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How To Become A YouTuber – YouTuber Influence

Kris Krohn here, Limitless TV with a treat for you. I have got our producer of the channel, Nate Woodbury. We’re going to be interviewing him today on becoming a youtuber. Glad to be here. Totally excited today for our video because I’ve got Nate Woodbury that has launched the entire limitless TV channel from its inception to what it is today. We’re celebrating over a million views and we continue growing. Nate is super knowledgeable here in this whole idea of how to be a youtuber which really comes down to one word, influence. And, it’s some that Nate, you do very well and there’s a whole science behind this idea. There’s a lot of people. In fact, I was just talking to a couple of my buddies they are like, yeah we’re going to do this youtube channel! We’re going to do videos on this, on that. I got really honest and frank and I said, listen if you guys want to goof around and shoot some videos, you know get something funny and viral out there you might get a little bit of activity but there really is a science to how you do youtube successfully to express whatever your gifted influence is to the world. Nate, just want to start here. Is it and art? or is it a science? Which is it? Definitely a mixture of both. The more art that’s in there, the more entertainment there is, the more people will enjoy the videos but the way that we started this channel was through the science side of it first. We started with the keyword research and finding out what questions are people asking. You know it was, it the beginning it was 100% real estate and now it’s also mindset and belief breakthrough but what questions are people asking on these things. That’s really important because, there’s a lot of people that come to the channel that they don’t know me. They never heard of me before but they are finding me organically because of that research. Can you talk for a moment just little bit about what are you doing behind the scenes to help organically find individuals that want to learn about whatever your content is on the channel. So Kris said something really key in this question. In that, people are finding these videos that have never heard of Kris before. So think how powerful of a tool that is. Kris has a large following here locally. Lots of people, hundreds of people, even thousands of people at a time come to your events but when we put a video on youtube, we’ve got the whole world as an audience. And by doing the keyword research, searching on google keyword planner tool, finding out what questions people are asking, Kris might tell me, hey why don’t we do a video on topic ABC. I’ll do some research first and find, ok what questions people are asking about that topic and then I’ll send that back to Kris and say, ok here’s what the title of the video will be. And what that does is it makes it so the people who have never heard of Kris before, that are asking that question now find the video and they see you. They see Kris as the hero. Yeah and now I want to jump a little bit more on this because I do want to talk about the art. I want to talk about what is the content, what is the persona, how do you authentically share your gift. But I want to go one step deeper. Yes you are doing that keyword search to make sure we’re producing not videos that we care about, videos that you care about. Here’s a second question. AMP’d. What is an AMP’d video v.s. a viral video? Because I know that it’s a huge part of your whole strategy that has created a successful channel here and you’re doing with other people. AMP is my acronym. Automatic, Magnetic, and Perpetual. Automatic means that it’s a video that’s automatically going to market itself. So all this effort that you put in research in the beginning. In preparing and planning this video, it’s making it so you don’t really have to do a lot of advertising work. The video will automatically market itself. The magnetic part means that it’s pulling in people who are searching for your content that needs your content. So from a business perspective, if you have something that offer, you have some value to give, yeah you can put up a billboard and blast that in front of everyone, or you can just magnetically attract the people who want that. And then perpetual, you notice that the videos, you know once they start get traction, the videos, some of our best performing videos are the ones that we put up three years ago. They are just perpetually getting better and better. You know it’s interesting, I was watching one of these viral videos and it was a funny video of a guy in a gorilla suit sneaking up on people. And certainly, it gets a lot of laughs, it’s going to get a lot of views. Next he’s out there Tyrannosaurus Rex outfit and just tackling people in the public and scaring the pants out of people. And then he’s taking snakes, live snakes and putting them around people’s necks and freaking them out. And yeah, it’s viral. It’s got millions of views and what is the message? What is it driving to? What good is it really doing? The majority of viral videos aren’t necessarily building something productive but your AMP’d style here, what’s interesting is everyone of these videos that you create, Nate calls them “machine” and the more machines that we put out there with time, if they are organically searched and researched correctly, they’ll just continue growing. One of the things that I found interesting, Nate as you sat down with me, when you first came to me you said, Kris you’re going to see a 500% growth on your channel every year. In our first year, I’ve never done anything on youtube. Well, I have had videos on youtube for years but I didn’t have a following or any strategy. In our first year, we had 50,000 views. The next year, we had a 500% increase to 250,000 views. And right now, we’re on track for hitting 1,250,000 views. In other words, I’ve seen that 500% growth and certainly a lot of people are messaging and asking me questions and engaging in business with me now from this youtube channel. And so it’s, you know, you got a really great strategy and philosophy. If someone wanted to be a very successful youtuber, what do you think they would have to do? how many videos would they have to put out? and what kind of help do you think they will need? Couple thoughts on that. One is just to think long term and think of large numbers and really visualize if I were to put out a daily for a year, what type of content do I want to cover? What would my style be? What type of following do I want to build? And just having that vision, having that plan makes it a lot more realistic. Also efficiency is really important. We post 5-6 videos every single week. Kris has got a busy schedule, I got a busy schedule, how do we do that? We’re filming 22 videos today. Our record has been 27 videos. In one day, we’ll film it all in one time and obviously there’s a lot of work in editing. We release them on a schedule. Daily on youtube. But it allows us to get a lot done and still be really efficient with our time. We’ll I’m going to be honest, I would not have a youtube channel if I didn’t have Nate Woodbury. So you need to find someone. If you want to do this successfully, you might need someone like Nate because I just got to show and I got to shoot the video and know my content but when it comes to the editing, and the videography, and when it comes to the keyword research and the posting, and managing comments and doing all those things, you know that’s Nate. Nate takes care of all of that for me so it makes things very do-able in my world and certainly aligns with my philosophy there if you want something done right, don’t do it yourself. So you do that brilliantly. Kinda final question I have for you Nate is, talk to me a little bit about the fun side of who should consider being a youtuber and who should not, should not go down that path. What is an ideal person, you know what should they be looking for and what should they be prepared with if they are going to do a successful video. 280 videos in a calendar year. I think the best answer to that question is if you have a why, if you have a real drive or a burning purpose or passion, a message that you want to share in the world, youtube is such an amazing platform. It allows us to package up our value and deliver it to the entire planet through the internet. And so if you have purpose, if you have this message that you need to share, that is the biggest driving factor of why you should create a youtube channel. And for me, that’s something really important. I feel like God has gifted me a lot of this amazing information, knowledge, life experiences that I have had and at the end of the day, youtube is a really wonderful platform to share that message and well there’s some people don’t always appreciate the words that I have to say, the comments certainly say as much. But there’s a lot of people who been able to use this information to better their lives. People I’ll never meet and you know I think that fulfills something for me is that some people are going to use it as an opportunity and engage with me personally in business, they made you know, purchased certain services or products from you which is wonderful. But I think the vast majority, they just get a chance to learn on these tidbits video after video, they get to use it to improve their life. And so for me there’s a really big feel good factor of know that, hey there’s a great deal of influence that can do a great deal of good in this world. And youtube is a really great strategy for that. Nate do you have any final thoughts that you want to share with us today on becoming a youtuber? I’ll share one simple tip but it’s powerful and I want you to pay attention. Start filming with your Iphone don’t think that you need a fancy equipment that Kris and I are now using because the camera that’s in your phone right now is HD, it’s great quality. Just face a window so that you got good lighting on it and then practice with the audio so that can sound, but you can get high quality video with your Iphone. Getting started is much better that waiting until it’s perfect. Nate, such valuable information and it’s amazing cause I look at our time together over the last couple of years and what we’ve been able to create together. I think there’s got to be other people out there like me with a message that want to share it. What advice would you give to them? or is there a way that they can get in touch with you so that they can go down the road of also becoming a youtuber sharing their message with the world? Absolutely. So two things that I would recommend. So one, I have my channel, Hero TV. So search for Hero TV or BeTheHero. I put a lot of videos there teaching things like this. And the second thing is, I’ll leave a link in the description about how you can actually get in contact with me. Awesome. Well, don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks for being here today and again, join us tomorrow and the next day and the day after. And limitless TV is going to give you valuable life changing information on how to create wealth and real estate and how to cultivate the perfect mindset and heart set for producing the life of your dreams.