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About Kris

1461234_10152040036887290_363432814_n_1Kris Krohn, A real estate investment specialist, Kris Krohn is a founder of the Strongbrook Group. The Strongbrook Group brings to life his vision for a collection of successful companies that assist clients in developing a positive cash flow real estate portfolio. While shaping the Strongbrook mission, Kris Krohn ensures that his team motivates Americans to achieve financial empowerment.

As the leading developer of Strongbrook’s educational events, Kris Krohn has built the organization on a philosophy that benefits the lives of all Americans. Additionally, he travels across the country as a prominent public speaker. Kris Krohn encourages people in their efforts to become chief contributors to the bustling national economy.

During college, Kris Krohn purchased multiple real estate properties for investment purposes. After graduating with a degree in marriage, family and human development, Kris Krohn tried his hand at a variety of real estate investment opportunities such as rentals and foreclosures. Kris Krohn eventually researched and developed the Strait Path System, which coordinates the necessary tools for real estate investment into a convenient, easy-to-use program. The corresponding book, The Strait Path to Real Estate Wealth, explores his primary philosophies in further detail.

At the Strongbrook Group, Kris Krohn presents his extensive real estate expertise by instituting a full roster of educational programs, with a focus on financial independence. He established REIC, the Strongbrook Group’s real estate organization, to actually put that knowledge into action by creating a complete Power Team that assists its clients in successfully transacting real estate. Led by Kris Krohn, the Strongbrook Group is managed by a diverse and highly educated staff with decades of notable accomplishments in real estate investment and business management.

Kris Krohn is the owner of more than 400 real estate properties in the United States. A current resident of Orem, Utah, he enjoys spending his free time with wife Kalenn and their four young children.