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How To Achieve Your Dreams In Life

How do you achieve your dreams in life? I’m Kris Krohn and today on limitless TV I’m going to share with you my five-step manifesting formula. So whatever goals, whatever dreams you got, you can start achieving them. Achieving your goals and dreams for me comes down to a five step formula and I’ve been using this formula for years. This is a formula that I have used to travel all around the world. This is a formula that I use to manifest and build my dream home and this is a formula that I’ve used to create a lot of happiness in my life. This formula however, it’s very important to not discount it at face value because the five things I’m going to ask you to do in this video, they’re very simple. And I want to tell you something, I live in a beautiful state. I live in a beautiful home. I have this amazing life and I want you to understand that, when everything started for me, I was deeply in debt and I was struggling with my looks and my body and my confidence and I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life because my bubble burst and popped on me. And wherever you’re starting in life, I want to tell you something that this formula, this works. I’ve been teaching this to thousands of people and I’ve seen their finances increase, their relationships improve, and their lives really become more of what they want. You see, I believe that we’re put here on this Earth to fulfill a purpose, and that this world is unfinished. We are still finishing leaving this tapestry and we’re constantly creating. And that’s the first thing for you to be aware of, is that creation is always in motion. You’re either creating what you want or what you don’t want. Even right now at this moment, everything that is showing up in your life that you don’t want? I got news for you. And this is a tough pill for some to swallow. it’s only there because that’s what you’ve chosen to create. Yep. I’m actually saying that you’re responsible for everything good in your life and everything that you don’t appreciate in your life. So if this is true and I’m going to invite you just for the length of this video to believe that it is, to try on these five steps of this formula for achieving your goals and your success. And the first of the five steps is, you’ve got to figure out what you want. Now that’s, that’s actually quite difficult for a lot of people because we really are have become acquainted with the things in life that we don’t want. If you had a bad dating experience, you know? Well I don’t want to date someone that does that to me. Or if you had a rough childhood you might say, “well you know I don’t want a family that treats me this way” or if you’re getting bills in the mail and that kind of puts a frown on your face, well I know that I don’t want those bills in my life. Or if you haven’t travelled for a while, well I know that I don’t like trap not traveling. We get really familiar with the things in life that we don’t want. And yet, what do you want? Are you clear with what you want? are you clear with why you want them? you’ve got to start by creating a bigger vision of what you want, because ultimately, what you want is going to win out. And if you’re more familiar with what you don’t want, then what you don’t want has to show up. And even though it’s miserable every time that it does, it’s going to repeat until you die. It’s going to happen over and over and over again because knowing what you don’t want is what you want. Is that crazy? So the first thing I’m going to want you to do is set time aside to ponder. Yep! achieving your goals and dreams is going to start by taking no action other than sitting and thinking with the noggin, what do I really want? And I’m going to invite you to try on what you want in four categories. These four categories for me they make up all the domains of life. And I believe that, that I can achieve my limitless potential and I want to achieve that in my health, in my wealth, in my relationships, and in my personal power. How I show up as a human being. So in those areas, I would get clear and I’m going to invite you to write down five things that you want me to those categories. So for example in your health, what do you want? okay. Well, what do I want from my body? what do I want marked for my health? what do I want my for my fitness? how do I want to feel about myself when I see myself in the mirror? Get really well acquainted with what you want, present tense as if it’s already happened. Okay? In your relationships, what are you looking for there? I mean, our people are where we really drive so much of our lives fulfillment. So what kind of relationships do you want? who do you want to surround yourself with? what kind of love do you want to be capable of experiencing? Okay. And if you take a look at that in the other two areas of life, which is, what do I want financially in life? and also what do I want my personal power? what does it mean for me to stand in my power? what does it mean for me to show up? this is the first of five and you’ve got to do this one first because if you want to put power into the next four steps, it’s going to begin with you being completely clear on what you want. Alright. To achieve your goals and dreams the next step in the formula after knowing what you want is to write them down. And when you write them down, you have to write them down in a particular format using these three rules, I call them the three P’s of manifesting. Present, powerful, and positive. So for example, maybe you’ve decided that what you want is five acres of land that you want to have your house with. Maybe you’re into horses or you just want your kids to roam free and run around or you want more of that country feel. Well, you don’t want to be writing down some day I want to have five acre lot, you’d be writing down I own the most amazing beautiful three acre lot, five acre lot. Why would I say it that way? Number one, it needs to be present tense your subconscious mind is programmed only in the present neither the future nor the past. And so if you want to get your mind to align with you and believing what it is you want, you’ve got to start operating present tense. And I know this is strange for some people they’re like, I’m not saying that till it happens. Well guess? what I got news for you. It might not ever happen right? we got to believe, put our faith in something that were that we’re willing to bleed as present when? this is going to be especially important when we get to the third step on visualization. So I possess, I enjoy, this amazing five acres of land. And then, I got awarded in a way that’s powerful and positive for me. So, possessing this land, enjoying this land, recreating on this land, that’s what helps make it personalized and powerful for me. Okay? So once you’ve done that second step, I want you to, remember I asked you to write down the five things that you want your body and your relationships and your personal power and your money? So you should have a minimum of twenty statements. I want you to check that all of them are written, personalized, meaning in the I statement and present, meaning as if you possess them and powerful, meaning word them in a way that it feels really good. The third step of this five step formula for achieving your goals and dreams, is to do a visualization every day. Now, this is really one of the most important parts because it’s not about doing anything at this point it’s now about convincing your mind to live as if these present tense statements have already happened. This is what you do, every morning I want you to take this list of these 20 statements. I want you to close your eyes and I want you to witness yourself with that body, with that wealth, with those relationships. I want to invite you to read those statements and see them and instead of just speaking them, you’ve got to feel them. The feeling is more important. The feeling is what is now building on top of these statements. So for example, you need to see yourself on that five acres running around playing with your children, raising your horses and riding them, having an afternoon nap in the hammock between two trees feeling that the sway and the breeze of the clouds, and I want it to put a smile on your face. I want you to drop a tear down your cheek. I want you to feel as if it’s already happened. Because I’m going to tell you, if your visualization is powerful enough, you’ll feel that it already just did happen. Now it may not be real in this reality but it was real where? The place where it needs to be in order to bring it about powerfully from the ethereal into the material. So the first step again just sort of to refresh you, is you have to know what you want. Number two is you got to write them down with the three P’s and then number three, every day you need to take time to visualize it as if it’s already happened. The fourth step in the formula is taking action. This is a really important one. Up until now, it’s just been an exercise of knowing what you want and visualizing it. But at this point, guess what? you need to start doing something every single day. And the question is what should you do? Well, I call it inspired action steps. In the morning, I view my Power Hour which includes grounding, emptying thoughts from my mind, taking a deep breath in and just asking, this is what I’m manifesting, how am I going to do it today? And whatever I get, I am going to take action on. And I’m going to do that before the day runs out. You need to have a level of integrity and trust with yourself that if you get something, that you are going to take action on it before the date comes to an end. That way you can say that you are daily taking action on your goals, dreams, and the things that you’re manifesting. The fifth and final step, trust. This is where you get to trust the universe. This is where you get to trust God, this is where you get to trust yourself to be okay with the gestational period of when things show up. Because remember, you’ve done your visualization so you’ve already seen it here and you’ve already gotten the pleasure and the joy and the emotions as if it’s happened. And when it actually shows up in reality, that piece you really get to have patience for. Because think about it. God, universe are moving all sorts of other people and other ideas and other thoughts and circumstances to help bring everything together for your good. So that fifth step of trusting is simply accepting the way things are. Because if you’re doing all the steps and you step into a space of love and trust for what is showing up in actual reality, you’re creating the perfect environment to call into creation your desire. Thanks for watching today’s video and a special shout out to our patrons. Thank you for those of you then clicking the link on the patreon to help produce these videos because we want to help you out every single day leveling up and growing your life. Also for those of you that subscribe, if you click the link below, you can attend our three day limitless experience for only $99. We’ll take 400 dollars off the price and come get live with me. Come spend three days with me and my team taking what we’ve talked about today and taking three full explosive days on showing you how to break through your limitations and manifest the life that you want. Because you got this one life to live and it deserves to be limitless.