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How To Achieve Your Goals In Life

Kris Krohn here with REITV and today, we’re going to be talking about how to achieve your goals. And, I’m even gonna share with you whether I even like goals or not because there’s things I love about them, and there’s some things that honestly are broken, and do not work. do you know even right now why you have sought out this video? The whole reason why people want to know how to achieve goals is because, we’re constantly setting goals and intention except we’re not what we’re not what? We’re not following through. we’re actually not getting the result most of the time. If if you’re like me, there are times when maybe you do achieve your goal and it feels good but why are we as human race consistent? We do we do this on a regular basis? Well, I want to share with you I think the number one mistake that we have in our goal setting i’m going to first share with you what the first three steps are of your goals and it’s about executing a massive action plan in conjunction with the law of attraction. The first step is you got to know what you want. The second step is that you need to take action on what it is, and then the third step is we talked about one of our other videos with the law of attraction specifically is to live as if it’s already happened.

This is what i want to add to that though, when you set an intention I will actually set a very measurable goal. So for example, I might say I want to lose this much weight in this much time or I want to make this much money in this much time. There’s a time frame most of my goals i will give myself either 30 days or I’ll give myself 90 days. This is where I deviate when you don’t get your goal it doesn’t mean that you weren’t successful. Here’s what the world thinks, I had a goal and then I didn’t get what I wanted so I failed. False! You only fail if you didn’t learn the lesson because, you are either getting paid in the result that you wanted or you’re getting paid in the wisdom that you want. But if you neither get the the result, and you don’t get the wisdom, then you really did fail. In other words it’s always possible to be successful so I never fail at any of my goal attempts because either, I’m getting the result, or I’m learning what I needed to to get the result, or I’m getting both. But never the fourth option. Which is, “I guess I failed”. No! that’s a non introspective mind that didn’t really hone in. Because here’s the deal, let’s say you’ve got a 90-day goal and I want to do something big first time of my life making money and and I’ve been making forty thousand dollars a year like the average American and so I decide well, I want to replace my income by, by my own means, and by my own business.

So that would mean, that I would need to make twelve thousand dollars in 90 days. well if you could do it what would it mean? What would mean that you could replace your job! How cool? So you set this intention, and you go after it, and you live as if it’s going to happen, and you think you have the right goal set, and at the end of 90 days you didn’t make twelve thousand dollars. You made one thousand dollars. Most people would call that a failure. For me, there’s 1000 new dollars that wasn’t there before! So you got part of the result, and that’s a success! And then I get to ask myself, what am I learning about? why I didn’t get the rest? Oh… I didn’t do this, I didn’t do that. That right there, that was necessary for you to figure out how to manifest the goal it’s time for my next 90 days I’m going to keep the same goal. I want to make twelve thousand dollars in ninety days. I already know how to make a thousand. Now I want to see if I can make more with my new lessons. 90 days passes, I didn’t make a thousand, I made three thousand it’s still not 12. Success! Victory! Celebration! You did it! Hooray! Hurrah! Oh my gosh, I hope you were celebrating every day of those 90 days living in your mind as if it was happening, and even though you didn’t get to 12,000, what did you get the? 3000 Now, I got to ask, what missing wisdom would have made up the other nine thousand? Oh I needed to learn this, I get to learn that. I’m needed to learn this about patience. I needed to earn that about marketing. All of a sudden, it’s time for my next 90 days. Guess what? whether you make 2,000 or 10,000 or 12,000, for me in my mind, it’s always a success in achieving my goals if I value how I’m being paid. You see I don’t value the result alone. I value what I’m learning.

If you value what you learn then you’ll possess the ability to achieve the result every time. take, take all my money away. I’ll be a successful again nearly overnight because I have the wisdom that I’ve gained more than the result I can duplicate the result over and over and over again based on what I now know. So, in setting your goals I want to invite you to track the right things and the right thing in your goal setting is yes do the three steps with the law of attraction set a specific time frame but regardless of outcome it never has to be a failure. It’s always an opportunity for you to either say I got paid in some results, and some lessons, or both. And as long as you’re always learning, you’re always growing. are you ready to put your massive action plan in place? Those are the four steps and you got this one life to live I’m inviting you to live limitless, and make the most of it that you possibly can. Subscribe, watch more of these videos, and set that plan in motion.