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5 Ways to Make Money as a Teenager

Any great entrepreneur in the world at one point was a teenager with a dream and today’s video is dedicated to all you teenagers and parents of teenagers that are looking for a way to ignite that dream right now. I love working with teenagers that want to make money. In fact, any of you teenagers out there that are watching this video, I’m creating this just for you based on some questions and comments. Recently, I had one of you come in and write, “I want to do something big with my life. I’m 14 years old, I want to find out how to make money. I want to make an impact in my life.” For teenagers that want to figure out a way to make more money especially if you didn’t grow up in a wealthy family, I want to share with you today five different ways that you can do that and I want to start by telling you that I was 14 years old when I actually got my first paper out and I started discovering this world of money. In fact, what was so neat about having a paper out is, my dad had tried to put me in basketball and soccer and sports and do different things and nothing really piqued my interest until one day he sat me down in the office and it was out of left field, he said, “Kris, there’s an opening for paper out.” And you know, I was a little chubby at that phase in my life, I didn’t have a high degree of confidence but something perked inside of me and so it might be the same thing that that’s perked inside of you while you watch this video because I remember I got this paper out, I had maybe like 50 papers to deliver and the way that it worked is, I had to meet at the shack, I had to get the papers and then it was my job to sling him over my shoulders, get on my bike and Thursdays and Sundays are really big heavy paper days, unfortunately, my dad would drive me on Sundays but, you know, that was a lot of weight to carry and it was a big responsibility. I had to get the papers to specific homes and specific addresses every day, right on the porch, in good condition and then at the end of the month, I had to collect the money and I got to keep a portion of it and then I had to send a portion of it in and within six months, I fell so in love with this that the neighborhoods next to me opened up to more outs, I took all three of these paper outs on then it became the shack manager for the other young boys that had other paper outs so I had to get there and I got paid $100 a month to put them out and I just fell in love with being able to control my destiny and I didn’t want a nine-to-five, I didn’t want to work part time, I didn’t want weren’t fast food, I wanted to do something entrepreneurial because that meant that flexibility, I was in control and I could do something that I loved. I also know what it felt like to fall flat on my face when I took the my pressure washer and went door to door and offered a pressure wash people slimy driveways at Washington, they were really kind of gross and green and slippery and I don’t think I got a single job, people didn’t like that one. So I did things that worked, I did things that didn’t. Today, I want to share with you five ideas that can help you as a teenager, start taking some control in your life for how you can control more of your financial destiny. Listen, I know I said I would share with you five things that entrepreneurs and young people can do to start making money, I’m probably going to give you way more than that so you’re gonna want to take note but before I share them with you, I just want to share with you a little mantra that I wrote up just for you, the jingle goes like this, “Try, fail, rinse, repeat and eventually you’ll succeed. Try, fail, rinse, repeat and eventually you’ll succeed. Try, fail, rinse, repeat, eventually you’ll succeed.” Here’s the idea, you’re a kid, you know what? Go fail, go screwed up, go try! By the way, you’re not an adult yet so whether you make five dollars or $500, it’s a positive learning experience anyway. Try, it’s okay to fail, rinse, repeat and keep trying different things because this is the perfect time to, you know, I mean, jeez you’re practically made out of gumby glue and elasticity, you’ll bounce back. Be resilient. It’s okay to fall on your face and get back up again, don’t take it personally. Take it from me, don’t be like the grown-ups, grown-ups can be such a grumpy heads and they try something and they’re like, “Oh my feelings are hurt” or “I got rejected” You know, bounce back, bounce back hard, rebound and just play that game a little bit in the beginning because you’re going to learn so many more lessons and you’re going to figure some stuff out. First of all, there’s a lot of opportunity on Fiverr for teenagers to make money, most adults have no clue for example about social media so for example on Fiverr, you can put out a request and show them and get paid on how to do really simple things like set up a profile page, you can walk the neighbor’s dog, you can mow lawns, you can do landscaping, you could start a YouTube channel, the possibilities are endless. Some of my favorite have to do with what can you create, you know like sometimes girls will go out there and they’ll create bracelets or jewelry or necklace and and they’ll make something, they’ll get crafty on certain things that people really want. There’s a kid in my neighborhood that bakes for bread Tuesdays and Fridays and drops them off and has a bread service, you can babysit, you can clean people’s houses, there’s so many different ways for you to get out there and there’s a bunch of ideas right there but get creative and do something and have an experience. The most important part isn’t what you do, it’s how you do it and it’s why you do it and so on how, instead of “Oh I’m going to do this task and get paid for doing this thing” It’s super easy to have a poor sport attitude, it’s easy to say “Well I don’t want to do that” or “I don’t wanna get my hands dirty, I don’t want to..” this is a perfect time for you to find the joy in trying something new in doing something. Yeah, you’re going to put some hours in, you’re going to get some elbow grease in there but you’re gonna learn things and you’re gonna have an experience and a lot of kids your age, they’re not going to be doing anything with this. So I’m challenging you to get out there and find the joy in it, find the up side, find out what you like and find out what you don’t like cause you’re certainly going to find some of both and both of those things are super valuable to your experience. You’re going to find some things that bring you tremendous joy. My daughter for example, she loves making jewelry but she doesn’t necessarily like making the same thing over and over again so you know she’s doing? She has her friends come over and she outsources and she pays them a little bit of what she’s going to make to make the repeat things. On the other hand, she could face paint all day long and not break a sweat and and have nothing but joy through the entire creative process of meeting people and in doing some painting with them. So there’s a million in one ways, you can google it, you can see it and in this video, you’ve been given a ton of ideas go out there and remember, try, fail, rinse, repeat and finally you’ll succeed. Just give it some time and awaken something deep within that creates a hunger for controlling your destiny because the things you learn right now may very well shape what you do as an adult with creating things, inventions, new business ideas and those innovations make you tomorrow’s leader so have fun, rock it out, and go experience life as an entrepreneur. Thanks for watching today’s video. Remember, subscribe. I’ve got all of this amazing wealth of knowledge that are packed in these tiny little videos to get to the important salient points of creating wealth and the mindset that will make your dreams come true.