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Why Did I Choose Real Estate

I LOVE real estate because it’s a beautiful foundation for creating wealth.

Why do I say that?

Here are three very good reasons_

The entire tax code is written around it. It provides the best tax benefits that we have in this country. It provides the best tax benefits that we have in this country.

It’s a really big object compared to a really small object. In real estate, I can walk into a $50,000 equity the very moment I buy a property. If I had decided to sell say, radios, I’ll probably make $20 per radio. I don’t want to have to sell 10,000 radios. I want to sell one property and make all that profit.

Real estate is something real and tangible. It’s part of the American dream that practically ANYONE can do. I believe that with the right philosophy, the right strategy, and the right system, anyone can make an enormous sum of money in real estate.

Why 5-10 years?

You can get started with real estate at any age, but with the kind of real estate I do, it’s ot a ‘get-rich-quick’ type of investing. But if you give it five or ten years, I believe that I can get you where you want to go. In the beginning I found a lot of joy doing the real estate myself.

You do know how amazing it would feel to see yourself free from the corporate America, right?

Let me tell you about the day I walked out on my boss…

The day I walked out on my boss was one of the most liberating days of my life!

And I’ve never breathed the same since. However, it came to a point where I was building such a massive portfolio… that it was getting a bit too much and so much effort! It became like a new job, and wow, that wasn’t fun again.

What did I do then? I PUT A TEAM IN PLACE.

Now I have a team of 200 experts that transact all of my real estate!

I can say that I’m certainly wealthy now, but my real joy today comes from helping others plug in to the same system. For me, it’s neat to see people create that same freedom that I enjoy. Believe me when I say by changing your mindset, getting educated, and applying them properly, YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

First step you can take is to get subscribed to this channel simply because we’re constantly updating it with new real estate education videos to teach you how to enter successfully into the world of real estate. Another step I’d recommend is to get your feet wet and learn about what I believe to be the single best strategy and system in real estate investing – go to the Limitless Site!

Also, my company offers people a FREE game plan. This is a report that we e-mail people that truly helps them understand what it takes, how it feels, and what’s needed to do real estate. This is based off of our half a billion dollar track record of real estate we’ve done.

What we do is we customize that game plan so we that could step into your shoes, and say ‘Okay, well based on where you’re at, good credit, bad credit, yes money, no money, wonderful career, struggling – wherever you’re at….’

Remember, I started with NOTHING! But now, there’s a game plan for everybody! And sometimes, having someone else step into your shoes and show you a specific path is a great way to start down your real estate path to success.

We are part of a network called the STRONGBROOK Mentoring Network where we plug you into all sorts of amazing successful people, men and women, thought leaders from around the world. And you have a chance to learn from them.


You want to take a chance at something that’s proven and backed by known experts? Then be a part of us or reach out to us at least and start learning and pushing and growing that knowledgebase. THAT is the best way to really see if real estate is something that’s right for YOU!

How to Change Your Mindset?

Most people know me as the guy who made a lot of money in real estate and the one who constantly teaches how YOU can do the same. But the many other people that know me based on a different book that I wrote called ‘The Conscious Creator’, in that world, I am an extreme breakthrough mentor where I am effective in teaching how to change your mindset.

I talk ALL THE TIME about how I make all of my money in real estate so that I can pursue my passion.

Want to know what that passion is?

Real estate is one of my biggest loves, but it’s actually helping people go to that next level of breakthrough with their life that I’m most passionate about. Let’s face it, at the end of the day, real estate is an incredible vehicle for creating wealth. But as you’re creating wealth, as you have the wealth, if you didn’t need money, what would you do with your life?!

Well you see, I had the chance to ask myself THAT QUESTION on a small little island off of Jamaica called Kokomo. That’s after I had retired at the age of 26, after I’ve moved in to this 10,000 square foot home, after I started traveling around the world.

The answer I found to that question was to be a gift to other people – to help them experience what it would be like for them to step into their masterpiece life.

Want do you mean by that?

I mean that you can have the life that you want! It’s not just doing real estate to create wealth. It’s actually ‘What is your purpose’ and ‘What is your mission’ and ‘How do you live it?’.

It’s the idea that you can have the body that you want, the health that you need, and the money you desire!

It’s that you can have the 10 out of 10 relationship with that special someone that you really care about. It means that you can stand in a world of personal power and you can release the drama that seems to beset so many of us.

But how do you  do it?

Change your mindset, change your life. Changing your mindset does wonders to keeping yourself on track. Keep reminding yourself what your goals are, and condition your mind to assist you in achieving your goals, no matter how small you start with.

In this world, I call it Limitless.

I want to share with you what it is to actually live that life, how to step into it, and how real estate can be a really essential piece in being the foundation for creating ultimately what you and I really want – the life of our dreams where we get to manifest everything that we really want!

Come watch a short video of my entire story and of how YOU CAN CREATE and EXPERIENCE LIMITLESS LIFE!

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