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Where to Buy Real Estate – Near Home? or Other States?

Here’s one of the best questions I often get from people: “Should I be investing close to home or is it really worth it to go out-of-state?” or “In-state real estate or out-of state real estate?”. Why do I consider it a great question?

Simply because it’s the very first major decision you’re ever going to make once you start your path to real estate success: Where to buy investment property.

Let me tell you how I started. I started in my backyard! And I really developed a fantastic system for finding all my really great local deals. Once I got to about 50 homes and a really great cash flow, that’s when I started getting enough knowledge and information to look at actually going out-of-state.

And now that I’ve invested out-of-state, quite frankly, the only time I’ll ever come back in-state again is if my market locally here becomes one of the top three markets in the entire country. Think about it – we are in a country where there are 350 different sub-markets that make up the United States and let’s be real, some are better than others, some are horrible. And you can actually rank all 350 in order of each other.

Ask yourself this: ‘What is the likelihood that my backyard is #1, 2, or 3 in the ranks?’.

If there is zero possibility, then you could be walking into much bigger returns if you have a competent system for going out-of-state. You could be walking into double, triple, quadruple returns or even five times!

Now let me tell you where I go to for cash flow AND which are my growth markets. Currently in the economy, buying a lot of homes in Las Vegas, especially Orlando, is what I do. For my cash flow markets, I go to Memphis, Tennessee. In those markets, I’m picking up homes with such amazing returns.

How? It’s because I have a team that goes through thousands of homes everyday. I don’t look at three or four deals and I try to buy one of them. I don’t ever limit myself to two to three options. My team will go through THOUSANDS of deals to find three or four that they want to buy because at this point in the game, I’m only interested in the BEST RETURNS and nothing less. That’s really all I want to touch, or deals that meet my very, very strict criteria.

1If you’re getting started and consider yourself brand new, you do have two options:

  • Start in your backyard BUT have strict and elaborate requirements on your strategy, and buy at a HUGE DISCOUNT.

Basically, I’m forcing you to buy in the $100,000-200,000 range. And if you’re looking for a 15-20% equity position, you could be walking into a $50,000 depending. But if you really want to take the shortest route and play like a pro, then hire a professional team that specializes in this.

2I have THAT kind of team and they do all the investing for me. At this point in the game, I’m leveraging over 342 expert hours on every home purchased compared with my five minutes of simply pulling the trigger on picking the deal. And that REALLY works for me!

If you are definitely a hands-on real estate investor, then you might want to stick with your backyard. Why? Because for YOU, investing in-state will pose the least risk, demand the least time, and will need the least effort. However, there’s no doubt in my mind that the best deals are not to be found in your backyard. You just need to have a competent team with a solid track record to take you there.

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