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How To Change The Way You Think – Paradigm Shift

Kris Krohn here on Limitless TV, and I have Marianne DeNovellis joining us today, talking about our paradigms, really big word. A lot of you are out there and searching online saying, “How do I change my paradigm?” and we’re gonna talk about what is a paradigm, what can you do to change it and I’ve asked Marianne also in this video to bring out the big guns and share her most powerhouse technique for changing the way that you think for the better. Paradigm is such a big word, right? Marianne, what is a paradigm? Paradigm is your way of thinking, it’s your framework, it’s a blueprint if you will, for where all of the experiences, the thoughts, everything in your world, how it fits in your life. – Yeah and it consists essentially of all of your beliefs, your beliefs essentially make up your perception and so ultimately, if you want to change your paradigm, you have to understand that your view of the world right now, you’ve got all of this information coming in but you’ve already defined a filter of what gets to come in and what you’re going to interpret. It’s interesting that if you were to take a dog and beat it every day of its life and then bequeath it to a new master that would love it, it’s probably going to show up the first day with the master scared and terrified, wetting itself, biting or doing some type of inappropriate behavior because that’s its lens, it’s all that it knows. We as human beings, we’ve also formed our lens. Tell me what kind of human beings get produced from childhood, typical childhood? – Oh my gosh, this is such a fascinating conversation. When childhood, it’s said that we hear, you hear the word ‘no’, how many times? 60,000 times by the age of 16. By the age of 16 it’s 60,000 times we hear. Now how many times would you hear as a child “don’t touch that”? Well as parents, I mean, our children are doing all sorts of things they don’t understand in the world and so I don’t think it’s necessary even bad parents but we say no to children to keep them safe or because they’re not ready for bigger responsibility when they’re so small and so underdeveloped. – So all of these ideas of “no” “don’t touch that” “you can’t” If they’re intended to keep the child safe but think about all of those ideas every time you hear that, it’s another beam, in your building, in your framework, in your paradigm of how you see life so if you hear the word “no” or if you hear raised tones of voices, maybe you grew up in a home where there’s loud voices and anger and bad words that were said all around, that’s the paradigm with which you see the world. – Well then we become adults and it doesn’t just change from one night to next, we’re actually still living in a world of no’s and can’ts and don’ts and shouldn’ts and I think that that’s why so many of us are so limited in just, hey I wanted to lose weight but I’m struggling to or I want to have a happier marriage but I’m too busy blaming my spouse for what’s going wrong or you know, I’d like about job but I don’t know how to get a raise. And it’s living in that world of “no I can’t” – And it caught the world of big fat “but” I want to but I can’t, I want to but I don’t know how, I want to but, and it’s an excuse excuse after excuse and that’s where you end up with this, it’s a whole load of excuses. – You know, so the question today is, we have our paradigms and it’s it’s constructed by all of our beliefs and some of our empowering, some of them are positive but we also got a lot of just junk in there that just says “I can’t” “I shouldn’t” “I’m not allowed” “I’m too old” “I’m too young” “I’m too fat and my body won’t do this” “My genetics don’t allow me this” however this, again this, “That’s too much money” “My financial problem says no” Right? All of these ideas. So how do you change it? – Okay, first you can identify, it you’ve gotta identify that your thoughts are actually what is creating all of this and you see that’s where people get mixed up, but they say, look at all of this evidence, it must be true. – So pause, you’re telling me that everyone watching the video right now could actually have this pause moment, say you’re telling me that my current perception and the things that aren’t working with me are optional? And that they don’t have to be there? Absolutely, if it had to be there then guess who would be experiencing it. Everybody, everyone would experience it but we know that people don’t we know that people have different experiences in life, we know that there are people that live on the street and they have all of these I can’t notions, and they have plenty of evidence to support it. We know there are people that live in amazing homes with affluence all around them and they have some belief systems that support that. Instead of looking outside in, we need to start inside and work out. – Awesome. Now Marianne, I know that you’ve got a system that you love, that is transformational, it works every single time, what is it? – Lightening breakthrough. – Lightning breakthrough? Lightning as in, like, fast? – Lightning as in, fast, lightning as and now, lightning as in, I’m gonna pause time for a moment and shift things around so they work better for me. – Pause. Isn’t change hard? – Oh gosh, only if you say so. Okay, so you’re saying it’s also just a belief? – Absolutely! – Okay, so by the way, for you changes what then? – Change is easy, it’s fast, it’s fun, I love upgrading. Alright, so you might have to actually believe that what Marianne is sharing is true if you want it to work, so maybe have a little bit of faith like, alright, sounds weird, I haven’t, I’m not aware of evidence, I’ve clicked in the past that changes easy but hey, you know what, for the sake of Limitless TV and what I’m learning today for a few minutes, yeah, I’ll hold space that change is easy and even fun. Let’s do it. – Let’s play on the playground. Okay, so what is the number one thing in your world that needs to change? What is the belief that needs to shift? What was the result that you wanted that you didn’t get? Let’s give them the steps. So the first step of belief breakthrough is what? – Question it. The first step is, what is the number one limiting belief coming up for me right now? – Okay so I want to change my paradigm and all I got to do is, I got to, now how do I listen for the answer? Like break it down even more simple for me. – I love this, this is the step of grounding. So many times our heads are so busy especially if you’re in living the United States and this day and age, you’ve got so many messages coming at you from all directions, it’s time to just stop. – So we’re not just even searching in our mind for what we know because that can only give us what we’ve got? – Mm-hmm. So I’m going to have you take me through this. I’m just gonna sit here I’m gonna ground, I’m gonna take a deep breath in. – This is important, everyone watching on TV, do this right now, stop are you doing, in fact, pause this video you can hit play in a moment, take a deep breath, close your eyes and ground. Empty your thought of everything that’s going on in your mind. – Okay. Now ask this question, “What is the number one belief getting in my way?” – The number one belief getting in my way is I can’t effectively do business from overseas because I’m about to leave to Africa and I’ve got a lot of important projects, right? And I think the belief that’s come up is, it’s easier to do my projects if I’m on site than if I’m off site. – And you’ve probably got a lot of evidence to support that. – Well, it’s all I’ve been looking for my whole life. Yeah and you have to support that because your brain thinks that’s right. And yet the weird thing is, if I were, if I grew up on a yacht that was traveling the world or if I might, I was an army brat and my parents were constantly taking, I might actually have created space for the fact that, oh I can be mobile in a hyper effective rather than landlocked and ineffective. – Mm-hmm, so we have to ask, is that belief serving you? – No, it’s not because I’m gonna be gone in Africa for a couple of weeks and I want to have the time of my life but I want to stay plugged in to some of the important business decisions and I actually want to produce good results during that time. – And I’ve heard you tell me so many times that some of your best memories come from travel and you travel overseas several times a year and one of the two things that’s got to happen, either you’ve got to be really bad at business and keep traveling or you need to stop traveling and rock business. Now is that a paradigm that’s working for you? – No, it’s not. I would actually love to live in a world where I could just travel as much as I choose and business goes the same regardless. Business is always growing, improving and moving along whether I’m present or not. – Now you’ve actually taken the third step. We’ve asked the first step. What’s the number one limiting belief? So, mine is that I can’t effectively do business from a distance. – And we’ve both analyzed the cost. – That’s high. I’m not gonna have as much fun on my trip because I’ll be worrying. – Yeah, and now we need to ask the third question. What will serve me better? And you just explained all of it, you just gave me all the answers, I want to rock my business, I want to travel, I want to have fun. You already did it. See that our brain is already functioning to do this, to create life. – So instead of believing that I am less effective at a distance, I want to believe instead that my business grows regardless of my location, my business grows effectively while I travel. – Absolutely. Now let’s start to collect evidence already that that is happening. What evidence do you have that that’s already true? You know what? It’s interesting, I do travel overseas four times a year on average and every time I come back I’m actually pleased with what my business is done. So all I really am manifesting is a worry and the evidence that I have is that I effectively do business from a distance. – And can I even add something on top of that? That when you are traveling it actually enhances your business. Okay, that’s a belief that I want to run with, I don’t even think it matters in this moment whether it’s ever been true in the past, it’s more this idea that I want to make it true so I want to collect evidence to that and so I’m gonna believe that I’m more effective doing business from a distance. – How incredible is that!? – Yeah, that feels good I like that. So how do I lock in this new belief, right? Like okay, we went through the process, I found a part of my paradigm that wasn’t working, I analyzed the cost, I replaced it with an idea that I liked a whole lot more. Now what? – Now you got to lock it in, you got to anchor it, you got to make it real for you. Now we’re gonna attach a motion to it, emotion is what anchors a thought. Whenever we have a limiting belief it’s because this thought combined with an emotion, it got planted, it made a seed. Now we’re going to attach emotion to it. Now how does it feel to be excited about traveling overseas, to be excited that your business is not only doing well but expanding because you’re traveling? – I’m seeing myself on my trip, I’m seeing myself having a blast, hanging out with friends, enjoying this travel, getting my my e-mails, having time set aside for doing them and I’m easily handing projects off, checking in on projects, reviewing certain things and it’s actually a fun way for me to travel, it’s fun to see projects moving forward that require minimal time for me, I’m enjoying weighing in on the conversations, pushing things along, being aware of what’s happening and empowering my employees to be an effective team while I’m away to make really good decisions and I’m choosing my choice to feel joy, actually eagerness and excitement, there’s a lot of excitement building and that I’m loving this part of my life. – Yeah, and what does it feel like to include all of those things? Feels really really good. – Now what do you get to do in the next 24 hours that reflects that choice? – I’m going to, so my action step is, I’m going to sit down with members of my team and I’m gonna review the priorities of projects and invite them what to keep moving forward and maybe review some of our deadlines and what we’re trying to do and empowering them to be able to let them know that I’m available through e-mail and text but I’m otherwise empowering them to take initiative on the project and to continue furthering it whether I weigh in or not. – So it sounds like not only are you able to take things on and own what’s yours but you’re able to pass things off and empower others, which actually moves your business forward at a faster rate than it would have otherwise. – I like this. – Yeah, lighting breakthrough is a total key to re-paradigm. – Okay, so if we were just to review the steps, it starts off with finding a limiting belief in a grounded state, the next thing is weighing out the cost, the third thing is finding a new belief, locking it in by imagining it, visualizing it with all the energy that I choose to attach to it and then number five is an action step of, alright, what do I get to do different now to help set my new choice of motion – Absolutely – Oh that’s awesome. I love this. Okay, changing paradigm, super fun, super fast, super easy, that’s a belief and it works for me, it serves me. Oh, Marianne final final nugget, when people are thinking, can I really change that fast? Is it really possible to review over time the beliefs and thoughts that aren’t serving me and replace them with something good, something that fulfills something that brightens my life? – Absolutely. I’ll share with you one thing that my friend, Felicia, taught me and it was this, I choose to change because it’s easy and I made the choice in the first place so I can make another one. That’s the power of choice, I get to change that quickly.. We talked earlier about our bodies evolved and they change and they replace old cells with new cells automatically, we don’t need to tell it how to do it so that’s how easy change is for me because it’s already built in my DNA. Wow, Marianne, thank you so much. Belief breakthrough is the key and secret to altering your mindset and your paradigm to create the life in the world of your dreams. Thank You, Marianne. Marianne what we did today on belief breakthrough, I’m positive, has got to feel foreign for a lot of people because it’s not what we were taught in school, in our homes, in college and yet this is some of the most powerful mentoring I’ve experienced and that I’ve been able to deliver with people I know, same absolutely true for you. If people wanted to learn more about breakthrough, obviously, you’re an author on the book, the definitive bestseller on Limitless, which is all about how do you do breakthrough but if someone wanted to get hands-on, spend time with you and even certify and belief breakthrough and really make it first nature so they become the expert of change in their mindset, how would they do that? You know, we actually make this available to the public on a regular basis. In fact, there’s a link below you’re gonna want to click on. Come join us at our next event and see how you can not only experience breakthrough but get certified in it as well. – Awesome. Come join us at one of our three day limitless breakthrough events, learn about our certification processes which can be as little as free to many of our people because we’re super passionate about change in the world and we want to invite you to be a part of it. Hands down, if I could go back to my very beginnings, hop out of my time machine and tell my younger self the ultimate fast shortcut to get anywhere I want to go, it would be belief breakthrough. – Totally agree. Friends, subscribe and we’ll see you soon.