. If people are out of state or they’re even out of the country is it worth traveling to wear these events are? You know that’s a great question. If you really need to get your mind set upgraded, then you absolutely want to fly in town. We proceeded to people from everywhere together the nice thing about the way the real estate done is, it’s very remote so if you’re interested in investing do you need to travel in town? No. That’s really a personal choice and up to you. We’ve got such an extensive application and track record of all of our deals and the majority of my clients are very conservative and feel very comfortable interacting with us in doing business remotely. Frankly that’s how I do all of my real estate, depends. hey thanks for thanks for tuning in. Nate, thanks for let me ask that question and hopefully there are some value for those of you that are the higher level truth seekers wanting to know how to take more immediate action and create greater results right now. Take care.